Friday, November 14, 2014

TUTORIAL | How To Fake Short Hair (Faux Bob)

Hey guys! I'm taking a break from my diligent and incessant search of kitchen faucets* to bring you a fun hair tutorial if you're wanting to play around with a new look. *Seriously, there are so many metal finishes I never considered and the kitchen reno JUST BEGAN and has already taken over my life and eardrums.

New life change? CHOP IT OFF! That may be your gut reaction, but there's no need to weep whilst grasping disembodied strands on the salon floor. Just test out the look to see if you love it first. ;)

Video tutorial and 360° pics below! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Our BIG Move!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share a bit of a life update. Drumroll please... We have just moved into a new (to us) house! It's the first time my husband and I have purchased a place for ourselves so we are ecstatic and very, very overwhelmed with everything that comes with owning a home for the first time in our lives. Seriously there are So. Many. New. Things. that you have to learn in the entire process but I am so glad to finally be out of our old apartment and into new beginnings.

That being said, we are also swimming in mountains of boxes as well as installing washer dryers (Our own! Yay!), repairing hot water heaters (Cold showers! Oh no!), painting walls, and hiring contractors on top of simply unpacking and getting settled.

I'll still be releasing a brand new video on Saturday but in the meantime posts may be a little more irregular than usual. My poor, ripped up nails just couldn't make it for Manicure Monday, nevermind the fact that all my polish is packed up. Where is my beloved glass nail file again?

I'm seriously excited to jump into some remodeling and decorating as we flesh out each room, so I hope you beloved blog readers are ready for some interior design eye candy in the future. Is this what it means to be an adult? Spending your free time dreaming of HGTV shows and the perfect oversized, reclaimed wood dining table? It's so dreamy though.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Get Ready With Me | Casual Day

Just wanted to share another Get Ready With Me video we recently shot at our local farmer's market. These fall colors are just oozing with inspiration for me so I had an absolutely lovely time getting my hair and makeup ready for picking up some fresh peaches and browsing the pumpkin selection in time for the holidays.

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