Sunday, January 24, 2016

TUTORIAL | GLOWING Foundation Routine

Hey everyone! I wanted to stop in and share my latest video with you showcasing how I achieve a radiant foundation look. With the popularity of K-beauty and a focus on skin looking healthy and luminescent versus the cakey, matte look of the past (Soooo over that. Anyone else?) I feel like there's been a resurgence of the glow.

I use a super simple trick plus a couple of easy-to-use products in this tutorial:


You can easily incorporate this into your regular routine with the mix-in trick, or if you like to be more exact you can do a layer of your regular foundation first, then use the mix just where you like it but for lazy me, I find the exact powdering to be enough for me.

Also, if you tend to have oily skin you can still achieve the glowing look, just use a more matte translucent powder and experiment with different foundation primers before you begin. I also found that using an oil-absorbing sheet immediately after powdering will absorb any access moisture within the foundation for longer. Since the "glow" is within the product, you should still retain the radiant finish.

I hope you guys found this helpful and I wanted to give a huge thank you to Burberry and Sephora for partnering with me for this video! Honestly, it's so exciting to finally see Burberry beauty at Sephora now after I've been fawning over it for the last couple of years!

Readers, let me know if you prefer a matte or glowing foundation in the comments and if you have any tips to share for achieving a luminescent look!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Youtube Rewind 2015!

Hey everyone! I finally get to share a crazy exciting project I recently worked on: Youtube Rewind 2015! If you haven't heard of it before, every year Youtube puts together an epic video recapping and mixing all of the top viral videos, songs, and content creators for the year. This morning when the video went up, it already had 4 million views within the first 15 minutes so it's only right to respect that it's made to be huge from the start!

I nearly couldn't believe it when I got the e-mail asking me to participate a couple months ago and of course, I was even more excited to see the final product launch from its crazy worldwide filming schedule nearly 3 weeks long. I wanted to share with you the easter eggs behind the scenes as well as my contribution!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

REVIEW & SWATCHES | Burberry Kisses Family (lipstick, glosses, balms)

Today I wanted to share a few items from the Burberry Kisses family of lipsticks, glosses, and balms. As part of my partnership with the brand, I've been blessed to try so many amazing products from Burberry but I've got to admit their lip products totally stand out as being stars in the entire lineup. Gorgeous, luxurious, and totally wearable for the everyday woman, it's only natural that recently some of these have become my go-to lip products for a moisturizing feel for everyday. I have my designated lippies for when I want to make a statement but I also like something I can throw in a purse and pull out for an extra hint of color without too much fuss and I can say Burberry knows how to kill it in both arenas! 

Burberry First Kiss Glossy Lip Balm

To start, the Burberry First Kiss Glossy Lip Balm which imparts a sheer and moisturizing layer of shine. The color on these is incredibly subtle but enhances the lips from their natural color, which is nice for lazy days. I also really like the porcelain tips which leave a cooling sensation during application! I loooove these but expect not to see drastic differences between colors on medium skintones since this is definitely a balmy product.

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