Engagement Shoot Makeup...Glue Warning?

11:34 PM

Just because I'm still ridiculously busy (we just moved all our stuff into our new apartment Saturday in preparation) I wanted to post a face shot from the photoshoot so you guys can get an idea of how I did my makeup. It was also a practice run for a possiblity for wedding makeup. It won't be exactly how my wedding makeup is done since I decided I'll be wearing tape instead of Koji Eyetalk eyelid glue because I had a bad allergic reaction on my eyes when I got home from the shoot.

Yeah, just as a bit of a warning, stick to light makeup if you want to do the glue thing over it. In fact, just use glue on your bare skin, not over primers or makeup. I had monistat anti-chafing gel, Urban Decay Primer Potion, and layers of eyeshadow under the glue and it held up great for a few hours but got very itchy when I got home. It took 2 full days to completely return to normal after my eyes became VERY swollen! I looked like I had just woken up from bawling the night before and maybe punched in the face a little. I've avoided the glue altogether since. Tape works better anyway.

Here's the look:

Also, I experimented with some liquid makeup at home before the shoot and it was basically awful. I can never get the right color! My mom agreed I should stick to my mineral makeup, though I was skeptical about the mineral foundation and photography. But it turned out looking pretty good so I'm going to be brave and use it again for the wedding. Nothing better than your trusty everyday makeup, right?

Only one week left! Please pray that I will get enough sleep this week and everything goes smoothly because right now things are INSANITY! I still have to move a few more things and do last-minute food tasting. I've only been getting around 4 hours of sleep every night! On a high note, my bachelorette party was Friday night and it went fabulously. I had a few friends come into town and we went salsa dancing, which is one of my favorite things to do in life. I'll post a couple pics when I get them from the girls. :)

Hope your days aren't as ridiculous as mine have been! Until next time...

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  1. So gorgeous!! I love the makeup, it's perfect. Sorry to hear about your glue experience and I know exactly how you feel about puffy eyelids. Just this past week, my eyes were puffy for a week because of getting severely sunburned :( My eyelid crease disappeared for a week...then came back a week later but with a bigger but slantier crease. Gosh my lids are so weird.

    Anyway, I will be praying for you. I get a feeling your wedding is going to go beautifully though. Relax, everything is going to be wonderful. I feel it in my gut!!

  2. Oh, one more thing, I resorted back to eyelid tapes again during the whole puffy fiasco...What a horrible and irritating idea/experience.

  3. Hi Jen! Your pictures came out beautifully! I especially love the one with the shoes ;) so sweet!

    This is a personal question of mine. I want to start using the eyelid tape, but I'm not sure how to break it to my bf. How did you go about it?
    Hope you can give me some feedback.. Thanks!

  4. Is that your natural hair color? If not, what dye do you use?

  5. lilli: oh yeah, after seeing my eyes with tape it was really weird having puffy, single-eyelid eyes from the allergic reaction. I mean, my eyes had never been that puffy even with crying and single lids. -_- But at least your lids went back to doubles quickly!

    anonymous 1: My guy is actually really laid back and not really shocked with anything I do. He was really supportive of it, although he told me I was beautiful either way. Maybe you should casually bring it up, and say it's something that you like because you can have more variety and a choice of eyelid type. I'm sure it won't be as big a deal as you think. :)

    anonymous 2: I had really subtle reddish highlights over a year ago but that was the last time I colored it before the shoot. It had all grown out I'm pretty sure, so I think that's my natural color.

    Actually, I just colored my hair a brownish color on Friday so I'll post pics of it soon!

  6. awww jen you look so pretty...:D please do post ur wedding pics once ur not busy..hahahaha :D and don't forget to update ur blog too then....:D

  7. those are really pretty pictures! you look flawless in them! and of course ur soon to be hubby looks great too! I cant imagine how busy you could get planning a wedding, good luck on everything!

  8. Hi Jen,
    Out of curiosity.. how do you feel about being a young bride?

  9. oh my god you look stunning! :) woooow :D

  10. Google Reader recommended your blog and I'm glad it did :) Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. The photos are BEAUTIFUL and the two of you seem like a great couple!

    I love your FOTDs/EOTDs. I, too, LOOOOVE NYX!

  11. heyyyy! just wanted to give you a big congrats on your wedding. lolll good thing your eyes got better (: good luck with your married life! blog about your wedding, i want to see some photos of your gorgeous makeup on your special day!

  12. Jen, you are a gorgeous natural beauty! Congratulations on your wedding! I look forward to your future makeup post. Any tips on how you curl your hair? What product do you use? What size and type curling iron?

    -Hopelessly styleless hair

  13. Hi Jen,
    I am preparing for my pre-wedding photos right now and I am so glad I came across your blog. I will definitely take up your warning on the glue! I also have uneven undereye lines/bag, which gives me uneven eyes when I smile!! :( any tips on how I can improve that???