A Glimpse - Engagement Photos

12:13 PM

I just got back from a whirlwind roadtrip to and from St. Louis for a beautiful wedding LATE late last night. It's been another insane week with lots of ups and downs. Lucky for me, one of the ups included an engagement photoshoot with Kassia of Kassia Photography. As sweltering hot as it was, we all had a really fun time and she managed to make both Ben and me look effortlessly happy and enamored with one other (which we most certainly are)!

Here are a few of my favorites:

We even waded inside a huge, cold fountain for some shots!

I was wearing NYX shadows in brown, white, and golden from the golden/rust/walnut bronze trio. I also used Urban Decay Primer Potion for the eyelids and Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel for founation base. Cheeks were a mix of Siesta and Apple from Everyday Minerals and lips were Clinique Superbalm Lipgloss in Lilac. Both dresses were from Forever 21, and the heels are Jessica Simpson Henri pumps.

I think they turned out lovely and I'm so happy about it. Did I mention Ben is 6'1"? I'm sure you can tell my height bit more in comparison to him. ;) I can't wait to see the rest, and also what she comes up with for the wedding! It's only 13 days away!!! Ahhh, everybody pray for me that I don't completely lose my sanity in the meantime!

Things to note for me and the blog:

* Visit Kassia's blog and website. Give her 1 or a billion comments on how fabulous her work is!
* I'm working on the convertable bikini tutorial. Should be up soon.
* Move-in for my new apartment is this Saturday. CRAZY!!!
* Wedding is officially in 13 days. Must meet again with dj, video, photographer, alteration shop, dry cleaner, and jeweler before then.
* Anyone hiring in the Kansas City area? Or anywhere?

Alright, it's back to insanity for me. Gotta write a few thank-you cards and e-mails. Let me know if you have any good packing tips!


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  1. Hi Jen..I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say I absolutely love it..and your engagement pics are too beautiful :)..best wishes to you and your soon to be hubbie


  2. so pretty. gives me hope in love. congratulations!!!! :)

  3. omg jen, u and ur soon to be hubby look so cute on ur pictures!:D best wishes on ur wedding day!

  4. those pictures are adorable! i can't wait to hear about and see more pictures of your wedding. =D

  5. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3091/2555050186_5cffacb36f.jpg

    is captivating. Makes great art for your future home together (:

  6. Hi there, just a soompier who came by your page ^^. Saw some pics of you a few times on the circle lens thread (I used to practically live there, not so much now) & I seriously thought you were maybe 20 or younger! When I saw this post I was like O___O! Really?! But anyways, I just wanted to wish you a happy wedding (it must be SO exciting!) Love, love, love the pictures! Love your page too! Very interesting :D

  7. hi jen, i stumbled upon your blog via youtube. saw one of your aspirin honey mask. i also browsed around your blog particularly makeup tutorial. i think your tutorial for kiwi eyes is awesome!! can u pleassseeeeeeee do a video on it??? please? i attempted kiwi eyes but failed. i hope its not too much to ask for. thanks a lot. =)

  8. ooops. sorry. i overlooked that your wedding is just 13 days away.

    best wishes to you and your hubby.

  9. Jen, you are sooo beautiful! The pictures are simply gorgeous *tear* Aw...I am so happy for you. Hopefully, you will be able to show us some face shots of the hottest couple in Kansas *tear, tear*

    ~ Lili

  10. I bet the Asian dudes are saying, "Dang it, not another one!"

  11. hey Jen! why yes it is still up for grabs :) just send me your addie @ pnaixsweetie@yahoo.com and I will send it asap mkay?

    you are gonna look stunning for the wedding woooo !

  12. These photos are stunning! You guys look lovely together! The one of you and your fiance in the fountain is beautiful!

    I love this one though - http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3018/2554230649_9a8fd235a1.jpg

    You look wonderful in that shot =]

    Good luck on your wedding ^^ hope to see the photos soon. =]

  13. love the 4th and 6th pictures.. but over all, they're really really great. cheers to the guy who willingly submitted to pose with honesty and love! surely, he's a one in a million. :] all the best, Jen!

  14. To everyone who commented on the pics, thank you so much. It really made our day. We feel so blessed to have so many people supportive of us!

    purplebean: Haha. I laughed when I read this.

    My almost-hubby read this and said "that made me feel a little sick in my stomach." I just want to say for the record that we love each other very much despite comments we have received from people against our interracial relationship (not you of course!). It's not easy, culturally or otherwise, but I can assure everyone he's not just some creepy asiaphile. We just happened to be best friends who started dating 7 years ago. He's the greatest and I hope those asian guys saying that ship up and become the kind of guys that every girl would want too! ^^

    nee: I got the glue. Thank you soooo much girly!

  15. i know you did the double eyelid makeup tutorial but could you maybe do a video of you actually putting on the tape and doing the makeup over it. It looks so natural on you and its hard to see the logistics through pictures. Just a thought. thanks.

  16. Love the engagement pictures. :D

  17. These photos are beautiful and so are you both :)

  18. wow... you guys are super sweet... super cute couple...; )... may i ask... if your hubby is 6'1" and what is your height? just curious... ; )

  19. Also, do not confuse this trope for being about any interracial relationship or Mixed Marriage between a White man and Asian woman. There are times when they are together simply because they like each other and race doesn't factor into it at all. Any relationship like that does not qualify for the trope. Some useful guidelines to see if a relationship is an example are:
    A white man expressing a desire or preference for Asian girls
    Western man travels to Far Eastern country and shacks up with a local
    Western guy scores with an Asian girl despite many Asian men being in the cast.
    This trope specifically does not include any instance in which ethnicity is not a large factor, thus, a good test would be simply to ask "Would they still have gotten together if the woman wasn't Asian?"
    As Henry Smith, author of Learning from Shogun: Japanese History and Western Fantasy, observes, "One enduring variation of the romantic formula 'boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl' goes something like this: a man ventures into an alien world, receives aid and comfort from an exotic woman, and reestablishes his self-identity, but inevitably loses her in the process."