Nail Mania

12:40 PM

I haven't posted nails in what feels like forever which means that I have been really behind! I just can't help it. I get bored with my nails looking the same way for too long, and I have to put my polish collection to good use, right?

Seriously, I bought so many this year that I don't even have a desire to buy any more right now until I have at least tried wearing all of the polishes I've hauled. It'll probably last me a while!

This'll be short and sweet. The swatches tell more than anything I can say to describe it, so here are a ton of nail pics.

OPI Princess Rule!
Love this so, so much. Way more sparkly in real life.

Essie Who's She Red
Tried out a half-moon mani like Dita Von Teese. Ironically found this pic after I did the mani! Very retro-chic.

Did a friend's nails using For Audrey and China Glaze Passion for konading. I love how metallic polish looks konaded over creme polish.

Here is my attempt at recreating the Japanese OPI Designer Series Divine polish that I fell in love with after seeing it at the nailphile.

The Nailphile's pics

My try using China Glaze How About A Tumble over OPI Your Royal Shyness. The sparkly particles aren't quite as large, but I was really happy with the result. Crazy holo in the sun! Couldn't stop staring at my nails with this on.

And I decided it needed a little zebra Konading. This cheap black Rimmel polish works surprisingly well with Konad.

OPI Breathe Life.
Part of the proceeds go to Lung Cancer Research. My pics don't show, but this polish is incredible. Glowy, semi-transparent (but not annoyingly so) and slightly duochrome. Really surprised me how much I loved this. It's a light bluish-green, pearly shade in light, and has a violet-blue look in the shade. So cool!

And finally, my current nails. Orly Goth.
Again, my photos do no justice to the sparkles. It looks like stars in the sky, with different-sized silver particles.

Hubs: "Are you wearing emo nails on purpose?"
Me: "It's not emo. It has SPARKLES!"
Hubs: "It's still emo."

Oh, men and their ignorance to fashion nails. Am I right ladies? Black is not emo, sparkles are not childish, and nude is not a real nail color, even if it is people's "natural" nail color. Don't get me wrong, I love my reds and pinks, but variety is the spice of life! And I like my nails spicy. :)

In the comments, name and describe your favorite nail polish. I want to know why you love it so much. Surely it's not just me who loves being distracted by my nails!

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  1. Aww princess rules looks so pretty!♥

  2. you have beautiful nails ^0^ I have princess rule and I love it I use it over almost everything hehe

  3. Hehehe, I love the zebra stripes! Princess Rules is soooo pretty - it looks very much like one of my favorite Borghese polishes (I think it's Positano Petal). So pretty and so easy to wear!

  4. in love with the zebra stripes!!!

  5. Hi there~ I was wondering if I could feature your nail swatch on BeautySwatch? (only those with single shades used, eg. OPI Princess Rule)

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the black over glitter nail polish! gives me something to do tonight since im due for a new mani anyways! =)

  7. your have such nice nails! i love them sparkly polish.

  8. your nail shape is gorgeous! works well with any polish color! I love the red one!!!

  9. oh you have awesome taste. i MUST get a holo sometime soon!! muuuust!

  10. i love how orly goth looks~ it's like night sky <3 my favorite!!
    and princess rules is pretty too!

  11. You have such beautiful nails Jen! I have always been a fan of your blog! I love all your make up reviews and tutorials, they are all very helpful! :D Thank you so much!
    I recently did a comparison pic of the Japanese DS Divine and How About a Tumble, they are actually really similar! How About a Tumble is a tad bit pinker and the glitter is somewhat smaller, but they look almost the same in the sun! : )

  12. ooohh they all look so lovely! :)

  13. I like your faux DS Divine :D

  14. ♥akisa♥ : sure! just as long as it gives me credit and links back to! :)

    wan: my gosh I just saw your swatches and you are RIGHT! I'm so glad too, because now I don't need to fight tooth and nail to find the japanese one. :D Thanks for letting me know you swatched them!

  15. Wow - what a treat to come across a post with so many beautiful nail polish pics. Princesses Rule is one of my all time favourite nail polishes! I painted my niece's toe nails with it and she was super excited about her 'sparkly toes'. I recently saw a picture of it with 3 coats and it looks really good. Love your konads and the holo's.

  16. woa, amazing polish colors!! OO!! but i guess they took at least 2 coats to get that way, right?

  17. OMG I love that pretty pink OPI polish! I must go find it for myself :)

    Btw, black polish is NOT emo. Why do guys always assume that it is?

  18. OHH and I totally forgot. I loved your swatches for the BB cream on the previous post. I really enjoy seeing swatches for face-related products (foundation, bb cream, blush, etc.) because I have such a difficult skin tone. I'm Korean, but I'm a bit on the yellower-tanner side, although it may not seem too evident. I have such a hard time finding face products that match my skin tone. So yes, just wanted to let you know. I LOVE your blog by the way, so post soon! :)

  19. heh my favorite nailpolish is just plain old black wet n' wild with one thin cream coat of this sparkly covergirl polish. $1 per bottle, lasts a week, and was copied by all my friends :] pretty and simple, i love it

  20. Pretty~ ^^
    My favorite is China Glaze's Kaleidoscope collection in Octa Gone Wild.

  21. My fave nail polish on myself is China Glaze's Ruby Pumps. It's the most beautiful polish I've ever seen!!

  22. Princess Rule is such an amazing color! I wish I had a daughter because I would paint her nails with that color for ever! I featured this swatch on my blog and I wanted to come by and give you a heads up!