Summer Looks at the Office

6:57 PM

With the summer heat outside, I tend to want to wear lighter layers and loose tops. Sadly, indoor air conditioning isn't as forgiving so layers for me is a necessity. I haven't posted anything fashion-related for a while so I figured it was a good time to share some fairly typical work-wear lately.

Since I work in a creative field, I get to dress a little bit more casual and fashion-oriented than others in the building. Not quite weekend casual but certainly comfy and nice without being sloppy. Basically I'm saying that my examples won't be right for every office but it works for me. :)

Here are 3 face and fashion looks:

First is a very comfortable combination of dress, cardigan, and leggings. Rather Spring-Summery and the jersey material feels better than jeans. Gladiator sandals save my feet from wearing heels! A little bubbly, a little shimmery.

Cardigan - Target, Dress - Sirens, Leggings - Target, Gladiator sandals - Michael Kors Kids

And the makeup. Eyeshadow is all from Mineral Magic Cosmetics. (They have fantastic colors!!!)

Mineral Magic Cosmetcs - Self Control and Sunflower eyeshadows

Next is an office-chic look that is secretly just comfy stuff too. An oversized t-shirt tucked into a jersey pencil skirt. My faaaaaaaavorite Michael Kors platform heels are really the only thing making it fancy. Lately I've been big into looking put-together using no accessories, and I think this outfit really does it.

T-shirt and skirt - Forever 21, Shoes - Michael Kors

(please don't mind the mess! I was organizing my bags!)

Nude lips to compliment the deep green eyes. I think this green was from my Coastal Scents bajillion eyeshadow palette. Or maybe it's NYX wildfire.

And finally, what I like to call my "ballerina chic" type of outfit. Short flounce skirt, leggings, breezy tee, and boyfriend cardigan with a belt. I don't know what's wrong with me but I've been obsessed with these oversized t-shirts lately! So comfy, and so many ways to wear them. I think I have around 7 of them, all from Forever 21. :D

Purple Cardigan and Crane T-shirt - Forever 21, Flounce Skirt - Abercrombie kids, Leggings - Anne Klein Petites, Shoes - BCBGirls, Waist Belt - thrifted

There is something to be said for good proportions in clothing. It's the key to minimal accessorizing. I keep thinking back to high school and college when I used to wear huge, gaudy earrings and necklaces all the time. Don't get me wrong, I still love those but I couldn't live without my simple pearl studs now. :)

Anyone else have a current "fashion phase" they are going through? Because I'm sure my simple accessories and big tees won't last me forever!

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  1. Your ballerina chic outside is very cute :]

  2. oh those are all really pretty! i love how you match everything together to make the whole thing look chic and simple! love it. :)

  3. the pencil skirt looks HOT on ya! love the summer looks at the Office :) you look gorgeous

  4. Are your outfits typical of what the other employees wear? I ask because your outfits, though cute, are not what I would consider professional. For me, it is more important that my clothes are functional so I don't deviate much from slacks and a top, usually with a cardigan to boot.

    I can give you suggestions on comfortable footwear should you realize you spend a lot of time on your feet..otherwise i applaud your ability to stay fashionable at work.

  5. I love wearing short flouncy skirts as well--so girly and cute! I'm very petite as well (around 5'2") and I've learned that short skirts are the way to go if you want to avoid your legs looking short and stubby D: I even wear them in the wintertime, paired over woolen tights and snug boots!

  6. aww i love your outfits and make up looks! sooo pretty!

  7. My office is casual too, since it's a small office. Hm, so good thoughts on the outfits and it has inspired me most definitely. Beautiful looks, seriously ^^

  8. Love your outfits! Especially the middle one - you look so elegant. I feel like I really need to get out of my fashion rut hahaha. I've been wearing the same thing over and over again - usually shorts over leggings + long boyfriend cardigan over a solid tank top. It's not a bad look (I hope not anyway lol) but I've worn it almost every day for 2 quarters + half the summer haha.

  9. I adore all the looks and I really like the colors on the outfit. It's casual yet sumemr chic. =)

  10. wow. love all the look and your very pretty. =)

  11. your last outfit is so pretty. it's cute yet elegant :D

  12. love the 3rd outfit the best :)

  13. OH! that's that crane shirt! man i couldn't find it when i went to f21 :( so sad. and i looooove that f21 pencil-ish skirt <3 or whatever you call it.. bandage? :X

  14. LOVE the last one.


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  16. I really like the last outfit, it s really amazing

  17. love the last look the most. i really like the over sized much comfier for the hot wether.

  18. nice layering work..
    inspiring indeed :D with lotsa theme!
    not too mention your makeup compliments your overall look!
    am a legging persona too :P

    well mon-thurs is professional look for me and fri-sun is all fun & flirty!

  19. Especially love the white and yellow combination, very fresh, very summery!