January 2012 Favorites!

3:29 PM

Since we've now entered the shortest month of the year and the groundhog has already seen his shadow (Darn! More winter!) it seems to be time again to share with you my monthly favorites. Since I was traveling quite a bit last month, I went back to using some of my current default favorites as well as introducing a couple of new ones.


Skin 79 VIP Gold Triple Functions BB Cream (US BB Creams Clinique/Boscia/Estee Lauder/Too Faced)
L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base
Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Tough as Taupe
L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Iced Latte and Continuous Cocoa
Benefit Hervana Blush
Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Topaz


Lipstick is Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch
Forever 21 hat (similar/similar/similar)
Nailpolish is Incoco Nail Strips in Plum Quartz (Sally Hansen version)

It comes as no surprise that I'm featuring my Skin79 Gold bb cream this month because I have been absolutely loving using this Asian, boosted foundation-alternative. The gold version is more hydrating than the pink and the shade suits my winter skin coloring much better than in the summer when I'm tanner. For reference, I am probably MAC NC25-NC30 right now (Or in layman's terms that means medium-to-light beige with yellow-undertones).

In a nutshell, this BB Cream makes my skin look healthy, brightened, and glowy with a more natural appearance than most foundations. The trick is in layered coverage which I show in this post.

Additionally, I mentioned my Stila Kajal pencil in Topaz which I am quite happy to say adds a natural brightness to the lower waterline on days when you feel tired and could use a visual pick-me-up. Most of us have heard of the trick of using white pencils on the waterline to make the eyes look larger, but I prefer using a softer matte pink or peach since it gives the same overall effect without screaming that you are trying too hard.

The swatch above shows the color and texture. It goes on quite smoothly and doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes like most black pencil liners do. To see application in action, check out my Everyday Monolid Tutorial and you'll see what I mean about the subtle brightening effect.

Can I also just mention that I've worn my glitter nail polish strips for 10 days now? There is minimal amount of tip wear and nail growth but I am so impressed with how these have lasted compared to traditional polish. Plus, you can even apply them on an airplane! All the glitter look and none of the abrasive removal process. Love it! Just for the record, the Incoco strips and Sally Hansen strips are exactly the same.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video and I'll try to put together my Cali haul (oh yes, I did shop) and maybe some vlog footage as well that I'll have up soon. Happy weekend!

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  1. hehe i have the gold one as well as the hot pink bb cream <3 i prefer the hot pink one though.


  2. I really want to try the gold bb cream. I just worry about the tones since I'm so pale.

  3. wow everyone is really loving hervana!! would you recommend tarte exposed or benefit hervana??

  4. Yay for BB cream! I'm loving my Skin79 orange one and Missha perfect cover. When you smudge the Infallible shadow on your eyeliner, do you use your fingers or a brush? Haven't tried Infallible yet, but I heard application is generally easier with fingers.

  5. I've always wanted to try that BB cream! I hear so many good things about it and it's brand :)

    From, tht-christina.blogspot.com

  6. Jess: Tarte Exposed if you are similar to my skin color. If you are fairer you might like Hervana since it's a lighter pink color. :)

    Mlle Chicolatte: I've tried both ways and find fingers give the most pigmented application. If you want to blend something precisely though, you can use a brush but it won't necessarily give you the same metallic finish.

  7. I am loving that eyeliner!

    I am excited for your clothing post! :)

  8. Hervana and though as taupe are two of my favorite recent purchases!

  9. you should try hard candy blushes called
    fox in a box!!
    it's really similar to benefit's blushes
    it's exclusively sold at walmart
    I got coral one and hot pink-berrish color
    and i love them both!!
    they last forever on my oily face
    (i have non-competitive oiliest face :P)

  10. Great picks! I am dying to get ahold of the Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows!


  11. Hi girl! Thank you so much sharing skin79 gold collection BBcream. I bought it after your last vidoe about it and I LOOOOVE IT! I´m in love with it! The best one I´ve ever tried out! Love your blog too! Have a wonderful saturday :D Hugs Jeannie

  12. Your nail polish looks great! :)

    And I love what you've done to your eyes!

    Yishi x

  13. Hi Jen, thanks for working so hard to get all this great information to us. I really appreciate it. A request I have is to mention in your videos in what stores we can/look at buy the products. I don't know if I'm just out of touch, but I have a hard time finding some of the products. lol ~Right now I;m searching for the Korean bb creams. I'd like to be able to see the actual product before buying, so I'd prefer not using online stores. Thanks! ana xo

  14. I love Incoco nail polish strips too. It really lasts on my nails as compared to regular nail polish which chips so easily.


  15. Hi Jen! Loved watching your videos, they always give me some inspiration to try different things! Anyway, I'm from Australia and I just wanted to let you know that here we have different colored l'oreal infallible eye shadows! I gave just bought four so I might take a photo for you and let compare the colors! They very nice shadows! Thanks for introducing me to them! Any chance you might do a video using the shadows? xoxo

  16. Jen!

    Ur eye makeup seems simple and beautiful. Can u make a tutorial on that? I'm a new learner. I have mono eyelids. But I don't know where to start. Can u give me few tips?

    Have a nice day!

  17. Oh my gosh, you have ridiculously beautiful skin. Very jealous! Nice blog btw! xx

    South Molton St Style

  18. Second the request from YnG! It almost looks like you used a really shimmery color as liner above black eyeliner?

  19. Love your look Jen! Do you think you can do a tutorial video on it??

  20. Hi jen
    I know you already talked about tarte alot but I really want to buy it but worrie
    d it wont go with my fair skin tone. Im fair with a little yellow. Do u think exposed will be ok?

  21. I've been wanting to try out Hervana! I love Benefit's Dallas, I definitely recommend it.


  22. thanks for sharing your jan favorites! i told myself i would stop buying makeup...but i think i changed my mind ;)

    p.s. i loved your review on NAKED2 so much that i reference your link in my NAKED2 PALETTE GIVEAWAY! hope you don't mind :)


  23. I love Skin 79's BB cream they work very well, the coverage and lightness is just perfect :) Loved it!

  24. i love bb cream, especially in the winter when my skin is so much drier because they dont tend to stick to my dry flakes. i'm just using up my lioele beyond the solution bb cream but even that is a tad bit dark for me..will be looking for another one soon :) thanks for sharing your favorites, i'm just editing a video on my jan./winter favorites :)

  25. Love your look in this video! What did you use on your eyes? Tutorial, pwetty pwease? :)

  26. Wow you are my new favourite beauty guru! Love the way you come accross as friendly and sweet. Love the favourite products too and can't wait for the tatoo eye shadows to be released in the UK!

  27. I just got the skin79 Pink one and I love it! I want to try the Gold one too but I am going to wait till I use up the pink one. Can you do a tutorial on cleaning and taking care of fake lashes? I love your blog and all your videos!

  28. I never tried BB cream, yet so many raves about it. Thanks for the review and the recent video on it!

  29. i'm loving the skin79pink one!! Here's my take of it. xx

  30. I have darker skin that you do...would I be able to use the BB creams without it looking too white? Great tutorials...I love your blog!

    1. There are a few types that come in different shades. You might try out Missha Perfect Cover in 27 or 31. :)