250K Youtube Subscribers Giveaway!

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Hey guys, today I just wanted to say THANK YOU a million times over for all of the love and support I've received throughout my blogging/youtubing adventure. I recently hit 250,000 subscribers on Youtube which feels like such a huge milestone! I know that compared to others, the number is nothing but I am the type who never assumes that people actually watch any of my videos so when they do and actually subscribe, it really means so much to me. Because of the positivity and strength you've given me, I wanted to give back with a giveaway of a few of my favorite things. :)

I know that many of my readers/subscribers are from all around the world so I wanted to include everyone. Because of this, the giveaway is open worldwide to all of my Youtube subscribers.

To enter the giveaway:
1. Subscribe to http://youtube.com/frmheadtotoe
2. Comment in the Youtube video comments (or below in the blog comments, and leave your Youtube screenname) and let me know what you love about watching Youtube videos and/or suggestions for improving my channel and blog
3. If you are under 18 make sure you have permission from your parents to enter
4. Smile. It's not a requirement but I hear it makes you happier. :)

The contest is open for 1 week and will end on Monday, April 23rd, 2012 at 11:59 PM. Winner must reply back with their address via Youtube messages within 1 week or a new winner will be chosen.

Thank you guys so much and good luck!

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  1. Wow, this is awesome! You deserved those numbers of Subscribers Ms.Jen! You really have awesome and beautiful vlog! I big fan here or yours -from Philippines, Jen.

    1. My comment is too long, comment box only allows 500 characters, that's why I put the continuation as a reply to my comments. :) Cheers :)
      Youtube name: Chekchijhenn

  2. hey, I'm subscribed to your channel as ProjectSwatch, and I like watching youtube tutorials because I can learn new techniques!

  3. Youtube: Leafpoollover

    I love your videos. The K-pop ones are really helpful, My favourite is Tiffany's The Boys makeup. It would be cool if you could sometime do picture makeup tutorials because sometime YouTube doesn't work on my phone but I still would like to know how to do it.

    Love your blog! <3

  4. I have a suggest for your blog. If you have a makeup tutorial, i think it will great too if you post step by step picture in nice resolution. So, it will more easier for your blog readers to see your makeup clearly, instead just see it on the video. Just my thought by the way! Thanks for this great giveaway, and congrats for that huge number of subscribers! I think i can't win this, lol. ;)
    My YT account : vinnyms14

  5. I am your subscriber in YouTube as Emmereyrose :) I love watching all your unique make up and hair tutorials. I love your looks! simple yet so gorgeous!

    I suggest that you should pick a better background for this blog I guess. It's actually already pretty but I think you need to improve it more. As for your YouTube channel, I don't really have anything more to say coz it's perfect. I just hope to see more tutorials! :)


  6. Congrats on 250k followers!

    Youtube: xNuttyPoo - I love watching YT vids because they tell a lot about products and/or teach different makeup application techniques which I find helpful and fun :)

  7. Hi Jen,

    I'm subscribed as shanghaidoll. I love watching your videos because you're always smiling and upbeat, and your tutorials sound so genuine, I get this feeling of "big sister teaching little sister about makeup" that I really wish I had growing up.

    Thanks so much!

  8. my username i subscribed to you on youtube is asianricemonster. I love watching YouTube videos because they teach you (like your tutorials :D), entertain you, and sometimes, they can be really inspiring. I pretty much love your videos and your blog, but maybe something like a Q&A section on the blog, something like "Ask Nikki" on the YesStyle.com blog would be cool. Oh yeah, I am under 18, but don't worry, I asked my parents!!! And yes, I smiled. CONGRATULATIONS on 250k subscribers! You deserve it, Jen! ~Nikki

  9. Subscribed: username-marlanayee.
    Thank you for doing this awesome giveaway! I love your videos and how good of a teacher you are in your tutorials. I showed my makeup -obsessed friend your blog and I always ask her for advice and she loves you too!

    xo smiled!

  10. I'm subscribed as JulianneInJune and I love watching youtube videos for finding new products and all of the great reviews!


  11. Hi Jen. I'm subscribed to your channel as YuyuKamal. I've been following your blog and YouTube videos for exactly 4 months today :-)

    Why do I love watching YouTube? Simple, because your videos inspire me. I see you as a very talented artist with positive vibes.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your videos :-)

  12. Jen!!! I really love your blogpost n youtube tutorials!!! please keep it coming ya!!!

  13. I've been subscribed to you for a while! Congrats on 250k followers! In love with your blog. My youtube username is: sugoidesuyo.
    I'm Asian and clueless about makeup so it helps so much to see your tutorials and favorite items/brands. I've definitely gotten better at eyeliner because of you, ha! :)
    - Priscilla

  14. Youtube: mspetiteerlis
    i like watching tutorials from youtube. I love your tutorials and hope you can add more topic related to your make up skill and stuff, like how u organize ur make up stuff.

  15. Hi Jen, I don't think I'm going to enter this contest because I use makeup so sparingly as it is, but I still wanted to respond to your video. I'm a supporter of yours bc your videos are fun & meaningful. I like watching YouTube beauty videos in my leisure time bc they're essentially like magazines that are more tailored towards diversity. Growing up, it was hard to find models or recommendations in magazines that suited non- white people. I appreciate your videos that reveal some of your vulnerabilities and talk about self- esteem. I like that you send the message that taking care of and treating yourself physically is important, but so is realizing that socially constructed expectations can damage female unity and individual self- esteem.

    For me, I've struggled with balancing "looks" with "brains." I neglected taking care of my appearance over developing my personality when I was younger. BUT, it felt great to have my one of roommate encourage me and tell me I was beautiful when she would dress me up.It was so much nicer than having people tell me I am beautiful sometimes but other times I would be told I would not be attractive unless if I made a certain adjustment. It was very confusing! Likewise, I like watching your videos bc its a gentle reminder that vanity is not an excessive evil.

    I think it is so brave of you to share your stories, face, and tips because I don't know whether I would be able to brush off people taking a microscope on my flaws or whether I'd be very sensitive and felt that I overexposed myself. Sorry for being so wordy! Anyways, thanks for what you do!

  16. Hi Jen, just wanted to say thank you for all the videos that you make! I really feel like you're a big sister teaching me new things that can be done with make up. I'm the oldest out of three girls and my mom has never really been into make up but these videos are so inspirational. I love your korean tutorials too since I'm half korean-half spanish so watching them makes me feel really close to my roots and allows me to see how koreans wear makeup and what tpe of bands are popular. Something I think would be helpfull for me would be basics, I'm 23 and have never worn makeup before (bb cream only-that I discoveredd from you yay) and when I try to put it on I feel like it doesnt look right. Also basic supplies maybe brand types for beginners that are good. For example i want to buy brushes but since ill probably run thrm i dont particularly want to dish out 100+ for awesome brushes. Anyways thank YOU for being such an inspiration for all the ladies (and maybe men?) out in the world.

  17. Youtube username: chichan8
    I love to watch about make up tutorial
    Thank you for the giveaway ^^

  18. Thanks for this awesome giveaway! :) Been a subscriber for a while and love your videos which exude positivity and a genuine spirit! I particularly enjoy your hits and misses videos - I value your opinion. Oh and my youtube name is: fergieferg80

    Thanks! Big smiles!

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  20. Congratulations! I'm really not surprised you have so many followers. :)

    I think the thing I like best about your tutorials is the fact that they are so accessible. I've had a lot of fun experimenting with makeup and hairstyles after watching your videos, and you inspire me to try new things. Thanks for that!

    I'm Awoodennest on YouTube.

  21. Привет! спасибо за конкурс, призы потрясающие, т.к. в России это не продают (если заказывать из Америки только)

  22. youtube account: kryxer

    I first stumbled across your blog while I was looking for tutorials for Son Ga-in's (Brown Eyed Girls) Abracadabra eye makeup. I had just fallen into makeup at that time, but was sort of lost since I didn't have double eyelids/the crease, and most makeup tutorials were pretty much the opposite of helpful. Your videos have always inspired me--to try new color combinations, to try different styles of eyeliner--basically to be more creative with my makeup. I also love your monthly hits/misses updates, and your endorsements have definitely been a major deciding factor in my last few makeup purchases (just got the Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed, and I love it!).

    One suggestion: when you do a makeup tutorial if you could provide a description of the colors you use in the text, that would be great. I don't always have exactly the same makeup you have, and my computer doesn't always do the colors the way they should look, but I might be able to improvise the look better with what I do have if there were color descriptions.

    Jen, thank you so much for all your hard work and positive attitude, and good luck to everyone :)

  23. my YouTube name: LittleRedPoppies

    Congratulations on 250K subscribers!! I want to thank you for putting so much time and effort into making quality beauty videos. I especially appreciate it whenever you make tutorials for us monolid Asians! You're so pretty and always look so happy and friendly, it makes me smile too.

  24. hi jen, My youtube name is okashix3

    IM SO HAPPY THAT YOUR REACHED 250K SUBSCRIBERS ! you are an inspiration to me with all your makeup tutorials ! especially your monolids tutorials ! keep up the good work :)

  25. Hi Jen!

    Congratulations on 250,000 followers!

    I really like the question for the giveaway. I know my chances of winning are slim, but I want to take the opportunity to thank you and express how much I love Youtube! I really like Youtube videos because I have learned so much from others through Youtube. As someone who is 4' 11'', it was very hard growing into myself. I turned to Youtube to learn how to use makeup (in hopes of looking my age). You inspire me in every way and have taught me so much about being an adult in a vertically challenged world. I especially love your heart-to-heart videos.

    I don't think I have any useful suggestions. I may have missed your "how to put on false lashes videos." Perhaps it would be interesting to do a basics video on how to put on fake lashes.

    My Youtube username is cherryblossom506. :)

  26. I love watching youtube because it is a source of information and education that i have easy free access to using at my leisure!

    Your videos are among my favorites and i always get excited to watch your videos, Congratulations on hitting 250K!

    My youtube name is flowerpetalblossom!

  27. Hi Jen!
    I’m so excited that you’re doing a giveaway with products that are dear to your heart. To be honest, I’m not into watching YouTube videos much, but ever since I was introduced to your blog and YouTube channel (by my older sister), it has been nonstop watching. It’s sheer excitement when I realized that you’ve posted another video. What lured me into your video was, first, I could relate to you, because being Asian, I do not have double eyelids so it’s difficult to do certain style of makeup, but you’ve taught me so much. Second, you are so down to earth and humble, which I love. You do not just make video’s to become ‘famous and well known’ but genuinely to help others who struggle with the difficulties. You are not afraid to be yourself, and that’s what is so sincere. I seriously cannot think of anything that you can do to make your channel/blog improve because it presents yourself perfectly. I am grateful that you take time out of your day to provide us with great advice.
    Thank you so much, Nancy.

    youtube -- nancythaophan

  28. My username is angelzoe11 and I love watching youtube videos because there are so many voices to be heard and creative ideas to be spread. I especially love your channel because you are so open and honest and I feel like I can really relate to your videos and makes me love them more!!

  29. Hey! There are a couple reasons I watch youtube videos. In terms of beauty stuff, I love tutorials and reviews - I don't know jack about hair styling. Other than that it's a way to pass time at my sometimes boring job. Who doesn't love videos of baby sloths?

    Youtube name is pithylady.

    Xoxo, Caitlin

  30. Hi Jen! I hope you get to read this and also please reply back to me if you can. It would mean so much to me if you do!!!

    I've been subscribed to you quite sometime and big congrats on 250k subs! I personally have a blog myself (http://www.justplaindelirious.blogspot.com) you and among famous youtubers inspired me to create a make up blog and share my passion on make up & beauty etc.

    You are mainly the one I love to watch considering that I always see your videos on my youtube feed mainly!

    I have monolids (and if I'm lucky sometimes double lids) and I love watching videos that cater to my make up needs? You can say! As well as other quirky and natural fun looks you have as well. I love seeing the products you use and I follow your blog.
    My youtube username is: lajooface

    I've learned many things from make up tips as well as make up brands that you use. I think you inspired me to use Urban Decay as well as grabbing my own Naked2 Palette. I bought the palette and watched your holiday look tutorial on it and love how I can replicate the look with what I have!

    I've definitely gotten better on my eyeliner as well as bronzers, highlighters application.

    I don't think there's anything else I would improve in for your videos. I would say it would be probably better if you made videos behind a plain background (ie. a wall) don't get me wrong but I like the way they are but I feel like more attention could be focused and directed at you when you film behind a solid coloured backdrop?

    Much Love and Appreciate all you do for UT.

    From the land down under, Joline. :)

  31. What I really love is how genuine you are in your videos!! :] From showcasing your hauls, to shopping and grabbing items for others (you're caring), and to tutorials. Thank you! YT Username: dlinspired

  32. Hey jen! WOW! Congratulations!You deserve it! That's so sweet of you to do a giveaway. I have no suggestion for you since I think you do a very good job of running your own blog . Sorry, I'm not trying to suck up but I would like to say that I love watching your videos, I like that you're honest, knowledgeable and have a very sweet personality. I wasn't aloud near makeup growing up and you've taught me a lot!!!
    Overall, I like watching YT video's because there are lots of people out there that are providing free useful information. For example, I changed my body and my life watching bodyrock(charliejames1975) videos and they're effective and free.

    YT name: LilVovo

  33. Suggestion: put up daily blogs! just random posts from your life
    youtube name: goombari

  34. Youtube name: Moo46041

    I LOVE watching your updates because of your wonderful upbeat personality, ALWAYS informational/educational videos and professional clips! I appreciate not having to sit through lots of um's and ahhhs and fast forwarding through the more repetitive parts is done SOOOO WELL. So AWESOME Job!!! I love your blog and all the videos you do! I only wish there were more updates. :)

  35. Hi Jen!
    I love being your YT subscriber because your tutorials are clear and simple to follow. Although you make them look so easy to do, the looks always turn out great. I first discovered your channel on youtube from the KPOP-inspired tutorial on Dara's look in Clap Your Hands, and since then I've been watching every one of your videos. I'm always awed at how pretty you look in your videos--you really are one of the most gorgeous people I've encountered! @_@ Also, I love how you are so humble and always sweetly tweet me back when I ask you questions. I feel as if I'm talking to a celebrity! ^^
    Hmm, as for improvements...it would be really helpful if you could also post tutorials in blog form instead of just on Youtube. Sometimes its difficult to follow and remember the steps after watching the video just once. However, I know you are busy, so it's just a suggestion!
    You really are amazing. Us fans should get you a gift instead of the other way around. Thanks for taking the time to make these ever helpful videos! I've learned a lot from them. Thank you Sensei Jen!

    YT username: heyvanessa09

  36. my YT username = myvbleu

    hello jen! :) i absolutely love watching your videos for all your make-up tutorials and reviews... but, i'd also like to see more hair tutorials as well! yours is always so pretty; please share your secrets? ^^

  37. Hello, Jen! I just wanted to say that I love watching your videos. You're so fun and open, and it's so nice of you to take the time to share your beauty techniques and experiences. I know maintaining a blog and youtube channel is very time-consuming, but I'd love it if you would update your blog more frequently :)

    -Vickie (youtube: vepookie)

  38. Congrats for hitting that number!! How exciting! Love watching your videos! Keep up the work <3

  39. Honestly, I don't watch a lot of Youtube videos - yours is the only makeup channel I watch! My skin was really bad (acne + oil) all the way through middle and high school, so my makeup technique was pretty much just an attempt to cover as much of my skin problems up as possible, and I didn't pay attention to anything else.

    I like your videos because they're really non-threatening XD I don't feel like, oh, I can't do that look because I don't have super-expensive makeup and tools.

    Youtube: linangelah

  40. Hi Jen! Thanks for the giveaway (:(:
    my youtube username is syriuasyriua,and I looooove to watch your video because you are so inspiring to me, you are awesomeee XD and I've learn a lot from you as well (: For the improvements, I think you can post a tutorial in your blog as well? I think some of us prefer to see step-by-step pictures in your blog also 8D thank youuuuu <3

  41. I'm subscribed as serenitysdoor on YouTube. I like watching because I love review info. Congrats!

  42. Congratulations! I love watching your videos and following you because you're so down-to-earth and relatable! I'm not in the fashion/beauty industry, but I appreciate that your blog and styling is very accessible to those of us who can't necessarily be in that world. You deserve it, here's to 250K more! :)

    (Also, it makes me so happy to see you're posting more frequently as well! I always love seeing a new video from you! So thanks, and keep up the good work!)

    Youtube name: amdangtran

  43. are we allowed to enter more than once?

  44. You taught me how to fly with wings... with my eyes! Love you!

    -Fellow Monolid'r

  45. My YouTube name is roguehlicious. I love watching your YouTube videos because they are very informative and fun! I love learning new makeup techniques from you!

  46. my youtube username is jeeehaek
    i love watching videos to find new products and to learn how to use different products.

    thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  47. I'm subscribed as rebekahbengal on youtube. I like watching because it gives me more confidence in wearing makeup and knowing it looks good. Thank you!!!

  48. I totally loved your look in the past 2 vedios, it looked very fresh, clean and sophisticated. Can you do a tutorial on this look? Thanks!

  49. I'm johitalandia on youtube, and I love watching videos on youtube because I can really learn how to look better and how to improve myself.

    I will LOVE to watch more videos of your OOTD just because your style is amazing and you are really an inspiration ♥

    Greets from Ecuador!!

  50. Jen, or Jeneeppe~I remember how your grandma called you when you were young.=)
    I like watching your videos because you have quite similer eye shapes as mine, so it is so easy to follow your makeup videos and get pretty good results like you always do. Another thing why I love your videos is you are creative!
    Also, I like your voice and how you speak ...<3
    My youtube name is young5228

  51. Thank you so much for doing this! I like your videos because you give wonderful tips for Asian features, AND your videos are quite fun. :)

    Thank you for doing this! My YouTube username is joybox13. :)

  52. I love your videos because they're super informative and I love your product suggestions. It's hard to try out lots of different products, but you make it a lot easier. I also love your videos because we're the same skin tone which makes it so much easier for me. :) Thanks for always posting! Username: tshimomi

  53. I like watching make up videos, especially yours cause you have various stuff to share with us, not only make up, but just like what your channel's name-- From Head to Toe. It's so nice to find a talented make up guru like you cause you have inspired me a lot! For suggestion in improving your channel, I would like to see more of a budget make up tutorial so that everybody is affordable to use and apply it! As always, great video! Keep it up! ;)

  54. Ooh, I left a comment on your video but the character limit cut me off... (my YT username is xPiiShPooSh)

    So I really enjoy YouTube videos because it celebrates the ordinary individual. It gives a voice to people who are talented, but since not everybody can be brilliant, are often left to shine unnoticed.

    I think that particularly the beauty and health section is incredible because it promotes people sharing their talents to help each other! So frequently we hear of how selfish and self-centered humans can be, but I believe that these sharings of videos is proof that we really aren't completely rotten. I see everywhere videos of girls and guys sharing their secrets, their personal tricks to the world so everyone can benefit from them.

    This is a bit more specific, but these videos are also guidance for young girls and boys who lack some of this guidance in their homes. Particularly for beauty and health videos, if I am trying to reach out of my box and try something new, I'll be able to find help online through videos!

    Your videos are great and really an inspiration. You seem genuinely kind, and I love your beauty tutorials, but I would love it if you could have Heart 2 Hearts again.

  55. So I have to sincerely thank you. I did not know how to use makeup until this year and was scared to tried. Plus I have monolids so whenever I asked my friends to show me, it didn't really work out. My favorite video that you've made so far is the everday monolid look. And I got the Naked 2 palette (my recent splurge). My friends always love when I do the monolid look you did in the video. I've learned so much from you. Keep up the good work. You're my favorite beauty vblogger!! youtube: tennisgurlplaya. P.s. did you see the website i posted on your wall?

  56. Youtube Name: kikay101

    I love watching your video tutorials. I honestly learned a lot as I have the same eye shape like yours. I had a hard time with my eye shape but thanks to you I am now exploring the wonderful world of make up. I also love watching your product reviews, very informative specially the make up brushes as a beginner to somewhat intermediate in makeups this was really helpful. Your my HG Youtube Guru your tutorials never fail me as every time I try out your looks I always get tons of compliment :) Keep the tutorials coming and More power to you!

  57. I love to watch Youtube videos because they are a different kind of entertainment and they're interesting. I learned how to apply make up better through Youtube and I am so glad I also found you as one of the beauty gurus I learned from. I gained more information about product reviews from Youtube as well. I would like to see more natural looking make up from you and OOTD videos! I love your fashion style :) You are truly one of the BEST beauty gurus on Youtube. My Youtube name is cpsari

  58. my youtube username is mei yam.
    just wanna say congrats!!!
    I <3 watching your youtube video because before I discover your video I had the slightness idea as to how to wear make-up, especially since I also have mono-lid and just about everyone I know have double. I was always envious of my friend cause they were able to do wear make up on special occasion and look all dress up and all I can do is put on foundation. I tried asking people who works in make-up store to show me but no one seem to know how and when they do try to put make-up on me I look like I got beat up in the eye.. haha. After having to watch your video I learn so much as to how to put on eyeliner and eyeshadow to make myself feel beautiful and a bit more confident. Your video are very informative and easy to follow and its very creatives and fun.. you have the ability to have the make up look elegant/professional and not overdone. Also your video are very natural, I can really tell that you enjoy what you doing and <3 sharing your knowledge and is very open about your life. Finally, I like the fact that your video covers a wide range of topics.

  59. Congrats on the 250k subscribers!! I just subcribed to you after watching all your videos on your blog. I love watching youtube for tutorials. It's fun and informative. I especially love reviews because i know someone has tried it and giving their honest opinion. Your opinion is valuable because you tried so many different things. Great job and thank you for the giveaway! Youtube username ladyxbug83

  60. YouTube name: lazysnowmen

    I love your videos, congrats on 250K. What i love about youtube is that i can find almost anything there, frome a recipe to a make up tutorial. I have learned so much from you. Keep up the good work.

  61. CONGRATZ!!!!!!!!!
    YouTube is literally the best site ever other than the fact that its entertaining I can learn so much from other makeup artists. I can learn about new products or new techniques. I love that I can find pretty much anything! Thanks youtube and Frmheadtotoe.com for making my life easier and for continuing to inspire me!!
    Much love,
    You tube user:

  62. YouTube username: itsoinky

    I love learning new techniques and your color combination choices. Your videos are always well put together.

    Thanks so much!


  63. Hi Jen,
    My 1st introduction to your videos is the winged eyes tutorial. I love your tutorials because I have asian eyes just like you. But not only that, the more I saw your videos the more I love the personality and skill and knowledge behind them.
    What I want to watch/read more from you? More product reviews, beauty tutorials, a glimpse of your life hehehehe, basically more of everything you have done.
    Youtube account: DoodleTrend

    Here's a smile-> :-D

  64. Congrats, Jen! Love your youtube videos! I started out with yours thanks to my best friend but now I resort to youtube for everything. It's so much easier and fun to watch videos and being a slow learner, I've appreciated the video options on the plethora of topics.

    Thanks for always be so genuine and thoughtful! Keep up the good work! Youtube username: foo4food

  65. Your makeup tutorials actually inspired me to learn to how to put makeup on...properly. I've always wanted to learn, but somehow I was always too lazy to spend $$ and time to do it properly. Like you, I always have monolid girl and I felt I still looked unflattering with makeup. So why bother to waste the time on it? It's very difficult for me to put on eyeshadow without making myself feel sorta outlandish.

    Also, not only do I like to watch your videos on makeup, but your shopping haul and how you put a good outfit together.

    My YouTube channel is JoleCole.

  66. CONRATS JEN!! I really am inspired by the videos you make on Youtube and am thankful that I found your videos because with the tutorials and your opinions I have been able to play with colors and even different looks which I LOVEE!! I really wanted to THANK YOU for doing what you do and the giveaway of course :D I hope that you continue to make videos wether it be tutorials, hauls, or vlogs I love to watch!! I am very into fashion and hope to become a designer eventually so watching your videos has inspired design ideas which I am SUPER thankful for!! I had been having a tough time finding inspiration and of all places to find inspiration on Youtube was an interesting change for me!! :] I don't want to make this too long so big THANKS and again CONGRATS :D xoxo- musicphtgrphy

  67. Hi, Jen! I have been your YT subscriber for quite some time. It has always been exciting seeing your new videos uploaded from time to time. You have been an inspiration all these times and thank you for doing helpful tips on Asian makeup and skincare. You have been doing great and I am happy you're one of the gurus that responded to my tweets!

    My YT screen name is angelvalerie1985.

  68. Hi Jen,

    I've been watching you from the Soompi days but I haven't really commented much :) Just wanted to say: keep doing what you're doing, you're my favourite makeup Youtube guru/blogger. I like watching your videos not only because you're a monolid blogger who taught so many girls to love their monolid eyes, but also because you exude positivity and joy of living.

    So here's to your videos and your blog, and hope to see lots more in the future.

    Cindy (Youtube: Clee523)

  69. Hey Jenn,my youtube screenname is Jenny Le, and I love watching youtube videos because it really helps gives a visual and a step by step guide to do things one may not know on their own. As well as meeting and getting to know all these SUPER TALENTED and inspirational people that makes you feel proud. Proud of being human and given the willpower to try something new. :)

  70. Hi Jen I'm suscribed as 'bitnadori'
    Ever since I started watching your video, it just became one of my hobbies :) I really enjoy watching it! always looking forward to the next one. I'm glad i can apply your make up on me since I have monolids and same skin color! Thank you very much Jen! - bitnadori-

  71. youtube helps people to get answer from super complicated question to the dumbest.. like for example, how to knot a necktie, when you read the instruction youll have to process the words into actions before doing it, while when watching it, all you have to do is follow what you see. :)
    never tried naked/R&R before so thanks for this giveaway Jen! woohoo! Congrats on 250+K subbies!
    gerilen (yt: gerilenpolon)

  72. Ahhhh! I finally did it! I went on Youtube and created an account. I've been previously bookmarking your blog and watching the video from there instead. Unless I totally screwed up, my username is: r0s13y0u or my email for youtube is: r0s13y0u@gmail.com. I'm not entirely sure. But that means you're the first person/video I subscribe to...Yea!!!

    Anyways, please don't take this the wrong way but, "OMG! You are so cute and pretty!" Whew. Got that off my chest. But my chubby hubby does not like you! Ha. Ha. I've been learning how to put on make up and look prettier thanks to you and your vlog. I am so serious. I'm way too old to admit my age online but I never knew how/cared to put on makeup before. Before frmheadtotoe, the closest thing to makeup I've ever owned was a chapstick. Yup. I was that bad. Now, I'm learning, little by little. Many of your videos I'm still afraid to try, not that brave yet. But I'm improving so much that I get hit on by guys when I'm out with the hubby. (that's why he doesn't like you-says your blog is corrupting me! ;)

    I really love how you mix luxe and budget friendly product together. Because the hubby is so stingy with money for me to buy makeup. I have to plead and plead and give him the silent-I-am-so-mad-at-you-don't-talk-to-me-ever-again treatment. So I'm really glad that most of them I can go out and buy at drugstores instead of very expensive places. Except Sephora because they give you lots of free samples (and I probably ask them ten million questions until they got tired of me and shoo me away with "gifts").

    But, I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for blogging and posting your videos. I might not always be commenting on your posts. But I really like your blog. Keep on being beautiful, inside and out.

  73. Hi Jen!

    I love reading your blog posts and checking out your videos on Youtube. I am always excited to receive the newsletters in my e-mail from your blog, because you have a great personality, you are fun to watch, and your videos are great!

    I love the tutorials you make, they are so easy to follow. I don't have monolids, but my asian eyes are close to monolids, so your tutorials help me a lot! I wish you did more tutorials though.

    Also, I discovered so many products from you, and I have tried some of them out, and they are great (such as the L'Oreal Infaillible eyeshadows). Everytime you put on a new "Favorites of the Month" video, I can't wait to discover new products. One of the greatest things is that I get to rediscover makeup that I had, but barely used, such as the Maybelline mineral concealer, that you also stopped using for a while because it was too light... I have the same problem, but now that I retried it, it is amazing as highlight.

    Jen, I wish you lots of happiness and health! So you can continue making these awesome videos for us :). And I wish you lots of money, so you can make more giveaways hihihi.

    I love you Jen, and I love your videos and blog!

    Keep up the good work! We all support you lots, because you inspire us lots too!

    -Tu-Anh (YT screen name: tanqttnml)

  74. Hello Jennifer :)

    I'm a simple girl from Asia. I'm a very happy person and i love sharing this happinesses with other people.
    It's been a while that i'm subscribed on from head to toe and i receive your amazing tutorials on my mailbox.

    I really want to thank you for a great work you do for all of us. Personally, every time i watch your videos i learn how important beauty is for every young lady. Thank you for sharing with us all your professional experiences and advices. But most of all, thank you for being so natural and for your wonderful smile which give us motivation and joy of life.

    God bless you and your family,
    With love

  75. Nyob zoo Jenn! *pronounced nyaw zhowng* hehehe... sorry... it's really hard to explain the pronunciation in English but YEAH! You just experienced "Hello!" in Hmong! >_< Well, my screen name on YouTube is blueflower93 and I really love how people can be so artistic on YouTube! And I don't just mean their artistic skills to draw and paint; I'm talking about EVERYTHING! I mean, so many people have so many talents, whether it's to sing, dance, play instruments, put on make-up, cook, etc. And by recording their talents on YouTube and sharing it, I feel as though YouTube is a live stage showcasing various forms of art from all around the world, where people can be themselves while having fun. It's always wonderful when you find someone who loves what they do, and that artistic part of them is what I love to search for in YouTube videos; it's very inspiring! ^^ So thank you for being one of those who inspire us to be better for ourselves and to love us for who we are! ♥

  76. Hello Jen!
    Thank you so much for this opportunity!
    I love watching your tutorials and videos because I find them so relaxing and instructive. You are always smiling, positive and cute.
    Kiss from Belgium

  77. I love that YouTube has made learning accessible to all--be it guitar lessons, technology help or makeup tutorials. Your videos are truly an inspiration; the creativity, skill and heart that go into each look/tutorial are appreciated and enjoyed. :) Your personality shines, and you never fail to bring a smile to my face. Thanks for everything, Jen!
    (livelaughruth is my YouTube username.)

  78. 제니팔 언니~ <3 I already commented on ur YouTube video and as much as I would love to win the giveaway, the chances are slim so I was wondering if I could ask you for ur help ^^ Unfortunately, I can't buy many of ur HG products that I'd love to use because I just can't get them in Thailand :( , and I would really like to purchase the ur HG R&R blushes <3 so I checked out sosiko as you said but it's out of stock :(((((( do you know if they have it anywhere else or if sosiko will restock it?? Thank You 언니~ >.<

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. btw I am so proud that ur korean and that you have monolids! hehe :P before I didn't like that i had monolids but yea you proved to me with ur makeup that monolids can also be beautiful :) thank youuu so much (ㅋㅋ 쌍꺼풀 수술 해야되겠다고 확신했었는데 언니 때문에 지금은 고민중이에요~ ㅋㅋㅋ)

  79. Hi Jen, I am Krista from the Philippines and I am subscribed as XOXOkristalynnXOXO on YouTube! =) It is so amazing how you spread positive vibes and confidence to all the women who watch your Vlog and read your blog. I believe everything about you is so wonderful! I am your fan since forever! Keep it up! Lovelots! :)

  80. Hi Jen! i just so love your makeup tutorials and love nyx just like you do... love it...and i got inspired alot from you... :) so keep inspiring and keep smiling! :) so love it thanks super thanks!

    Sakuradropsify (youtube name) from Philippines lots kisses! muah! :*

  81. Hello Jen!
    My youtube screen name is Andelumud.
    And i love watching your videos and tutorials, it helps me a lot! My friend is so happy to see your one lid eye tutorials :) I wish all the best from you in the future :)

  82. i watch youtube videos to be inspired. when i watch health and beauty gurus i see the love they have for what their doing and the passion for their intrests. That passion inspires me to strive for a better me! i think you can improve your channel by make more hair tutorials and collection videos like your make and shoe collections. Thank you so much Jen!
    -Rachel (shan3dawsonluv3r)

  83. WOW such a generous giveaway, I love your honest views on items you talk about and your very polite and professional manner - keep them coming :-)

    You tube user name is Sarahbee27


  84. Aw, I think you deserve way more subscribers!! Congratulations on 250K subscribers! :) I love to watch youtube videos, especially yours (no really, you'd have to be my first youtube love) - because I love to stare and daydream about all the beautiful makeup and clothes all the makeup/beauty guru's wear...I don't think I'd ever have the courage to go all out XD

    youtube username is: anjpantz


  85. i've been one of your 1st subscibers, and i never fail to click on your new video..i love your makeup videos, its very informative...u have inspired me to do my very own youtube channel..thank u :)


  86. I get to watch beautiful people like you on youtube =) and I would really like to see more tag videos. Thanks ^^

    Youtube id: oinkies

  87. I love watching youtube videos because I learn a lot of tips and tricks and tutorials, especially about makeup. I too, am a monolid and it is not easy to find people who does makeup for monolids. I love that you dont stick to boring eye makeup and keep things fun every time. Im also an ex acne sufferer so with your choice of skin care and makeup, I know that there is lesser chance of breaking out when I try them myself. I also like your product reviews, because as much as I wanna be 'adventurous' with products, nobody (i know i dont) likes to spend money on something that is not going to work and I trust your reviews.

    But most of all I like your channel/website because you are a good person. I know you've had your share of self esteem woes and your heart to heart videos has helped my (and my self esteem) so much.

    Thanks Jen!

    username: leabski

    (And yes, I got permission from my mother. :) )

  88. Youtube name: sangychu

    Congratulations Jen!! You really deserve all the numbers you receive! You are my favorite guru and you have such a winning personality! ^___^

    I love specifically makeup youtube videos because I've learned so much! It's really helped a tom boy like me, learn how to look and feel pretty! It's done wonders for my attitude! Thanks again for such an amazing give away!!! You are too generous! <3

  89. I love watching YouTube videos because they're very educational and realistic at the same time - compared to learning something that is written in paragraph form. With frmheadtotoe, I was able to learn how to apply makeup the practical and easy way. I was even able to shop for my own makeup when I went to Korea recently. A big shout out to Jen all the way from the Philippines. More power and thank you for all your tips. Keep them coming!

    - Alnette (YouTube: alnettetan)

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. youtube username: dtp25

    Hi Jen,

    Ah I just wanted to thank you for your videos in general. I used to think make up was something which people used to cover up themselves, a sort of mask that meant that I wasn't pretty enough to go bare faced. So, I resorted to just cowering away in shyness whilst all my friends in their natural gorgeousness were the sources of my pride. I just wanted to say thanks for teaching me how to use makeup to empower myself, and actually look after my body. I feel like its just emphasised my good side, so that without it I can still feel like I'm worth being looked at. Its just helped my self esteem honestly. (even if I don't win, I'd like to think you read this)

    With youtube videos - I love that sense of an international barrier-less community. On this kind of platform its where revolutions begin, I'd like to think whether that be socially or politically charged. I can watch a cat playing the piano, or a charity yearning for support of their plight, there's so many possibilities and opportunities in such a tiny place, where can either escape or enhance our lives.


  92. YT: CherryBlossomRain.

    I've done a lot of unsubscribing from youtubers lately because they seem sad or upset or completely uncaring about what they're doing so I like watching videos where I feel engaged. I like watching videos where the person is excited about what they're talking about and where they give you every bit of information they have on something. Tutorials are nice and so are hauls but I like knowing WHY you want me to watch the video too. Even if it's just to say "because I wanted to" that's still more than some youtubers like to give you.

    I like learning how to do new things too so the more instructional videos are the better :) Love your videos and I hope you keep making them for a long time to come. The giveaway is as awesome as you're hoping it will be.

    Thank you :D

  93. I've already entered this giveaway at your youtube video but there was a word limit which was really disappointing. Because you're doing such a big giveaway, you really deserve a lot more feedback. I have answered why I watch/love youtube videos but I also want to add a suggestion to your blog/channel.
    You've had a few posts that were skin care related a long while back and I would really love an update on something skin care related. Makeup enhances the appearance but what's underneath is just as important, maybe even more important. The first blog I ever followed was one called beauty in love and it talked a lot about both make up and skin care (but now this site has disappeared). Maybe your specialty lies with make up but you have such beautiful skin in your videos, I really hope you will share how you keep it in such good condition.

    Have learnt a lot, I really mean it, from your blog and want to thank you for what you have taught me even though you don't know it.

    youtube screen name: missycurious

  94. YT name: kurikku91

    In regards to suggesstions...

    Maybe reviewing or introducing make-up and beauty products from around the world! Japanese, Korean, American and British products are well known, but are there anything interesting or good from other countries that deserve more recognition?

    Your blog and ytchannel is already great as it is though and only improvement can come out of it :)

  95. yt name: BiGungAndBaBo

    there are so many amazing videos on yt that captured. I love to watch tutorials to learn and get inspired on how to apply make up. Every youtuber has got some wise advices to share e.g. your blush-applying video. Although its as simple as 1 2 3 Ive always failed doing so. therefore your video was a real help. another reason is that I simply like to watch beautiful people :P
    AND it helps improving my english :)

  96. youtube name: jinaoh1

    I love how YouTube is like a giant web-library, you can find anything! I especially like watching your videos because I'm Korean and have monolids - and your makeup techniques help me get around them!! :)
    Can't think of ways to improve your channel though!! It's already helped me learn so much about makeup, skincare (and even bras! :P)


  97. This comment has been removed by the author.

  98. Hi Jen!
    I'm Annie from Hong Kong! I've been following your blog and videos for around a year!(I'm so sorry for subscribing your channel too late as previously I don't want to create an account, but i'm so happy that I can have a chance to interact with you in this event^^ and i'm looking forward to it so I want to leave some comment for you :D. And of course, I can't deny that the giveaway is very very attractive!:P)
    You are the only one that I've keep following for that long time. I think it's too late for me to know your channel!!Your videos cover many different aspects such as makeup, clothing, shoes, hair, nail polish and also the 'tags'!:P. They are wonderful and never bored me!
    I love the way you talk and teach^^.You are so friendly and "true" (I don't know how to say it in English but we really describe like that in Chinese). One thing I love is your makeup is at high quality with not much luxurious brands so even me, a student, can follow and afford it!Also, your tutorials are very clear and easy to understand, the steps and skills are shown clearly and the contents are very well organized, I never feel confusing when I'm watching your video. Moreover, you upload new videos and update your blog very frequently so I don't have to wait for so long and I'm so happy with that since many blogger are impatient and they update their blogs after a long time or even gradually giving up updating their blogs. In additions, your makeup tutorials not only include everyday makeup, but also some different theme such as Halloween and Valentine's Day and you are trying to use different colors to do makeup! These makes your videos never comes to the same.Although I don't have chance to try to put every makeup on mself, I really enjoy watching these and I always watch your old videos and want to finish watching all of it:D (Sounds I'm crazy haha)
    I love watching Youtube videos not only because it's worldwide and also because it's really convenient for me to search videos that I want (such as how to tie a tie!)and find out some related videos. Just because of that, I can see your video ,click and know who you are!:P In recent years there are also some live broadcast or be a media between pop music company and lover of k-pop, and, yes, the tutorial of makeup on k-pop star from Jen! Haha I really love your videos on k-pop stars makeup! Compare to other video sharing platform, youtube is more famous , easy to use and have shorter advertisement (Don't lengthen it though I said it's not very long!:( )
    Your videos are really at high quality and there is no "noise" behind your voice.I just want to ask may you do some tutorial on tips for different eye shapes...I know its quite difficult, but I really want to know the skills of strengthening the good points of my eyes:)Btw, sometimes I'm a bit unhappy that I cant find the products you've mentioned in the videos in Hong Kong:( such as naked and skin79 BB cream:(
    Your channel and blog are really perfect and I'll keep following^^ Wish you'll become much prettier and healthier! Thank you for teaching me so much and I'll keep learning from you!^_^
    And last,my youtube username is frenzyannie:D

    (Sorry for my poor English:P)

  99. YouTube name : ceciliadelineblogs

    Dear Jen, TYSM for this giveaway! YouTube changed my life actually. I know nothing about makeup before I started watching MU vids on YT. YOU ARE THE FIRST MAKEUP VIDEO THAT I WATCHED AND I LOVED YOU SO MUCH!
    You taught me how to apply makeup on Asian eyes. Yes, we have the same lid-less eyes.

    Some of the ways that you may want to look into improving your YT vids :
    Please do more inspired makeup look, tutorials, hair care (because your hair is just so freaking nice!) and probably do make a video for us once a week :) I hope thats not too much ^_^

    I don't mean to say this just to win but seriously, I'm your fan from MALAYSIA. I love you so much and I am so thankful that you made this giveaway.

    I will definitely send you a postcard from Malaysia if I were to be the winner of this giveaway.

    In the mean time, stay healthy, awesome, cute and beautiful! Take care and God bless.


  100. Hi! My YouTube name is twinkie00 and I love your channel. You are very personable and "real," and I love seeing what you suggest in your reviews. I have learned everything I know about makeup from YouTube videos... mainly yours! Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into your videos/blog!

  101. Dear JEN :)

    I have been a tomboy for most of my tween life and it wasn't till I discovered how amazing youtube was with the diverse channels and videos that I fell in love with make up. My obsession is beyond belief and I will honestly admit that you are probably the most down-to-earth makeup guru on youtube. There are probably tons of gurus out there who are as amazing as you are - I have yet to discover them - but I am amazed how someone could be so open and quirky on camera and it's shown worldwide! I have no idea how you do it but your videos make my day :) I especially enjoy your K-pop ones (WOW FANTASTIC BABY NA NA NA NA NA. Don't you think G-dragon's hair is crazy funky?) and you know what everything! :3

    Your videos are simple to follow, funny and just AWESOME! I enjoy the clarity of your camera and how you describe each product carefully as you use them but I would like it if you could show snapshots of the look as you progress along? It does help me understand the steps and be able to follow them easily instead of going back every once in a while ;p Also, I would like it if you could do more hair tutorials too because it would be fun to see your renditions of popular hairstyles and quick tips! A few more k-pop inspired tutorials won't hurt either :3 Another suggestion is could you also include recommendations on cheaper alternatives for the more pricey products that you use?

    I'm originally from Malaysia but I've been living in Perth, Australia for three years now and I'm in my first year of uni! Which is fun! It's also autumn now and getting chilly! But i love it anyway since Malaysia is always so humid and sticky hehe. I hope that you enjoyed reading this and it put a smile on that fabulous face of yours! xD oh my hehe i'm so cheesy anyway! Cheers JEN, GOD bless and stay FABULOUS xx Tracie

    Youtube: trakkiesan

  102. Hey Jen!

    Congrats on all the followers and thanks for putting together such an awesome giveaway :D

    I love Youtube for music but I always go there for makeup imspiration, ideas and reviews - which, surprise surprise, is how I came across your channel and your blog :)

    I think your tutorials are fantastic and I enjoy watching/reading your other posts as well - keep doing what you're doing because it's awesome! :)

    YT: darkmerveillesangel

  103. youtube: roundbunny

    Hi Jen,

    I love your videos because of your great personality and how clear your speaking voice is. You always stay on topic and never ramble on for too long. Your reviews are always informative and detailed. I also love your kpop makeup looks! The pace/length of your videos is perfect.

    Suggestions: for future fashion episodes, would it be possible for you to give some advice to short girls who are fatter? (I am short but definitely not as skinny as you!) That would be great!! Also, can you do a makeup look for glasses? (not sure if you did one before).

    I love your hair tutorials and would like to see more!

  104. Funny that, I just subscribed to your YouTube Channel earlier today!! How convenient :D

    There are a lot of reasons I love your blog and videos, such as you being Asian and having similar features to me, which makes it easier for me to follow your eye makeup tutorials.
    I also love how I can relate to you discovering makeup at an older age than many, and especially relating to your history of bad acne, which I experienced as well.

    What really stands out to me, though, about your blog is how PERSONAL you are. On your 'How to Apply Blush & Highlighter' blog post I left a comment asking for further information on it. I did not expect a reply, knowing how popular you were, and also as it was my first comment.
    To my surprise, you did reply to my comment, and it just surprised me and made my day :)

    Thank you so much for this blog, it's what got me into makeup and I happen to love makeup now :D

    YouTube: Christine Xiao
    (Why does mine have a space?? Newbie, thanks to Google+ ...)

  105. Hi Jen! i really love watching your channel because i have learned how to make up properly , and you teach different makeup application techniques which I find helpful .By the way, congrats!
    . I have a suggest for your blog: "Should make many videos about how to take care the skin, and you should open the Q & A section (maybe u should spend twice /a month to answer the typical questions..) that 's my opinion.

    My youtube : JeniferChang09

  106. Hi Jen!! I love watching you on youtube always wished i had talent uppar to you, me and my friend watch you videos and everytime you upload a new video we'll have long chats on what you used and how beautiful you looked >__<

    YT : kristinchoy

  107. Hi Jen, congrats on 250k subbies. I found you a few years ago while looking for makeups for asians and I'm really glad I found you. I have learned how and where to put makeups. I like that you have blog post go along side your tutorials so i can use as quick reference. Keep up the good work and looking forward to more tutorials!

    YT: prettymomoz

  108. Hi jen! I'm really happy for your acomplishment!!! yeiii! I found your channel about a year ago or so, and since then I;m hocked, your reviews are really at point and very helpful when it comes to what you have to know about the product, and your hauls and make-up tutorials are really entertaining ^^ love! What I would really like to see in the future is just what you have been doing since the biginning and more kpop oriented tutorials, you do it so similar and pretty! take care and wishing you all the best in what you do! youtube name: MsCynthia0507 :) have a good day!

  109. Jen언니,

    *sings* 축하합니다~ 축하합니다~ *end song*

    Thank you for having an awesome giveaway <3

    I love when you do the k-pop inspired tutorials and I've learned so many techniques from you! Esp eyeliner ones! I also love how you also post on here about what's in the video with overviews and photos because back when I had terrible broadband allowance (10G/month only!) I couldn't watch your videos all the time coz I get capped :( but now I can so I don't have to wait til the next rollover to watch! :D

    YT: Yunalessca

  110. Hi Jen,

    I love your videos and your blog! It's so helpful and informative. You give great tips for on how to apply makeup taylored to Asian women, which is awesome!

    YT: Emma Straley or els5016

  111. Hi Jen!!

    Congratulations on the 25000 subscribers and thanks for creating this giveaway!

    I love watching youtube videos because I can connect with and learn from other people who have similar interests (eg diy items, make-up, fashion).
    The other half of the time, I love watching videos because they make me smile after a long day at work (like this one --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJVt8kUAm9Q)

    I think your channel/blog is pretty awesome already (it was actually the first channel/blog that got me hooked onto watching youtube for reviews and reading blogs!). Perhaps, one way to improve your blog would be to create a 'Lookbook' page or an index of some sort to make searching for particular tutorials easier? For example, in the 'Lookbook' you could have a picture of each look which can act as a hyperlink to the tutorial. I think this will make navigation in your blog easier but also, a picture of your finished look is a great way to showcase your tutorial. An example of what I mean for the index would be, under 'Everyday Basics', you could have the winged eyeliner, how to apply blush etc. This could be quite time-consuming to do/create though!

    Youtube: Matchaleafie

  112. I love seeing new finds, recommendations or how-to's on YouTube. I've gone out and bought products based on youtube video reviews and tutorials :) Love your channel, Jen!

    YouTube name:emmae07

  113. I really like watching your youtube videos cause it really helps me to cheer myself up and be confident by watching your tutorials. Keep it up, I love how you're being down to earth and real.

    Youtube: olib101

  114. You deserve many, many more subscribers and followers. I love watching your videos and reading your blog posts. Although I'm not asian, I can totally relate to many techniques you use and even to personal things you've spoken about in the past, and even made me tear a little bit. That's why I love the Heart2Heart videos you used to make, whish you did more of those again. Thanks for being so sweet and kind on your videos and Twitter. You belong to the handful of people in this community that "fame" hasn't gotten to their heads. Keep up the good work and keep your lovelies videos coming, they sure have brightened up my blue days ♥

  115. wow! amazing giveaway!

    My YT user: beautybymissl

    I love your video tutorials, because they are very well made and easy to follow. I really wish I was as talented as you when it comes to makeup and video tutorials!


  116. Hi Jen, congratulations & so sweet of you to do this giveaway!  I'm from Malaysia and before watching yt videos I only knew the bare basics about makeup. I've tried to learn makeup techniques from a lot of magazines,  but watching real people demonstrate it on yt videos makes such a lot of difference!

    By far, your channel is my favourite, you're beautiful, know so much about beauty, and have a really professional and detailed approach that has inspired me to try out so many different looks, which are also perfect for my Asian features.

    I appreciate your positive nature and genuineness in showing us your no make-up look, and demonstrating step-by-step how to put on the makeup. Since watching your videos not only have I become an 'expert' to my girlfriends, I love sharing your ideas with them, and your products and tools suggestions have also helped me to learn to makeup in a much faster and precise way. I love the kpop tutorials too, I've always wondered how the Koreans have such beautiful and natural makeup, but couldn't find ways to learn as I'm not Korean.

    The only suggestion I would like to make is preferably a plain wall background with bright natural lighting for your tutorials. Thanks and please keep up the good ideas!

    YouTube name: tongtong01011

    Xoxo, Andrea

  117. Hey Jen! As a fellow monolidder, you've actually given me the confidence to do more than just a thin band of eyeliner (that no one sees anyways). I'm still tweaking out the uneven eyes part (thanks to your uneven lids tutorial)..but I've come a long way! Thanks to your videos!
    Suggestions? If you're looking for more blogging ideas, I feel like you could do more hair tutorials bc you have such gorgeous hair. Or you could also do more picture posts of your daily wear.

    Youtube: kchiapai

    Much love! :)

  118. my Youtube username: thedivachic
    posted a comment on the youtube link. thanks again for a great giveaway

  119. Youtube: xxlilsweeti88xx

    Hi Jen :) I've been watching your videos for a long time now, ever since you did a holiday makeup tutorial. I feel like I've grown up watching you grow up through your videos. You've really come a long way since you started. You're actually one of my role models and an inspiration to me. I just recently started my own beauty blog, shiningalanys.blogspot.com and though I don't have video tutorials and I actually don't have the equipment to film, I wanted to follow in your footsteps in some way, small as it may be. I hope to one day blossom into the elegant lady you are. Thank you for all your advice and help!


  120. http://www.youtube.com/user/miqi7
    hi jen your video's great!
    it will be great if you could try to change your video's background
    which is suits your tutorial's concept/theme.
    and i'd like to see HD (high definition) of video resolution with good lighting :)
    also i would love to see the beauty tips kind of DIY natural mask etc.

  121. Hi Jen,

    First of all thankyou for this giveaway.. ♥ and congratulations for the 250k subs ... ^^

    I love watching your chanel especially your basic videos, like blush application, and also when you apply your eyeshadow, that's my favorite part on your every vids , coz I have small eyes too ^^, I'm going to use your technique on my birthday this sunday.. ( Yay Happy 28 )

    And like you I'm also a blush horde, and thanks to you I bought a lot of extra blushes hahahaha.... You shoud try the balms blushes btw, coz their's also has a great finish, a matte finish on some like Cabana boy or fratboy, and a softer sheen on Hot Mama ♥

    Lastly pls pls pls do a tutorial on how to wear Skin79 vital bb cream ..

    Thanks a lot xoxo

    Youtube : LynneHwang

  122. Hi Jen
    You probably wouldn't believe this but I dreamt of you having a give away (you were giving away the Clarasonic) just a few days ago and I was sooooo overjoyed in the dream because I won it and you actually know me (in that dream!!)
    To have it really happening now is so OH MY :O! I guess I've been watching you too much of your videos! I'm a newbie at make up and you've taught me so so much! Your videos make me feel so much lighter and better at the end of a very stressed day especially with your smile (brightens up my day!) I'm always and forever looking forward to your uploads!!! Keep making videos yay!!
    Username: sayhellodreams

  123. youtube name: vee1015

    What I really love about your channel and blog is that you make it so easy breezy (covergirl :)) that for us who are still starting to learn putting on make up is such a big big humongous deal. You do it systematically which I super adore. the hair tutorials and make up reviews are so informative and the way you demonstrate it is so effective that for those like me who gets turned off or even scared off by complicated looking styles can easily recreate. What's more, thanks to you, I was able to do my own make up on my special day!-graduation!

    my only wish is that you'll update as much as you can since I can't seem to get enough of your posts and videos. best of luck and more power!keep it up Unnie :)

    P.S:oh i do hope I'll win. i sure do need a start up kit to boost further my confidence as I go job hunting for the first time!:)

  124. Hey Jen I really enjoy your blog for so long now and I think ur such a cute person :D It's so much fun to watch your videos and I really like your voice a lot ;)

    youtubename: schwarzemieze

  125. YouTube username is joysmackme :)

    Let's see...what do I love about watching YouTube videos. I don't watch YouTube videos hardly ever actually! lol. I watch every Lisa Eldridge, xSparkage, and your videos. What I like about all three is you all know who you are as a person and YouTuber. No immaturity or sense of entitlement follow any of you, and I like that. I usually watch your videos before bed to distract my mind or else I'll spend hours over-thinking things and stressing myself out!

    To date, your Juicy Orange Lips tutorial is my favorite. I honestly can't even tell you why, lol. It uses *ah my heart breaks!* my all-time FAAAVORITE palette Josie Maran My Favorite Powders palette which my dog sadly chewed up. I still try not to think about it!

  126. Hi Jen! I just discovered your blog in the past month or two and since then I think I've gone back and read/watched almost all of your previous posts! I love your blog/channel! I grew up without a mom at the most crucial time in a young woman's life, so I taught myself about makeup, hair, etc. I've always felt I was lacking in this area because of that. After my daughter was born, I really wanted to be able to teach her and be there for her like a mother should. I also wanted to feel better about myself post-baby. Your blog came at just the right time! You have inspired me and been such a great resource! I was adopted from Korea and am 5'1" and about 95 lbs, so your tutorials (and even bra advice, hehe) were just what I had always needed/been looking for! I also love your attitude and how genuinely kind you are. Thank you and keep up the good work! (Youtube user:meglovescole)

  127. youtube name: reginaquiaoit

    Congratulations!! It is very well deserved :D Through youtube tutorials, people learn so many creative things without having to spend a lot of money. It makes it seem as if we're all right next to each other. Your channel has taught me the most effective, and balanced way of enhancing the features I was blessed with without completely changing who I really am. One of my favorite video of yours would be the summer tutorial which looked beautiful on you. With all the things I've learned from your channel I just started to use them to help me earn money for school. I am now slowly becoming a makeup artist myself with every chance I get to help someone enhance their features through makeup as well. You've already helped a lot of us followers with your lovely tutorials but for some who don't get a good signal with the internet it really would help if a step by step batch of pictures with captions per tutorial is posted here on your blog so in case some of us don't get a clear view of your videos we'll still get the hang of it through your blog posts. Thank your for sharing with us your talent and for the opportunity!

  128. Hi!
    I watch a lot of you tube tutorials (you were one of the first one i found, and i think i've watched every video you have made!), and i love it. :) It's fun to see people with real skills do this.. it's like live photoshop. :D I learn a lot, and this makes me better at it too.. and it's a inspiration. Yeah.. just like that. :)

    Hugs from mirakelmirakel

  129. I love watching your videos because you are an Asian. I am from the Philippines and the reason I watch your makeup tutorials because I can relate to the looks and it is much easier for me to copy it because I also have monolid eyes. Most of the makeups you are using are available here. That's another reason why I subscribe to your channel. I don't need to buy online for stuffs that are hard to find. I like your Asian Bridal Makeup tutorial because I am into bridal makeup artistry business. I like how it looked your eyes got bigger and brighter.

    youtube screenname: mariellafranful

  130. youtube name: deanswgirl

    Hello and congrats!I like your videos because they're inspiring and helpful.I especially like those that you review products and you share your opinion or advice with the rest of us.Thank you for making time to do all this work for all of us out there.

  131. omgggg the R&R blush!! *dies*

    anyway, i really love watching beauty related videos on youtube because it gives me so many great ideas and tips that i could use! i just love creativity, design and art. i love even watching really wicked transformations that i would probably never do on myself but i just love watching them and witnessing someone else's talent!

    congrats on the 250K subbies Jen! Watched you from the beginning and your videos are amazing and are getting better and better and better!! You deserve the best! you're always so friendly and sweet to us <3 THANKYOU!!

    youtube screen name: lauralollipopppp (4 p's at the end :)

  132. Haaaaaaalllloo Jen!

    Why I love to watch YouTube videos is because I feel like YouTuber nowadays tries very hard to connect with the watcher. I feel like a lot of the people I'm subscribed to loves to get on a personal level with their watchers. For example, I can say with complete honesty that many, many, times I have been able to relate to some of the stories you've told, whether it regarded your insecurities to something as simple as your favorite mascara.

    Although initially I was subscribed to you because I liked your simple and instructional tutorials, I've gotten to really enjoy you and fellow YouTubers (not all makeup gurus) and following your lives in a small bit. I think YouTubing for me has gotten to be a hobby (nearly an addiction X.X). I hope to be a small supporter in some way, cheering you on in all of life's endeavors and celebrations. Now I'm a first year in college and when I don't like to go out, I just cuddle in my bed and watch videos! HAAHHA that's how lame I can be . . .

    Anywho, even if you don't get to read this, God bless you. I hope your year is going by fabulously well.

    PS I messaged you once about asian theater makeup... Not sure if you remember me but it's going to help really well when our musical opens this friday :D

    Username: hajincho

  133. Hi Jen!!
    Congratulations for your 250K subscribers! I believe that you'll continue to get even more, perhaps until millions because you're just so awesome! I've been subscribed to your channel for a while now and you're the best guru out here by far, I just keep finding myself coming back to your videos again and again because there's no one else that gives better advice about makeup and skincare! :D

    Hmm... I love watching YouTube videos because it's so easily accessible and most (especially yours!) give such helpful advice that I could hardly gain from reading articles or books :)

    About improvements...hm. I don't think I have any! :D ~just keep on being as amazing and awesome and helpful as you are right now!! <3

    Screen name: jennielim95

    PS:// Thanks for replying my question on Twitter! It helped me a lot, haha! ^^

  134. My youtube name is 76mckenzie

    Congratulations Jen!!! I love your tutorials and all the videos you post on your blog and on youtube.
    They are very informative, easy to follow and inspiring as I am of asian decent with monolids also. =)
    There are so many alternative ways to cut costs and new products you introduce that I would not have known about until watching your videos.
    I've got all my friends at work and my family constantly watching your videos now.
    Thanks for all your smiles and effort you've made to make us all more knowledgable about health and beauty.

  135. Your vids are informative and give me ideas of fun makeup to try and buy!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

    I don't know what my username on Youtube is but my email is: aleela987@gmail.com

    It says my username is just name name: Anika LaVine when I commented on your vid so..... :)

  136. Congratulations Jen!

    I love Youtube videos because it definitely teaches me a lot! From makeup tutorials to gadget reviews to heart-to-heart talks, I can basically learn anything from YT. Videos also help connect with the user and understand the user's experience more, compared to just reading blog posts.

    I love your blog! My day wouldn't be complete without visiting your site at least once. I can see you're very sincere with your posts and videos. As for suggestions, I also think your site can get a makeover! It's not necessary but just for a change (and celebration for 250k?), since you've had this theme for a while now :) And I think I'd appreciate seeing more product reviews from you in addition to your usual makeup tutorials.

    Anyway~ Your blog has been of so much help to us so keep it up! <3 (YT name: mscnblue)

  137. oh my those products you are giving away are love!
    i always read your blog, its a must for me to read it :D i love watching beauty youtube videos because it helps me update my look anytime i want! not only do they give me great ideas but i can always tweak them so the look would suit me.
    i guess the feedback i can give is that sometimes the tutorials can get too long? maybe you can devise a way to not have it so lengthy. but i still watch them haha.
    i also love the quality of your vids, very high quality and easy on the eyes!

    my youtube username is: beasantos31

  138. Wow, 250K subscribers! Congratulations!

    I love YouTube videos because there are so many great people all around the world I would never get the chance to hear of if it hasn't been for YouTube.

    I adore your blog and your videos and I wouldn't change a thing!

    I'm your YT subscriber (atqabeauty).

  139. HELLO JEN! I am so so excited about your giveaway (:
    So I've been watching your videos for a pretty long time. I guess I felt like I had an affinity with you since I'm Asian with mono lids/ droopy double lids? I can't really tell... But anyway, I usually have difficulties with make up and would only do a simple eyeliner. Ever since watching your videos, I felt like I could be more experimental.

    I love the way you connect with us even though it's through the camera, and your drugstore reviews (because I am a poor student) and how you give step by step instructions with your make up (which is waaaaaaay better then picture instructions). You have have make up seem less difficult now. You're so adorable on camera I just had to recommend you to my friends & they're in love with you too (not in a creepy way).

    Is there any possible way for you to do reviews on make up for hot & humid weather? or even rainy days? It's really hot & rainy in Singapore so sometime make up tends to melt or my face turns oily really quickly with make up on. Thanks (: saranghaeyo <3(the few korean words I know)

    YT username: cherrie or email stickybits_@msn.com

  140. Hey there Jen :) Firstly, congratulations on having more than 250,000 subscribers to your Youtube channel!

    Youtube has been my source of entertainment since 2007, I started watching just music videos and dramas. But when my prom date got nearer, I was in a panic mode 'cause I don't know how to do most of my makeup and thanks to some Youtube tutorials, they saved me haha. Since then, I have always look out for great beauty tutorial vids and one day I came across your channel while searching for an everyday makeup look.

    I really like how useful your videos are and I have never felt 'pressured' to subscribe to your channel at all. I especially like your Heart 2 Heart videos (although there're only 2 but that's enough, quality over quantity anytime :) ). I have been struggling with acne since I was 11 and I have to say after watching that particular video, I was finally able to accept my face's condition (and even some of my flaws). I learn not to use makeup just to hide my insecurities (I used to buy makeup when I'm 'depressed' about my face's condition - retail therapy!) It took a few months but I finally got over all that, thanks to you. I got some help for acne too and it's almost gone now :)

    I really love your Kpop-inspired vids and 'summer' makeup looks (eg: tangerine, orange spring etc). Whenever I'm alone on a weekend night, I find myself going through your vids and trying 2-3 looks at one go 'cause it's just so fun! I would love to see more tutorials from you - I'm particularly curious how would you recreate a 60s inspired look (see Pattie Boyd) or even a glamorous look. I would also like to request more photos of the finished look as well!

    Keep up the good work! And I actually prefer a 'background' behind you instead of the usual white bg that everyone has, hah. Thanks for the lovely vids once again and have a great day ahead! :)

    Youtube username: jiayi17

  141. I love that you look like you're having so much fun doing your tutorials - it always makes me so excited to go try them out myself! (never really get to your level, still practising but its still so much fun trying them out!)

    Got me all squeamy when i saw the giveaways and it'd be perfect to have so much more fun with,
    big smiles! :D

    Youtube name: christeawong
    Email: redapplets@gmail.com

  142. Hi Jen! I think that you really deserve this amount of subscribers (or even more). The reason why you're one of my favourite youtube makeup guru is that you are so sweet and kind and your tutorials are easy to follow. I especially love your k-pop tutorials! :))
    youtube username: YoYoLindush

  143. Hi JEN...YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION FOR MEE...i have been waching your video for mounths now...you are sooo beutiful inside and this is show on your face...you are GORGEOUS!!!!!!...I LIKE YOUR MOTTO ON YOUTUBE CHANEL!!!!!
    Keep up whit the good work...you are doing a fantastic job!! you always put A BIG SMILE on my face when i wach you!! Hug& kisses
    Youtube name:mihaela25budu

  144. Congrats!! My username is SexInTheCity001, email: kristineko12@gmail.com. I love watching you because you're so fun to watch, you're friendly, and so sweet and I love the make up tutorials and your hauls!

  145. Hi Jen! Thanks for the time and effort you put into this blog. I love watching your make-up tutorials. I've learned so much from you. I am a You Tube subscriber (sarahmichelleolia).

  146. Hi Jen!
    I'm so happy that you are doing a worldwide giveaway!
    What I like about youtube videosis that everything is there at handreach, I mean really everything. There's these naan bread that my mom used to make on sunday mornings that I completely adore and I actually found the recipe on youtube (she was on a holiday overseas and I couldn't get her on the phone and I couldn't wait >_<) I tried the recipe and it wasn't exactly the same but it was delicious. Also what I like about makeup videos is that I look at a lot of them and then I take bits and piecesfrom here and there to create my own look that would suit me. And since I've been following makeup blogs and youtube videos, I've become more feminine and I take a lot more care of my appearance, not that it's the center ofmy life or anything, but I realise now that it'san importantpart of it. Looking good makes me feel confident and makes it easier for me to put myself out there if you know what I mean.
    Everytime I come home and I'm relaxing looking at the new videos frompeople I subscribed to, I almost feellike I know them =)
    Also my suggestion for your videos would be more k-pop tutorials and maybe vlogs to give us a glimpse of who Jen is in her chillout times =)

    youtube username: sonamanta
    and I also have a blog about beauty and food and stuff that I like, it would be an honor if you could stop by, no kidding, for a second I would die of happiness >_<' jk^^ :http://mybeautymarksonamanta.blogspot.fr/
    No but seriously congratulations for getting so many subscribers, I hope you get many more.
    And I hope you will consider my vlog suggestion and that more people will ask for that too =)
    Have a nice day!

  147. Hey Jen :)

    First of all, I truly think that you should have more 250k subscribers! You are so sweet and genuine. I believe everything you say and you're really down to earth (which is a little weird since i haven't even met you before). I love watching videos of youtube because of people like you. It is nice to look at life through someone else's perspective and gain ideas and inspiration from them. Of course there is the entertainment factor. It helps me pass time when I am bored or when I'm procrastinating. I am subscribed to many aspiring comedians, gurus and singers. There is so much talent out there and youtube brings that out. It gives people a platform for building i guess you could say, fans, and youtube allows me to be exposed and appreciate different talents. It gets me thinking about what my talent is and when I will ever discover it.

    As for your blog and youtube channel, I would personally like to get to you know more as a person rather than a beauty guru. You should at least have a bio of yourself on your blog! Maybe about how you started youtube, how you got here, your goals and inspirations. A part from that, there really isn't anything to complain about! I hope you keep doing what you do for a long time :)

    My youtube username is monicarrr91.

  148. Congratulations from Spain!

    I love all your videos because you look amazing, you explain yourself clearly and your looks are beautiful but simple at the same time. I enjoy your videos and blog a lot so I don't see a lot of room for improvement...Just a request...please more Hit and Misses, I love them!!!

    youtubename: Raquel Martinez

  149. Hi Jen!
    This is such an amazing giveaway! You are so generous to be doing this, you are truly inspiring and have introduced me to the world of makeup! I love youtube videos because it gives me a chance to learn new methods and techniques for applying makeup and getting to know which products will suit me best. The naked pallettes are what I dream of getting!! It's so exciting that you are including them in your give away, I was so surprised to see them BOTH! anyway, keep it up, I'm glad you're getting so much support as I love watching your videos :) My youtube username is Bonnie Gibbs (email: bongibbz@gmail.com) hope to hear from you! :D

  150. YouTube Username: ninisaurus

    First of all, I want to congratulate you Jen! I'm the type of person who doesn't typically comment too often but I've been reading your blog for a long time and I'm happy to see you come this far. Yes, you really do have a bajillion people out there who love your blog and videos. =p

    YouTube videos are awesome because of the sheer volume of them! I've watched videos about guitar, piano, makeup, games, humor, and even about pretty much nothing. O.o But the thing I love about them the most is the opportunity to learn. I love learning and seeing how everything in the world works no matter how insignificant it is. You even get a chance at seeing how things are across the world which is even more fascinating.

    I like your videos in particular just because you're so clear in your explanations and your videos are fun to watch just because of your awesome personality. You're so cute and kind-hearted it's hard not to like you. =p I also like how to make posts of your favorites and share everything with us. And I love the messages you try to spread about loving yourself. It's so true!

    I'm not going to piggyback off of someone else's comment but I noticed someone say you should improve the look of your site. It's cute as it is but I think it could use a face lift. =p If you ever need help, you can ask me. I have tons of experience. (Being sincere, not trying to suck up looool)

  151. Hi,
    My Youtube account is HelenofChoi.
    First of all, congratulations on 250K subscribers! I think that I really like watching your videos because you just seem so real and relaxed in your videos and you have such a nice voice to listen to! I think that you're very diverse, so one of your videos are bound to help someone's beauty dilemma. I think one thing I would like more videos of are more of yourself. I know your blog has entries about yourself, but I really enjoyed the video of you and your sister and think it would be nice seeing more of you!

  152. Hi Jen!!
    First of all *drumrolls* Congratulations for reaching 250K subscribers in youtube!!! Thank you for arranging the giveaways and it's a worldwide too.. It's so kind and sweet of you to do sooo.. I'm happy for you because you deserve it. I know I'll probably won't or will win but I want to say this from the bottom of my heart that I love your channel. There is a connection from you to the audiences. I love love the tutorials that you've been posting it up.. It's fun and everyday I learned new things. I actually do not know how I stumbled upon your channel but it's a blessing I do so. I'm a newbie to makeup and I'm still learning how to do so and I'm actually still bad at it LOL. I will watched it for many many times to try to get the almost look or shape of the makeups HAHA and I do refer your looks for some occasions. It's really been a great big help to me. You're passionate and hardworking about it and that's what I love. Never stop doing it!!! Never.. Words cannot express how much you and your channel has been a great big help. Like I've said it's truly a blessing. Two thumbs up for you and Kudos!!! God Bless.. Have a wonderful day..

    1. I did enter in the youtube comments.. Just want to make it more personal right here.. it's a different one in youtube.

  153. This comment has been removed by the author.

  154. I know 250k subscribers is more than imagine and expectation but congrats!! Jen !! this can imply ur vedio has good quality and worth watching for them including me.

    One Reason I love watching YouTube is almost uploaded vedios are from individual (some are famouse ppl) and free online channel. It shows and reflects their personalities and talents which we can't get from TV or other media channels. Also seems like we can access or communicate to them directly easier and closer .

    last but not least, I wanna say I'd be one of ur support to contribute these useful video . I am like a phycho who check on ur blog almost everyday for an update/new videoes. I love makeup and kind of love having them but pretty weird that I barely wear them on to work or daily ;P

    My suggestion to you is I love to watch your experience sharing about beauty or make up product that not work more jut like naught list you have done- I super like coz sometimes it's might be better than suggest nice list coz we won't waste money with those unuseul products and you might share more about health agenda.

    Sorry or suh a longggg message , hope u don't mind
    Cheers!! And congratulations again Jennn!!

    PlOy , Thailand

  155. Omg. you are amazing for giving a giveaway like this... I've been watching out for your videos...and I love ur kpop tutorials...I've also been saving up my lunch money for a naked palette....awww I wish I win this contest XD
    ohhh yeah here's my youtube username: jellyaica

  156. I really like that your videos give clear directions on how to apply make up for Asians. Our eyes/skin tone make it a challenge to find good products that enhance our features and I really love that you mix high & low end products. It's very accessible for us "normal" gals!

    YouTube sn: stefliu

  157. I love the items you picked for this giveaway, you're the best.
    I love all of your videos specially the monthly favorites and hauls.
    every time i wanna try some product i watch your videos first.
    like those Milani products, i tried them cause you said they were good. lol

    my suggestion to you is... well, nothing actually, just keep up with the good work
    you're very talented. You've gone very far since Im from the Dominican Republic,
    so go figure.

    I hope you keep making more interesting and fun videos, dont waste that talent you have. <3

    Youtube: GlamFerSure

  158. Hi Jen,
    My Youtube account is elizalegaspi.
    I'm a fan of yours since i saw your blog, i always find myself checking on your blog site every time to time to see if you posted another tutorial about eyeshadows. i really love those tutorial of yours. congratulations for reaching 250K followers! you deserve it. i'm so happy for you. have a wonderful day! :)

  159. My youtube name is misslo1012 and I am subscribed here through google as laurenpallet.

    I love youtube videos because it gives me new ideas on new makeup looks and for the product reviews. I usually do not buy products unless I have heard great things about it. Thanks for everything. Love these products and would love to have a naked palette, I do not have either!

  160. YouTube name: ajk002. I first found out about you through a friend who watched your bra fitting video. :) Then I just got hooked and have been following ever since. I especially love your make-up tutorials. One request: More video tutorials on wedding makeup would be great as many of my friends are getting married. :)

    You are awesome and very gifted/talented and blessed!

  161. Hi Jen, I'm glad that you've got so many subscribers and that you're hosting a giveaway to celebrate this glorious event. I'm so excited because you are giving away the both of the highly reputable naked palettes. How generous of you :) I also find the shade of the rock&republic blush very tempting!

    I've subscribed to your youtube channel since I first started watching makeup tutorials on youtube, lol. You're one of the most inspiring makeup gurus on there, looking pretty on one hand and producing high quality videos on the other. Also, i appreciate your diversity. I realise you always try out different makeups just like kandee johnson does! (but you know, asian faces share the same characteristics, so I assumed your videos would be more helpful of practical use lol).

    I love watching youtube videos because its literally the best way to get out the most of everything you want to learn. I watch tutorials on youtube for photoshop effects and makeup techniques. Sometimes i try to play around with my cosmetics and follow makeups i learn on youtube, I enjoy the sense of accomplishment after successfully putting on a similar makeup.

    Btw, how can you look so perfect in every single video? You got perfect skin and hair!!! (jealous) Personally, I find your videos just as good as they are at the moment. I enjoy watching haircare and skincare routines and you have included them all. Maybe you can start sharing more on what do you wear, like fashion haul? :) Seems too much burden for a professional makeup guru like urself LOL

    Youtube screen name: wytane
    From UK :)

  162. My youtube username is: alatarielx

    One thing I really enjoy about your YouTube videos is your drugstore haul series. As much as I would like to splurge on designer-brand products, I appreciate the fact that you try to be budget-conscious. As a college student who's trying to be responsible with her finances, but still wanting to look great, your reviews are SUPERRR helpful! I think this is one (of the many) things that sets you far apart from other YouTube beauty/make-up artists such as Michelle Phan. Michelle is amazing, but these days she's into more higher-end products (which is totally fine! It's just not my thing).

    Also, as an Asian, finding the right shades for my skintone is pretty difficult (I'm abnormally pale...). I also really appreciate how conscious you are of skincare-related issues (i.e. dark circles, acne scars, bumps, etc.) I have struggled with a lot of skin-related diseases/problems and through your reviews/tutorials I have learned more efficient/artistic ways to apply my makeup, which inevitably resulted in me having more confidence in myself (this has helped ESPECIALLY in professional settings!!). <3

    Congrats on the 250k! Thanks for all that you do for us viewers. :]

  163. Hi, Jenn! I found your blog by looking for eye tutorials about three months ago. I have since gone onto your blog almost daily for tutorials and reviews on eye products. I love how you're a really good teacher and you keep small talk to a minimum. There's nothing worse than a 15-min tutorial that could've been 5 if they would have edited it better. One Improvement: show us your makeup collection!! I would love to see your organization methods in order to improve my own.

    YouTube username: mktaylor1978

  164. Hello! Great giveaway!
    I'm follow your blog and I'm a suscriber on your Youtube channel as nonamebob83.
    Why I like to watch Youtube videos? Apart from music, movie trailers you learn news from around the world, you learn things not from companies but by an everyday person! I like to learn new things about makeup and reviews abouts products, to learn more cooking recipes - I made a banoffee pie and chocolate souffle from YT recipes and they were delicious- watch documentaries, and laugh with homemade videos with babies or animals that make foolish things.
    You don't need to improve anything. Just say to your viewers to laugh more be a little more patient and enjoy life. Cause we get angry for the wrong reasons.
    Have a lovely day! :)

  165. Youtube: squareface87

    I like how you do a variety of videos - review, hits/misses, tutorials etc :]
    And I like how videos feature a variety of items (ex. make up, hair products, nail polish, face products) :]
    A little sth for everybody

  166. youtube: emaeng530

    Hi Jen :) I love watching youtube videos because I am still inexperienced and slightly clueless about makeup and beauty products in general. I use youtube videos to learn techniques and to be inspired to experiment with makeup on my own. I believe in using beauty products to enhance our natural beauty by working with the features that we were born with and to help us feel confident in our own skin :) Sometimes it's just fun to get dolled up and look pretty! As a beginner in makeup, I love the "basics" video that you have posted, like the "how to apply gel eye liner" video. I'm an asian with monolids, so your makeup tutorials really help me. If you could post more of those that would be great :) Maybe one day I'll be as good as you!

  167. Hi Jen! Sometimes I just feel a little weird because I am totally not an Asian American, in fact I am from Europe, but I just love to see how creative you are in your videos. I think we have a lot in common. I check every day for new videos, and I get so excited when I buy the same things that you did. Like stuff from Lioele, I just love it. Can't wait for this years halloween-tutorials! Keep up the good work! ^^

    1. Sorry, my name is on youTube Titatrilla ^^

  168. My Youtube name is QueezyK and I love your youtube tutorials. I have used them many, many times, for special occasions and just to change-up my look!

  169. Dear Jen,

    About a year ago, I really struggled with self-image to the point of hating myself because of how my eyelids were. Watching your youtube channel has given me so much hope, that I can still wear makeup (especially eyeshadow!) on my eyes even if I don't have double eyelids like all the Asian celebrities and many of my peers. Thank you for indirectly helping me in my journey to freedom from self-hatred and also for helping me to realize that my self-worth and beauty do not lie in the way my eyelids are.

    I am subscribed to you on YT as "1stnoelhli," and I love sharing your monolid tutorials with friends who are beautifully monolidded!

  170. YT username: xxsmile25

    I love watching youtube videos, especially the hits and misses because it allows me to get information about a product that is new and from the reviews, i would make my decision of if i want to try it out for myself or not.

    Congrats on 250k subscriptions!

  171. I just had to say: you've been glowing in your recent videos. :)

  172. I personally think your videos are amazing!! I am also Asian and its good to get some opinion on what looks best for our facial features because they are a bit different :) its inspired me to start my own blog recently, eventually maybe I'll start my own channel just like just like you :D you're really amazing in giving tips. My favourite video is your uneven eye kid one because I have one eye more parallel and the other one a little more tapered so I have to learn to balance my make up on both sides. Something to improve is maybe try some more drug store stuff too ? But other wise love your channel!! My YouTube name is cherryjcp I currently have no videos :P though but hopefully soon :)

  173. I love watching your videos for your genuine honesty and opinions! You smile, too, girl! -Victoria from Chicago 8](torio333 on youtube)

  174. I personally think your videos are amazing!! I am also Asian and its good to get some opinion on what looks best for our facial features because they are a bit different :) its inspired me to start my own blog recently, eventually maybe I'll start my own channel just like just like you :D you're really amazing in giving tips. My favourite video is your uneven eye kid one because I have one eye more parallel and the other one a little more tapered so I have to learn to balance my make up on both sides. Something to improve is maybe try some more drug store stuff too ? But other wise love your channel!! My YouTube name is cherryjcp I currently have no videos :P though but hopefully soon :)

  175. I subscribed to your channel under aprilkhor.

    I love watching videos on YouTube ranging from makeup tutorials like yours to movie trailers n so on.

    I'm Asian and so I think your method of making up is very suitable for me especially the mono lid ones..

  176. My Youtube name: rubberplanty

    I love watching your Youtube videos because you're a great teacher: you always know exactly what is helpful to include for someone who trying to learn a new technique.

  177. subscribed as mercylla
    my suggestion to you: please don't stop making makeup tutorial video because you are an inspiration to 250K+ subscibers!

  178. youtube name: lilypeng1

    What I like about your videos is that you are always so cheery and that makes me happy :)

    I hope to see more swatches/reviews on NYX and R&R products~ other than that, don't stop what you are doing now!

    so here, 8D

  179. congrats, jen! i'm subscribed to your yt channel as user: eatstan. i've been reading your blog since 2011, and you've definitely opened up in your youtube vids. by "opened up," i mean you've really developed a professional and likable personality for video blogging. in your earlier vids, while you were very nice and helpful (don't get me wrong from my previous sentence; you've always been likable since day one), but it seemed as if you were holding something back. but now, you laugh outwardly and naturally on camera, and you let us see those blooper moments that you used to cut from your videos back in the day. anyway, thanks for all your hard work! you've really helped me with my makeup techniques and knowledge over the months!

  180. Oh sweetie! u deserve it so much! tho the numbers should be higher hihi but still very awesome;-) congrats girl!

    I love watching ur vids - they're so helpful and very precise. It might sound a bit too much but I'm truthfully thankful for what I've learned from you not just about make up and everything that is outside but also the beauty INSIDE urself! and girl, I swear - you are the most genuine person I've met on the internet, if not, then one of the most real and so down-to-earth person ever! and I really mean it. Everytime I'm in doubt of something related to makeup or just beauty products in general, I always think this to myself: "Hmmm maybe Jen has a video about this____" - like literally! and then I seek help from ur videos:-) So again, thank you so much for being here for us girls, Jen! We all love you and appreciate ur effort for sharing ur knowledge about makeup with us and still maintain to stay humble as always:-)

    Youtube: dolcegirl90

  181. Hi Jen! my youtube name is yurilyfeb15th.
    I just open my account on youtube to enter this giveaway ^^ and this is the first time I had the courage to write some comment... Congrats for more than 250.000 subscribers! I don't even know how to say how amazing your videos are! I just like to watch then 'cause I can see makeup products, learn how to make some good looks and even practice my English! I've been a huge fan from your blog since 2010, when I was looking for some makeup look for my prom, and since then, I've always watching your videos and reading your posts (unfortunately most of the products and even some brands that you tell us about they are too expensives in my country).
    Anyway, thank you so much for all your effort making these videos and sharing with us all the tutorials and your makeup techniques and tips (I'm a asian monolid too)! Honestly, you can be sure that it make a huge difference for so many people!

  182. Dear Jen,

    I've only just discovered your channel this year, and I wish I'd discovered it sooner because you are such a source of inspiration. You are so confident and creative and so easy to relate to -- I, too, am an Asian with monolids who has battled acne (still battling). As a first-year student in college, it's been so hard for me to find Asian women in the media to serve as my role models, and I have to say thank god for Youtube because without it, I wouldn't have found you. I'm so glad that you decided to share so much of your life with the world and I have to commend you because I think you've found the perfect balance between privacy and sharing everything. Your blog posts are a source of motivation here, and I think you are just such a successful person that it inspires me and motivates me to be just as successful as you are. In high school, I've always had trouble doing more complicated things with makeup because of my monolids and I've been frustrated by them so many times but seeing you, and seeing your videos, I can't help but feel proud of them because you are so confident and kind to share your story/advice with the rest of us. Thank you so much, Jen!

    Best regards,
    (Oh and my youtube channel is definebecky)

  183. Hi Jen!

    First of all, I would like to congratulate you on 250,000 YouTube subscribers! That's truly amazing! Although, I have to admit, I thought you had more than that. You do deserve more.

    Why do I like watching YouTube videos... Hmm... Well there's a lot to that so I'll just start with your videos. Your videos are just amazing. They are actually really helpful especially compared to other makeup channels. I believe they really show who you are which is great because you just aren't fake which I really like. You seem very involved with the people even if it is a video. Your makeup tutorials can actually be done in real life and you make it seem so simple. Your reviews really make me double-take on those products, good and bad. Your hauls are really interesting to me! It lets me see how others dress and that inspires me to create my own style. I just enjoy your videos in general. I honestly get so excited when I see you have just uploaded a new video. I'm not even kidding. And you just have a great personality, it's very bubbly and sweet and just adorable. Your channel is probably one of three channels I watch consistently on YouTube. I love it. YouTube videos, I think, are supposed to be fun and entertaining. But when you can actually learn something from it, it's even better. Like your videos!

    As for your blog and your channel... I'm really not sure what you could do. Maybe just change it a little so it's different? Right now, it's already really great.

    I would like to thank you so much. It's amazing how much you have done for your YouTube subscribers and your blog followers, myself included. THANK YOU :)

    -Teresa :)

    My YouTube name is TeeLovin

  184. I love watching youtube videos because I am able to watch makeup tutorials and learn how to achieve new makeup looks. (: Thank you!

    Youtube: xbabywinksta

  185. Hi Jen,
    Congrats on 250K subscribers! I love watching youtube videos because I have learned so much from awesome gurus like yourself. Not only have i learned new makeup techniques, i've learned how to cook certain recipes, how to recreate hairstyles and which new products on the market to try. Thanks for all your hard work, love all your videos.
    My youtube username is dserenity915

  186. yt: chokyulatecaramel

    congratulations on so many subscribers!

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  188. My youtube username = 90alanam

    My suggestion for improving your channel would be some more reviews. I love your tutorials but my favorite videos are reviews-- so I can get your honest opinion on things before I go out and spend the money on anything I'm interested in.

    Thanks for this giveaway! :-)

  189. My youtube name is annanniekim, congratulations on all your subscribers!
    I love watching beauty videos on youtube because I realize that there are other girls that face the same problems like me and they teach me all about makeup~

  190. congrats on getting 250k subscribers! you really deserve it!! iv never been all that great when it comes to doing my makeup but after following you for last year and a bit i might even say im a bit of a pro ;D haha. but seriously your videos are always enjoyable and educational :) thankyou for doing what you're doing.

    sonya xx
    my youtube name is sonyabubble

  191. Hi Jen!!!!
    This is such an amazing giveaway, you truly shine as a genuine person- giving away the things you love most.

    I really love watching youtube videos in general because they are a source of information that I can understand, full of real people and real ideas. It's quick and easy to search up a song I hear, or to learn a new recipe from someone 5000 miles away.

    But what is really awesome about youtube is that I can watch beauty tutorials- I'm not just saying this because you're an awesome guru, I'm saying this because I've had a lot of trouble with self esteem in the past. I know image shouldn't be the most important thing, but I felt like I just could not open up if I hated how I looked. First I found Michelle Phan, and then Bubzbeauty. I loved both of them, how they explained why they did what they did, and their awesome personalities. Then of course, I found you. You are so beautiful, and such an inspiration for my monolid eyes. I never thought that monolids could ever be beautiful, but seeing you, I was inspired to see the beauty of my eyes, and to love what I had, and not to desire what I didn't have. Youtube beauty videos just make it a lot easier to get real reviews from real people. Many times I find myself distrusting the reviews on product websites, because i feel like I don't know if the company may have just written it. Reviews help me decide which products I'd like to buy and which products just wouldn't work.

    I also love to listen to music on youtube, since it shows suggestions on the side for other music I may enjoy. Youtube helps me pursue my hobbies- sewing, cooking, baking- I don't have to take classes, or buy recipe books. All I need is youtube!

    As for suggestions for you, I don't have much. You have an amazing camera, and your tutorials are super easy to understand and follow. I absolutely love the way you review things as well, and you always put the products you mention and the things you're wearing in the description (very helpful!!) The only things I would recommend though, is to do more hairstyles!! Your hair is so beautiful and I just love listening to you explain things- you make it really easy to repeat. Also, it would be really nice if you started a playlist of fashion tips. The way you dress is very classic, very pretty but practical, and I just absolutely loveee the clothes you wear, and the jewelry you buy. Such a beautiful young lady, with so much talent.

    Thank you so much if you're reading this!!
    (youtube: crabbywabbysu) cute, eh? :P

  192. Congrats!

    I'm subscribed to your youtube as: LadycrowX

    I love watching you tutorial and find them really helpful with all the tips, I especially loved the perfect winged liner video you recently did!

  193. love your blog and videos. more reviews on new products!!

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