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Happy weekend everyone! I just wanted to pop in and share a recent interview I had with The Korea Times which covers my whole background and experience developing From Head To Toe.

It's been a surreal journey going from making home videos on my Sony Cybershot and blogging in my free time after my 8-to-5 in Kansas to, well, making home videos (In HD this time! With lights! And a mic!) and sending Tweets, Instagrams, and blog posts out to hundreds of thousands. It's not the numbers that give me the most pride, it's the exponential ability to send waves of positivity out that really brings a happy-tear lump to my throat.

To read the article you can click here or the photo above. Thank you so much to Julie Carlson and The Korea Times. I am beyond honored to be featured.

Just because it's crazy to see the changes my Youtube channel has gone through over the years, here's a look back at some of my past videos and how they've molded into what they are now!

Uploaded September 2009, Just Mascara + Monolid Tutorial is one of the oldest tutorials I posted on Youtube that still remains on my channel. Earlier videos were deleted at one point or another before I was aware you could private them. 

Here is my very first Urban Decay Naked Palette tutorial from almost a year later, August 2010.

I really started falling in love with doing more dramatic K-pop inspired makeup tutorials and Rania "Dr. Feel Good" is one of my favorites from May 2011. You can see I started talking through tutorials compared to just being shy and typing out text before.

By May 2012 I felt like I had a better hang on how to speak in front of a camera much more naturally than before. This Smoky Eye Prom Makeup Tutorial has been a great basic reference and currently has over a million views.

In June 2013 I was living in my first LA apartment with my amazing husband Ben manning the camera which, as you can clearly see, improved things quite a bit! It's only fitting that I share my Bridal Makeup Tutorial.

I suppose that brings us up to date to 2014 and my current videos. I've expanded my range covering makeup tutorials, fashion lookbooks, makeup basics, hair tutorialstags, hauls, monthly favorites, and even my morning routine

We are constantly thinking of video ideas and new ways to improve and grow everything about From Head To Toe and I only hope that we can push ourselves further in the years to come. My dream was and is to help women (and men) feel more confident in themselves both inside and out and I feel blessed beyond words to be doing something that I love every single day. 

I thank God that I have you guys reading, watching, supporting, and sharing because it's not me that's making my dreams happen, it's you. I can't make a single person subscribe but I can say THANK YOU! With a humble and forever grateful heart, thank you.

Readers, what is your all-time favorite video or blog post I've done? What would you like to see more of in the future? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hi Jen !
    Please do more make up tutorials videos ! Like them so much ! I noticed that you do less than usually ! Guess too busy =s

  2. Aww you have come such a long way Jen! I was in korea for 5 months in 2012 and I fell in love with it! Its such a beautiful country and the people make it so amazing! I love your blog and you are among the sweetest people over the internet! Many more years of success to you!


  3. Love your 'from head to toe' evolution!



  4. Love you Jen! As a monolid Asian myself, I wanna say that your tutorials have helped me immensely with my eye makeup! Blesses to you and your well-deserved success :)

  5. The very first video I watched (and tried out) was your everyday monolid tutorial. I'm so happy to see your channel continuing to grow. Thanks, Jen, for teaching me how to do my eye makeup! I also appreciate your H2H videos, especially what you shared re:makeup. I used to feel the same way and am glad I've become confident in who I am, with or without makeup. Really appreciate you!

  6. Amazing achievement! Congratulations! You totally deserve it! You videos are as always amazing <3

  7. I can't believe you were bullied! You're so pretty and you seem kind and smart. I guess some people just like to put others down, eh?

  8. Congratulations! Wow, seeing your vids like this definitely shows how much you've changed for the better! You're glowing!

  9. It's really great seeing your blog and video channel evolving through this years. I am always looking forward for your videos and hope you keep on releasing high quality fashion hauls and fashion lookbooks. Your fashion lookbooks are deffo my favourite for me. Nonetheless I still wish to see more make up tutorials especially seasonal tutorials, for proms and special occasions and colourful tutorials. Thank you for your hard work and time, I've been following you since 2012 and have enjoyed every single moment of it :)

  10. Thank you for showing Asian women how to do make up - you are a true artist and a real inspiration! My sister and I particularly enjoyed watching all of the tutorials together this past week(we live 300 miles apart), I felt like we were teenagers again putting make up on in our PJ's LOL. We loved the Sister segment you did, but then I read about the journey your sister is on and I am so sorry to hear this form your Heart to Heart vid - hope she is doing better and you and your family as well. Ruth Mano

  11. Honestly Jen, you're amazing and one of the few gurus I've kept up with that hasn't changed the mission of their blogs or videos and has stayed true to who they are. You're genuine and down to earth and you have stayed as such since I started following you way back in 08' or 09'. Loved seeing your growth and definitely will continue to! I think some of my most favorite tutorials and posts you've done are your k-pop inspired vids! One vid I go back to almost every year is your Juicy Orange spring tutorial! I just loved that look. I love all of your posts and videos, so it's hard to pick just one thing to want to see more of! haha XD

  12. I first saw your smokey-eye monolid tutorial a few years ago - yours was the first one that seemed to work more with my eye shape! I love watching your videos and am so glad you were able to turn this into your career.

  13. CONGRATULATIONS, JEN!!! You were the very first beauty blogger I read/saw over 3 years ago and you really opened up a whole world to me! Your videos have always been professional, informative, and fun to watch so keep doing what you're doing!

  14. I really like how you posted all these videos about how much you've changed and evolved overtime. There are many bloggers out there who just forget who they were when they started and seem fake. Love your videos!

  15. I found your blog several years ago and am super glad I did! Yours is the only beauty blog that I follow, and my go-to on the somewhat-rare-but-sometimes-still-necessary offchance that I need to wear makeup for something. Thank you so much! :] You've come such a long way, and it's been awesome seeing how much you've accomplished! :]

  16. Hi Jen~~ been a long time fan of yours~ great interview!! Question...Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me where you get the ornate floor mirror?? I looked everywhere and I can't find it... T_T Any help would be greatly appreciated!? Thanks in advance!