Manicure Monday: OPI Amazon...Amazoff

5:38 PM

Happy Monday! Today's Manicure Monday is another from the OPI Brazil Collection but with a decidedly darker and more sophisticated twist. Amazon...Amazoff is a decadently teal-based green that is perfectly suited for those who want a pop of color that will go with everything.

I was first drawn to this shade when I saw it at my sister's house. Next to the other Brazil polishes (like my previous reviews here, here and here) it really stood out as being the only non-traditional deeper color, which warrants borrowing in my book. 

I'm a little weird in that I only like wearing reds, pinks, and other boring, work-safe colors on my toes but go all out on my fingers so I was actually surprised at how wearable this shade is! The color brings out the warmth in my hands and manages to look... classy.

Here I applied a base of OPI Nail Envy, 3 coats of OPI Amazon...Amazoff for full opacity, and topped it off with Seche Vite Top Coat. I'm almost solidified now that OPI is my favorite polish brush because the wide, flat shape makes it so much easier to get an even cuticle line and streak-less finish.

Since I've been really into wearing simple makeup and outfits lately, Amazon...Amazoff has been perfectly complimenting it by being dark enough to seem rather neutral but bright enough that it's an unexpected shade that warrants a second glance. As dark blue polish was in the 90's, this perfectly exudes punk class.

Readers, what is your favorite dark polish? Do you have any colors that are unusual but you can pull off wearing day-to-day? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. love that shade !

  2. Aah gorgeous color but a little tricky to pull off I think!

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  3. Owww I love this shade!!
    I love love love OPI polishes its all I basically wear!
    But this is such a striking colour and very bold!
    xo Holly xo


  4. I`m not a big fan of the dark nuances, but I like this one. OPI polishes are the best.
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  5. Such a unique shade of green, warrants a second glance, I agree!



  6. ohhh, i just had this on a few weeks ago and got lots of compliments on it! it's a great shade and a nice transition color from winter to spring.

    you did a good job painting your nails! i can never get them that neat!

  7. Huh. Funny. I just put this polish on today too

  8. wow! This is a beautiful shade! :)

  9. Hi jen! I am here to ask sth. Can you tell me what font u used in video 'newbie drugstore makeup'?
    Especially font that explain product's name! It looks simillar with amatic sc but "Y" is diffrent... i am very curious with that. I will be happy if u answer me. Then hv a good day:)

  10. I really am looking forward to buying this shade. It stands out most to me from the OPI Brazil collection :) x

  11. wow i love the colour and your nails look very pretty :)