August 2014 Favorites

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Hope you guys all had an amazing Labor Day weekend! I had a fabulous break at a church retreat way out in the mountains (did you see me basically be Katniss Everdeen?) but now I'm back and ready to tackle Fall. Since we are now in our last month of Summer I wanted to squeeze out some last summery favorites for August before the weather cools down and we get too cozy in our flannels and jewel-tones.


highlighter | Kevyn Aucoin ‘The Celestial’ Powder in Candlelight
lipstick | Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait
lipgloss | Jouer Lip Gloss in Hibiscus
brow powder | Urban Decay Brow Box in Brown Sugar
eyelash glue | Darkness False Eyelash Glue
serum | Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum
nail polish | CoverGirl XL Nail Gel (mani monday of Haughty Lemon)


top | JOA T-Strap Square Printed Top
necklace | Bauble Bar Micro Pave Valley Necklace
nails | Covergirl XL Nail Gel in Whole Lotta Guava


So this month one product I want to talk about in particular is the Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum. I initially had low expectations of it just because I always assume any product that says it does multiple things will not do all the things quite as well as something meant to do one thing. 

Thankfully, this serum actually really wowed me on the dark spot-reducing front, which is ironic because I also have the Clinique Dark Spot Corrector. Between the two I thought well hey, why not try out the one that says it also improves skin radiance and reduces signs of aging? As I creep closer to my 30's I've been noticing a few extra fine lines so I need to up my skincare game!

I think I need to use it a few more months to see if it actually reduces wrinkles and improves texture, but for now I can say that the time it took for dark spots to fade decreased dramatically and I have zero pore-clogging or acne-causing problems whatsoever. I am very satisfied and will definitely continue using it morning and night.

Readers, is there a particular serum you love? What are your main skin concerns right now? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hope you had an amazing time at the retreat! Great video as always~

    LIVE . IN . LOVE


  2. great video, I really want to try the revlon lip butters! please check out and follow my blog, it would mean so much:

  3. Freckle and acne are my two major concern.

  4. You always have many great things to share and it's always new..

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  5. Hey Jen! :-) I love your YouTube channel and have been following you since ages ago :-) I just wanted to ask if you're ever "too young" to start using anti aging products? What's the acceptable age to start using them? Thank you :-)

    1. I don't think there's a perfect answer to this, but from my personal experience:
      0-18 begin wearing a facial sunscreen at least spf 15 everyday (younger you start the better!)
      18+ begin using eye cream
      20+ begin using serums/essence
      25-30 changes from preventative to proactive anti-aging

      I think this is pretty practical as your skin does change so much from 18-30 and it's best to do whatever you can to prevent signs of aging versus fixing something. I hope this helps! :)

  6. Hi Jen! I recently started transitioning my skincare products to mostly Korean brands. So far, I am a fan of Be The Skin serums, but am also looking for a good "all-in-one" kind of serum so maybe I'll check out the Clinique one too. My main concerns are always enlarged pores, general texture, and some redness.

    1. I haven't tried too many Korean serums so let me know if you fall in love with one! But I really am loving the Clinique one too. :)

  7. Lovely video of your August favourites! The Clinique serum sounds interesting. I aim to find a serum that helps tackle wrinkles as well, hope you can review this serum again about any success of reducing wrinkles once you have finished the product :)

  8. Hi babe, what foundation would you recommend for people with enlarge pores?

  9. Hi Jen, thanks for your awesome blog! Have been following for the past few years and you never fail to impress :)
    I've also noticed you've spoken about having skin troubles for a while, and am wondering if you've ever considered seeing a naturopath? Mine put me on a path to good health, good hormones, and good skin. If you're ever interested, here's my blog link:

  10. Hi Jen, I've tried the Darkness lash glue and I liked it a lot, my only problem is that it's almost too strong. How do you take off your lashes at the end of the day?
    Thank you, and love your videos!