MENSDAY WEDNESDAY: Cream of the Crop

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It's Ben here with another Mantastic Mensday. So by now you may have noticed a trend in our Mensday Wednesday gatherings. Basically, each piece is a coming-of-age story about a man discovering a fondness for grooming products and wondering how he ever lived without them. This week we find our hero declaring his true love for Benefit’s Total Moisture Facial Cream.

I wouldn’t normally label myself a skincare expert, but in order to look cooler, I’m gonna say I'm pretty much a skincare expert. My skin type is dry/oily combination, which always sounds like a contradiction but Jen tells me it's because my body is overcompensating for dry skin. Thanks for trying, buddy. 

Things I look for in a face lotion: mega hydration and long lastingness. Does Total Moisture fit both of these? Let's find out.


The texture of this lotion is actually very effective. After years of using runny lotions that absorb too quickly and and end up drying my face out, or greasy formulas that feel like I’m applying butter to my face, Total Moisture is right in the middle of comfortville. Its heavy consistency leaves me content after a single application (versus 2 passes with juicier products).

You can see the density of the cream's "peaks" in this photo. I can hold this baby upside down and it won't budge.

1.7 ounces of hefty cream. The smell isn't too bad, either.

Staying Power 

Durability is another thing Total Moisture has in spades. It laughs in the face of California’s desert climate and, well, also my dry face. Despite this dehydrated duo, I’ve never had a situation where I felt like I had to reapply later on in the day.  It has my back (face) all day long. In fact, over a period of time I've found that it makes my face less oily.

Total Moisture is the total package. It hydrates, lasts all day, and comes in a bangin’ jar. Oh, you thought I wasn’t going to list that as a plus? Cork stoppers are right up there with playstations and mustangs. Every man loves them.

If you want to check out fairytale princess, Benefit Total Moisture is sold at SephoraUlta, and Macys for $42.

Dudes, or readers who know dudes, what is your face moisturizer of choice? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I recommended this for a few of my guy friends and they really liked it!!



  2. Thank by the way from the grape color hair wax, i got my son the little one he loved it so few days I ago I went to mitsuwa to get him the big jar, its keeping his Italian and Filipino thick hair in place lol again thank you I will or might get this for my hubby:) keep it up ninjaben you do sound or write like a skincare expert though;)

  3. loving the mensday wednesday posts! keep it coming

  4. I'm a girl but I swear by this moisturizer too! The whole Benefit skincare line is amazing!

  5. Need to try! x

  6. My hubby has flaky and dry skin and he refuses to use any kind of moisturizers, I'm quite positive he doesn't even use a face wash, but his skin is quite clear, just dry. He hates the feeling of anything on his skin, so lotions, creams and oils are a no-go. :( Though, I have super dry skin myself, I might actually look into this miracle cream myself! lol For the past 4 years or so, jojoba oil has been my go to. It's light enough in the Summer, doesn't make me greasy, keeps me fairly hydrated, great in the Winter and is all natural and doesn't cause me to break out which is my biggest concern. ^.^b Great Mensday Wednesday, can't wait for more! ^__^

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  8. I'm glad this is getting reviews I've been wanting to try some of the skin products out but have been hesitant!

  9. This is great! Will definitely make my husband try it too. Looking forward to a video blog for mensday wednesday next time hehe lol