TUTORIAL | How To Fake Short Hair (Faux Bob)

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Hey guys! I'm taking a break from my diligent and incessant search of kitchen faucets* to bring you a fun hair tutorial if you're wanting to play around with a new look. *Seriously, there are so many metal finishes I never considered and the kitchen reno JUST BEGAN and has already taken over my life and eardrums.

New life change? CHOP IT OFF! That may be your gut reaction, but there's no need to weep whilst grasping disembodied strands on the salon floor. Just test out the look to see if you love it first. ;)

Video tutorial and 360° pics below! 

To give your eyeballs a little reminder of my long, boring hair here is my before:

And here is after a bit of curling, braiding, and pinning:

Here you can see the shape that I was going for. To give the most natural appearance with the layers in my hair, I created a long bob with bouncy curls.

At the back I braided the longest lengths of hair, pinning it against my head. The key here is to really flatten that braid down so it doesn't cause an unnatural bump. The extra volume from a flat braid at the back really helps to give the shape and volume that looks like you naturally have oomph, not to mention giving your longer hair something sturdy to be pinned to.

I find short hair looks especially amazing with accessories like a gorgeous barrette or cute headband. I chose this striped bow to accent the playful movement of this hairstyle.

If your new short 'do inspires you to make the real big cut, I definitely recommend checking out Pantene's National Donate Your Hair Day event going on in NYC, LA, and Miami on November 22nd. You'll get a free cut and style at select salons as well as the opportunity to donate your hair to be made into wigs given out at American Cancer Society distribution centers. Such a great opportunity to make a big difference in someone else's life!

Readers, what's the shortest you've ever gone with your hair? Did you love it or regret it? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. wow. it's worth trying, thanks for sharing^^

  2. This is such a lovely hairstyle, I have medium length hair so I might try this one out.. xx

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  3. I tried doing this many times before hahaha! :)

    The Girl Behind the Pen

  4. Such a great way to get short hair whilst having long hair ^^

    恵美より ♥

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  5. Great look Jen! I always wanted to try a bob but can't part with my long hair.


  6. Oh wow, that looks SO pretty, I love it :-D Thanks for this.

  7. this look is super cute!!! I love it :)

  8. Thanks for sharing, very cute!


  9. Very Pretty! It sure looks good on you! :) However, Fixing your hair must be complimented along with fixing you nails, and there's no better way to have you nails get fix than sitting on a pedicure chair A perfect combination, no doubt! :)

  10. Love your idea

  11. Looks really, really good! Always wanted to try it, thanks for the inspo :)

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  12. woah! your hair is looking damn pretty. these waves look awesome on you. Really very beautiful.

  13. You fake it really well, nice hair!