REVIEW & SWATCHES: Urban Decay Afterglow Blush (all shades)

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Wooooah, it's been a long time since I was this excited about a new product release. You guys already know I'm the biggest sucker for blush and Urban Decay's brand new Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush is a huge reason for me to pinch myself (no need to pinch the cheeks because dang, these guys are full of dramatic color already).

Here are the 12 shades of Afterglow which have a variety of everyday wearable neutrals as well as some really vibrant pops of bold color in both matte and shimmer finishes.

Video / Indecent / Kinky / Rapture / Fetish / Bittersweet

Obsessed / Quickie / Crush / Bang / Quiver / Score

Matte, everyday dusty nude leaning tan. The rosier tones come out in natural light.

Matte, light peach. Best for someone with a light complexion because it sat on top of my skin or disappeared when blended in.

This shade is quite natural and foolproof. Peach with noticeable shimmer.

Neutral mauve with very light shimmer. It reminds of Tarte's Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed but slightly deeper. This would be a gorgeous Fall cheek color.

Matte, warm medium pink. I could see this being an everyday blush for medium skintones.

This is a VERY bright purple that looks like an eyeshadow. Not for the faint of heart!

Pale, cool light pink. It's another shade that sits on top of my medium skintone. Best for light complexions.

Bright, blue-based barbie pink! Very loud, very pigmented.

Warm medium pink. This one would be perfect for a spring-summer flush.

Again, this one is bright as an eyeshadow and should be used with a light hand. I can see it looking amazing on very deep complexions but it could easily overwhelm medium-to-light skintones.

Bright, blue-based barbie pink! Very loud, very pigmented. Another one that would be beautiful on deeper ladies, but used with a light hand for everyone else.

Peachy-pink with shimmer. This reminds me of the infamous NARS Orgasm-type blushes that will flatter a lot of people.

Overall the blushes are all extremely finely milled and did not take much pressure to give a ton of pigment. I'm glad they included about half neutral, everyday shades but still have plenty of the shocking brights that UD loves. It makes me really happy to know that they are looking out for every skintone and ethnicity with this lineup because there truly is something that will look nice on anyone. Oh, and they are completely non-scented.

My immediate favorites include Score (peachy pink with shimmer), Crush (warm matte pink), Kinky (peach with shimmer) and Video (matte soft nude) but I'm also looking forward to testing out the more intense shades to see how wearable they can be as well.

Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush will be available starting April 14th at Sephora, Ulta, Macys,, and for $28.

Readers, what's your favorite Afterglow shade? Will you be picking one up? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. So pretty! I had no idea UD was releasing blushes so this is a pleasant surprise. Thank you for the detailed review and lovely pictures, Jen! :)

    Catpacking | Beauty & Travel

  2. Ooooh *__* That packaging though. You had me at that packaging. I know Bang is a really loud and wild color, but it is SO pretty! Once it's released, I'm definitely swatching that! ^__^ Thanks for sharing Jen! This was super helpful and anticipating which shades I might want to try! :3

    1. If you use a light hand, Bang would be soooo gorgeous! The good thing is it would also last forever since you aren't using as much product per use. ;)

  3. Oh my gosh, I haven't heard about these yet but thaaaaat shade range! I'm so in love right now. I haven't purchased from Sephora in a while so that seems like a good enough excuse to pick up Quiver the day they come out, hopefully they don't go as fast as I'm expecting them to though :x

    1. I believe they are a permanent item so at least there's that! You should be able to find them no matter what. And yeah, crazy shade range right? I got so giddy when I saw it! :D

  4. I will definitely be picking up one of these! Rapture for sure, and maybe Fetish - to start with anyway haha x

  5. Waauw these blushes are gorg-ousss!!!

  6. Beautiful, pigmented blushes.

  7. fetish and quickie are so interesting, i'd love to give them a swatch for something different from my everyday doll pink or coral!

    Natalie / Salt & Sail

    1. From personal experience, a soft flush of hot pink like Quickie is SO pretty, especially in the summer on glowy skin or in the winter when it starts to get chilly and you want that brisk flushed look. Definitely try it!

  8. These look so gorgeous....thanks so much for the great review and blush swatches!

    xoxo Nicole

  9. Ooo I'm actually kind of digging the purple shades like Rapture and especially Bittersweet! I need to check out Sephora when these come out and use the VIB Rouge promo to possible pick one of these up!

  10. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the Shattered face case that UD released a little over a year ago but I absolutely loved the blush, Overexposed, that came in the palette. it's literally my favorite blush of all time and I'm almost out but I won;t repurchase another palette just for the blush. Do you know which one of these blushes is the most similar shade to Overexposed? I would greatly appreciate it!

  11. Have you ever tried cosmetics from the BeautyCounter? Also, what brand of body wash and/or lotion do you use to maintain moisture and softness but won't cause breakouts? Thanks!

  12. I would love to try Kinky and Score, it looks really nice to me. I would love to try Score, because I´m searching for a "dupe" of an Orgasm blush, do you think this could be considered one? and if no, what are differences?
    Thank you for answer, you rocks :)

  13. I'm so jealous!!!! They all look great x

  14. Ohh my favorites are bang and score *_*

  15. color nya sukaaaa asli suwr ciyuus ih....
    itu belinya dimana sist??

  16. I love that all color, so beautifful :)

  17. I'm loving the look of Rapture and Fetish especially, but I can't wait to swatch these for myself. Thanks for the pics and helpful info!

  18. I wanted a blusher to keep in my handbag and to replace a messy and wasteful one that was in a tube. With this cheek tint, I can build up the colour a little bit at a time until I reach the desired 'glow'. Although it was quite difficult to judge what the colour would be like from the on-line swatches, the colour I chose is not as bright on the cheek as it is in the compact and gives a nice soft glow.

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  19. These colors are very beautiful! Thanks for the review!

  20. Those look so great, some of the colors are so light, almost as if the skin is clean and without make-up, others are so colourful, simply wonderful. Definitely will buy some, thanks for the review!

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    Oh ya, di sana anda bisa dengan bebas mendowload music, foto-foto, video dalam jumlah dan waktu yang tidak terbatas, setelah registrasi terlebih dahulu. Gratis :)

  22. The colors are so pretty <3 I'm a big fan of your videos and I was wondering whether you would do a makeup collection video, i would love to see your makeup collection and how you store them :)

  23. Woah! Can't imagine wearing the bittersweet one. But I'll probably choose the Score one since it's like my Nars Orgasm Blush.