REVIEW & SWATCHES: Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick

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Oh goodness gracious, Urban Decay has a brand new lipstick line out for the Summer and it's going to go strong through the Fall as well! Introducing Matte Revolution which is a collection of 9 shades (plus 2 more exclusive to and UD boutiques) full of bold, creamy opacity.

More than calling these straight-up mattes, I see the Matte Revolutions as being a sister to the original Revolution lipstick since most of them don't have that uncomfortable dry feeling typically associated with matte products but it certainly has all of the extreme pigment you'd expect.

Each lipstick bullet comes housed in the same faceted tube as Revolution but this time in seriously sexy black housing with metallic purple popping out once opened. I'm personally a big fan of the flat end since it makes applying a crisp lipstick edge more intuitive.

Matte Blackmail / Matte Bad Blood / Matte Tilt

MATTE BLACKMAIL - Goth girl blackberry
This one is tricky to get even coverage on since it has more slip than other shades.

MATTE BAD BLOOD - Bold, deep red
Bad Blood is more of a typical "matte" with drag during application. Very opaque.

MATTE TILT - Neon, deep canteloupe
This one is bright! Definitely more tangerine than coral and not for the faint of heart.

Matte Temper / Matte After Dark / Matte Menace

MATTE TEMPER - Deep tomato-coral
Definitely has an orange tint and you guys know I love me a good coral. Obsessed!

I'm liking the 90's look this one gives. It's a very fall color especially if you blot off any shine. 

MATTE MENACE - Neon fuchsia pink
Very neon, and the formula is more matte with drag during application.

Matte Bittersweet / Matte 1993 / Matte Stark Naked

 MATTE BITTERSWEET - creamy pinky-lilac
Very plush feel and the pastel color isn't typical but is so pretty and bold

MATTE 1993 - creamy, medium tan
Aptly named, this one is SO 90's and really gives that throwback feel. 

MATTE STARK NAKED - creamy, warm nude
One of the most flattering nudes I've tried! Really love this one.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the entire Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick lineup. Other than Blackmail, I didn't experience any patchiness and most of the shades felt surprisingly creamy on the lips like the original Revolution lipsticks. The darker shades do leave a stain behind on the lips and I'd definitely recommend using a lip brush when applying them but I'm not even sure I'd call some of these matte since they are so creamy and do have a bit of shine to them. Regardless, they are an awesome lipstick line and already in my regular rotation.

Some of my favorites include tomatoey Temper, neon pink Menace, retro 1993 (just because it's so on trend), and Naked for being a quality flattering nude.

The lipsticks are available now at for $22 and soon at SephoraNordstromMacysUlta, and

Readers, let me know what your favorite shade is and if you plan on picking up any of the Matte Revolutions!

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  1. Blackmail and Tilt are definitely on my list to pick up! Cannot wait for these to come to Sephora and swatch them all. Thanks for the review :)

    Beautyosaurus Lex

  2. WOW, really amazing! Thanks for this review. =D

  3. Temper and Stark naked shades are really beautiful..lovely swatches!

  4. Looove Blackmail, but I can see how it can apply unevenly being a darker pigment, which is always unfortunate but the color looks worth it. I love most of the other ones too and would possibly pick one up since I still have yet to own an UD lipstick. Thanks so much for the swatches! It makes choosing a color wayyy easier! =)

  5. I'm looooving the nudes! I hope to try some soon! :~)

  6. I am so obsessed with matte lips right now and this has just been added to my list :)
    XO Janina

  7. Great article! I love the fuchsia one and the nude ones!:))♥

  8. Gorgeous swatches. I think 1993 is perfectly named too.

  9. The matte stark naked and the matte 1993 look gorgeous! Thank you for putting so much effort in each of your blog posts, I love reading all of them!

  10. They're all such gorgeous shades! I think I'll be adding 1993 and Temper to my list! (Ignoring the fact that I definitely just posted on another blog about needing a lipstick ban, hahah!)

  11. I love the stark nude and bad blood! will be trying these soon :)

  12. All the matte shades look so gorgeous on you! Love it!

  13. omg!! I love all!!! <3
    They are perfect!! *O*

  14. Maybe not for $22 but these are BEAUTIFUL swatches :) I find that those similar matte shaded have dupes from different brands. Otherwise, they look great on you!

  15. I need this whole collection. The colours are so vibrant and pretty! I think I will probably buy it now.(:
    Visit my lifestyle & beauty/fashion blog here:

  16. Best match for the Tilt shade would be Colorbar Take Me as I am Lipstick, Sensuous Red. I jus luv dem.. 😊

  17. All the colors look beautiful on you!

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  19. Hi! I was wondering whether you have used the new L. A. Girl Lip-gloss or Lipstick Matte line. I wanted to buy the 16 lip-gloss collection but hesitated when I actually tried one of those myself. And I wasn't sure if it was because of my lack of make up experience or my chapped lips, or if there is an actual technique on how to apply them without feeling uncomfortable with them at all. It would be really helpful!

    Ps.: love your vlog!! It has actually inspired me a lot and helped me to embrace make up. So really... thank you!!

    Att. Rachel IG: @stchez