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You know how you wake up some days, look in the mirror and just think, "Hey I look pretty okay today!" Maybe you got a couple extra hours of sleep or maybe the window is letting in that perfect natural light that makes your skin glow. I was pondering about that in relation to makeup and wanted to come up with something that was a step beyond the no makeup makeup look.

It was perfect timing that Burberry's latest S/S Womenswear show included the loveliest pared-down face which inspired this tutorial created in partnership with Burberry and Sephora. No excessive eyeshadow, false lashes, or vampy lips. Just my face but better. :)


| EYES |



| LIPS |

The key here was skipping eyeliner in lieu of a rose gold wing with a pop of shimmer on upper and lower lids with the simplicity of the Eye Colour Contour Smoke & Sculpt Pens which, for the record, last all day even without a primer underneath. A full, natural brow and natural-colored blush frame the look while a soft, matte lip from the new Liquid Lip Velvet keeps the palette light and airy.

A little bird told me a full line of Liquid Lip Velvets will be out soon (so looking forward to these!) but Fawn Rose is a great little preview of the plush, moussey formula which is something I haven't seen yet in liquid lipsticks.

Altogether, this was a really nice break from my usual routine of sharp, black liner and falsies while still highlighting the natural features of my face. It can be intimidating to change up our makeup comfort zone, but I find it so refreshing to reset sometimes and really appreciate our natural, subtly enhanced look.

Disclaimer: This post was made in partnership with Burberry and contains product provided by Burberry. All opinions are my own.   

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  1. Beautiful as always and this make-up is so subtle and so gorgeous. I am also venturing away from heavy liners and eye shadow colors (not what you would expect to do in Autumn where every make-up look evolves around strong, dark colors with accentuating features) but that is how I feel lately and I will try to recreate your look for sure

    1. I think it's so healthy to mix up your makeup routine sometimes, you know? So you don't get stuck in the same rut as everyone else. I'm finding myself doing less vampy, bold looks lately too which is so refreshing! :)

  2. Amazing make up hun! The natural look, looks great on you!
    Kinga x

    1. It's different than my normal routine for sure, but it's a nice change I think! Natural never goes out of style. Thank you! :)