Prepping for Halloween!

5:18 PM

It's finally AUTUMN and you know what that means! Cozy sweaters. Hot chocolate. A husband who stops complaining about being overheated (I have a sneaking suspicion that guys were intentionally made warm to balance out our naturally freezing toes. Maybe it's just me. ;)

And of course, maybe my favorite part of all is Halloween. I've always loved any good excuse to dress up and now that we have two little kiddos added to the mix I want my dream of coordinating family Pokémon costumes to become a reality. Dad will be Ash Ketchum, I'll be his #1 BFF Pikachu, Aria is Misty, and baby Ezra can be a swaddled-up Togepi which was Misty's egg-like buddy.

Since I love the idea of getting items that will work beyond just the one holiday costume, I've tried to be pretty intentional with getting a lot of value out of my purchases not only by picking out items that can be re-worn as everyday clothes, but also by taking advantage of the 5% cash back quarterly bonus categories from my Chase Freedom card. (Woohoo! Perfect timing! Just activate this quarter’s bonus categories, which includes department stores and wholesale stores before December 15th to take advantage of the earnings and it's good to go.) If you aren't already a Chase Freedom card member you can check it out here.

Because we used to live in the midwest with its gorgeous warm-toned foliage, I love incorporating that into our decor as a reminder of our hometown even though we don't quiiiiite get the same weather patterns here in Southern California. Right now Nordstrom Rack has the CUTEST fall décor. I couldn’t resist picking up a few new fall pieces to get our home ready for the holiday.

Getting Aria's costume was pretty easy since she already had the tank and shorts, so the best part were these red Converse sneakers from Nordstrom which she's already obsessed with. Ben's favorite t-shirts happen to be the 100% cotton Lacoste tees, so I picked up a blue one also from my beloved Nordies to pair with jeans for his everyday-Ash outfit as well. Comfy, easy, and able to be worn well after Halloween.

What do you guys think? Are you into couples/family coordinating outfits? What are you planning on doing for Halloween this year? Let me know in the comments!

Huge thank you to Chase Freedom for partnering on this post!

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