Lip Scrub

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Now that the seasons are changing, I always notice that my lips take a hit in the dry and flaky department. In the winter, the dry air sucks up all of the moisture on the top layer of your skin and the summer heat tends to do the same. For a fresh start, it's nice to exfoliate your lips in a very simple way with things you probably already have around your house.

First, gather your ingredients:
* sugar
* petroleum jelly
* small spoon

Right off the bat, I just wanted to note that my spoon is a baby spoon, so it is a smaller amount than it looks in pictures. You don't need to use a lot of vaseline for this since it is just a 1-use application.

The first step is to scoop a small amount of vaseline. This is about half the size of my thumbnail.

Next, add an equal amout of white granulated sugar to the spoon and mix the two together into a grainy paste with clean fingers.

Here are my lips before. They are a bit flaky and dry. You can easily see the difference with the color on the inner part versus the outer part of the lip.

Take your the scrub and apply it to your top and bottom lips, gently rubbing it in a circular motion. You can use a tissue to wipe the scrub off when you are done.

Next, it is very important to moisturize right afterward to protect the newly exposed, smooth lips. I used Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with pomegranate oil. You can use any lip balm but try to stay away from chapsticks with cooling ingredients like menthol (aka carmex, softlips, etc) because they can dry your lips out in the long run, creating a dependency on the product. Another easy thing to use is the petroleum jelly (minus the sugar!) that you already brought out. The goal is to heal your dry lips, and regular use of a good lip balm or vaseline will help that out.

Here are my lips, post scrub. They are healthy, soft, moisturized, and one color! Nice lips can really soften up the face. Use this once or twice a month with good moisturization in between and you should be good to go for any harsh weather.

And remember, for this and other face and skincare tutorials, GUYS CAN DO THIS TOO. It's so easy to do and the ingredients are already around the house. There's nothing better than kissing a guy with soft lips. Girls, you know you'll grab your boyfriends and have them exfoliate their lips! And they won't mind because it tastes good too. ;)

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial! I use an electric toothbrush to exfoliate my lips. Works too! :)

    Is that all you're using on your lips in the after picture? It's glossy!

    Can you do more tutorials on skincare? It's really clear! Or tell the routine you use? Or face foundation makeup?

    Thank you sooo much. It's helping me!

  2. I never knew you were engaged, wish you the best of luck! Will we be lucky enough to see some pictures later :O? Oh, and I would be grateful if you'd do the basic everyday mineral makeup routine, I'm awaiting my mini size (after 2 sampling kits in order to find my matching skin tone...), and it would be great to have some tips in how to apply it =) Hope you keep up with updating the site, it's really helpful for clueless people like me who's just starting to discover how to pamper themselves with cosmetics hehe

  3. I'm always trying to get my BF to exfoliate his lips... maybe this method will appeal to him!

    I know what you mean about Carmex-type balms. I got lazy (since we have lots of jars/sticks lying around) and used them for a few months and my lips would always be peeling.

  4. i really love your tutorial, they're so useful! ;)
    i'm kinda bad at make-up, could you do more tutorials about this? for example, how to get smoky eyes and stuff like this.


  5. P.S. I would love to see/read about your wedding planning... especially the dress and shoes =)

  6. plee: I thought about the electric toothbrush, but I didn't have an old brush head to use! I will try it out once I switch toothbrush heads next time. Also, yes, the lip balm is all I am using in the after. There's no gloss or lipstick. It just gets really smooth from the scrub that everything on your lips looks nicer. I'll do a skincare/basic foundation application tutorial soon. ^^

    lilsweetkaz: I think I was using the revlon 12-hour shadow palette in berry bloom, the same as in the double eyelid makeup tutorial. I like matching my shadow to my clothes. :)

    lilveggie and aquadisia: I will definitely post some of my makeup and planning process for my wedding! I just have to be careful since my fiance visits my blog too. That just means no dress until after the wedding, but I'll post a couple wedding pics then if you want to see it! And I'll post my makeup test runs too.

    anonymous: Yes, I will actually be doing a smokey eye soon! I'll keep doing more tutorials. :)

  7. lilsweetkaz: Yes, those are the nyx shadows. Let me tell you, I LOVE both of them. And I also love the kiwi shadow too, but I think I need an additional kelly green color to add to my collection!

    I use the sephora professional blush brush. It's SUPER soft. I checked the website and maybe it's discontinued cause I can't find it, but I will post pics of my brushes when I do my basic foundation tutorial.

  8. wow, thats really nice, i've always wondered how ur lips were always so smooth and nice looking :)

  9. heyy~ i dont know if you check your older posts but i had posted a question related to the ultrasonic contact lens cleaner.
    sorry to bother ! and thanks for you help <333

  10. Neat tip. I've gotta try that. My lips are so prone to getting chapped and crazy-looking...

  11. I've never thought of exfoliating my lips before, as we tend to over-lick them to compensate for the dry, tight feeling---which, as we know, only worsens the dryness. Just a note about the types of products you use for the DYI facial treatments: there are different types of sugars that can be used, both for this lip scrub or for a general face scrub. Darker (and organic) brown sugars contain more nutrients that would be much more beneficial to the skin than plain ol' white table sugar. You can find the fancy varieties at whole foods stores, and I personally would drop the money for the fancy sugars if I were applying it to my skin. This applies to the diverse selection of honey as well. Do some research and think about switching. :)

  12. Hmm. I personally have always used a toothbrush to exfoliate my lips. I may have to give this a try. But you reallya dvise against Carmex? I sadly must admit I'm a Carmex junkie. I use it all year round as it's the only thing I fidn that works for my lips to keep them well hydrated.My lips are full as well so I need something that will give good coverage without feeling "built up" if that makes any sense?? Would you recommend the Burts Bees Wax as a good substitute for Carmex?

  13. The burt's bees is very moisturizing, just make sure you get the pomegranate oil one, not the original. Original has the drying menthol/mint too, just like carmex!

    I don't know if this is too girly for you, but I love Blistex Silk & Shine. It's my very favorite lip balm and it feels super moisturizing. You should check it out.

  14. is it okay if i use blistex lip infusion?
    because i have REALLY chapped lips.
    i always get them!
    i tried this RIGHT away when i found this. :]
    i wanna see if this works for me!
    because chap sticks never help me.


  15. Hey i just bought Bust's bee lip balm but it with pepermint oil instead of pomegranate oil is that ok though..? i using carmax right now and like u said it good when i use it but when i stop my lip soo u think bust's bee lip balm with pepermint oil is ok..? please help thanks! and also i use the vaseline petroleum jelly at night without the sugar though and in the morning my lip seem what u think i should do..? thanks please reply my comment, thanks! btw my name is thanh..^_^

  16. i tried this last night...i loved it! thanks!

  17. i think i'll go do this to my boyfriend! he always seems to have chapped lips! haha XD

    thanks for this tutorial :)

  18. hiiii

    thanks for everything!!!

    im a guy...BUTTTT i appreciate all this loooool :] (no homo)

    yeah thanks a bunch dear! ^^

  19. Hi! I'm Deej from the Philippines. I am totally loving this site. Anyway, my lips have different colors. That is, my top lip is darker than the bottom. The top one is a bit on the brownish red side. I'm having difficulty in applying lipstick and make them look as if they have the same color. Any tips on this one?
    Also, can you give us tips on how to make sure that the lipstick color does not change once you apply it on your lips? I mean, I know that the color may change due to chemical reactions with the skin and the ingredients of the product, but I really get irritated and disappointed when I buy a lipstick and the color is beautiful on the model but when I try it on, it looks absolutely horrible. Like, I'm expecting the color to be nude with pink tint but it comes out like garish pink. Ugh!

  20. Jen, I love reading your blog...You are so beautiful!!!! I just noticed that you have a mole on your lower lip. I suppose I never saw that before because you had lipstick on in the other pictures/tutorials. I suggest you go see your dermatologist and have her check that mole. Did you always have that mole on your lip? If not, go see your derm ASAP. It's better safe than sorry.

    Concerned Fan