Mineral Makeup Basic Foundation Tutorial

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I got a lot of requests for a basic tutorial for applying mineral makeup. It's actually very simple and I prefer it to other foundation, such as cream or liquid foundations, because I don't like the feel of heavy makeup. Mineral makeup is a good medium for having "airbrushed" looking skin without looking or feeling like you've caked the makeup on. I made a video to help you guys see exactly how I apply concealer, foundation, and blush.

I started off with a primer. I don't always use this, but I like to prime my skin when I know I'll be out all day or when I need my makeup to stay fresh. I used Monistat anti-chafing gel which I bought for under 7 bucks at Walmart. It has the same active ingredient as expensive primers. As soon as you apply it, you can see how it removes shine and makes your skin soft and smooth.

Next, I apply concealer. I use Lancome's Photogenic concealer in Camee. It's a cream concealer so I use a taklon concealer brush to apply it to acne spots, hyperpigmentation, and red areas around my nose. It's also great for covering pores on nose and cheeks, or undereye circles.

For the foundation, I tap a bit of foundation into the lid. Use a very small amount at first and build up. I used Everyday Minerals' Fairly Light Neutral in intensive.

Here are some foundation swatches. Golden Medium semi-matte is the color I use during the summertime. During the winter I use Fairly Light Neutral which is a little lighter and not as golden. Fairly Light is a bit pinker than Fairly Light Neutral, as the name indicates.

Here are a few Everyday Minerals blushes that I had on hand. Swatched are:

* Siesta, a nice pinky coral with a hint of pearl
(discontinued, but Summer Stroll is a dupe that is coming out soon)
* All Smiles, a peachy matte
* Apple, a pinky rose matte
* Girl's Day, a warm reddish burnt rose with gold shimmer

A finishing powder can also be used to set your foundation. I own Everyday Minerals' Sunscreen Fair, but it is too pearly and light for me so I usually skip it altogether. If anyone knows of a great finishing powder let me know!

Here's my final look with the rest of my makeup on. Hope the tutorial helped those of you new to makeup or thinking of switching to minerals. :)

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  1. THANK YOU! I didn't know to start off with a little, so that might explain why my skin looks so chalky because I'm overdoing it.

    Thanks. What's your brush?

    Also, what eye makeup are you wearing?

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  2. You are a very beautiful girl Jen!
    Thank you for the post!

  3. Wow ^^
    That looks awesome.
    Thanks again ^^

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  5. Thanks so much for that!
    You should do a tutorial for the eyemakeup you're wearing in those pictures...it looks awesome:)

  6. Looks great on you!

  7. hey! i've been following your blog for a few weeks now, i found you through soompi! thank you so much for all the tutorials you've provided so far!

    also thank you for this mineral foundation tutorial - i got myself some samples from everyday minerals and have been clueless as to how to apply it since i've only used liquid foundation before. but i see that the amount you've tapped in the lid is very little - does that really cover your entire face? O_O

  8. Please do the purple smokey eye tut next! I liked how you did it in the photograph...thanks!

  9. I've read through all of your posts, and I gotta say: You're such a sweet person! And your methods are very thorough. Thanks for all the reviews and tutorials, Jen. I like what you're doing, and keep at it. Good day! :)

  10. plee: For foundation, I am using the everyday minerals long-handled kabuki brush. I used the same shadows as Kiwi Eyes tutorial, but with primer and more intense shadow. Kiwi from NYX was the main color.

    aquadisia: I don't know that soloticas are much worse than any other lens. Basically, with any colored lens you should limit the wear to 6 hours. I don't wear it often so I don't have any problems at all. If you abuse soloticas and wear them for 12 hours everyday, your eyes will suffer from the reduced oxygen levels but the same can be said for any other colored lens. I'd lean on the safer side and stick to wearing them on special occasions. :)

    Samm: I will do a tutorial for it after I do the purple smokey tutorial. Thanks!

    lilsweetkaz: My neck and face don't match perfectly, and I don't think most people's do! You can either get a color that matches your face and buff some of the foundation into your chin-line and neck (which is what I do) or you can get a color that matches your neck. For heavier foundation I recommend matching to your neck, and for light makeup, I recommend matching to your face because it's more "natural" to how you already are. Thanks girl, I'll get on that tut! ;)

    hanako: I tapped a small amount to show you what I start off with. You want to start with just a little and build up. That amount covers all of my face in a fairly thin layer. I usually add just a tiny bit more to go over my t-zone again. But that is just me. Feel free to use another layer for more coverage! You just don't want too much in a single layer because it doesn't settle into your skin right and it will look cakey or chalky. Hope that clears things up!

  11. lilsweetkaz: I think I prefer it to the semi-matte. I get a lot of shine by the end of the day with semi-matte, and intensive has a little better coverage. I was trying out the intensive for possible use for the wedding but I think I'll get another sample kit to try matte version too.

  12. plee: oh, i just realized I was thinking of another pic! I used the revlon 12-hour shadow palette in Copper spice with urban decay primer potion and some white shadow to highlight on top of it. I also wore some criss-cross falsies. ^.^;;;

  13. Thank you for the tutorial and the swatches!
    And you're very pretty! :D

  14. wow, thats really nice and natural looking.

    thanks :)

  15. You're so gorgeous!
    I feel like I'm looking at a movie star.

    Go be famous or something. :D

  16. hii(: im in love with you tutorials and whatnot. they've helped me out plentyyy<3

    hmm.about the Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel what section did you find it at walmart? like the body section? face cleansing section? makeup section? lotions? haha

    i just don't know where to look for it.

  17. remmi: I found it in the area with the lubes and feminine hygiene products. Kind of awkward, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

  18. does the Lancome concealer give the good coverage for the spots? is that your favorite concealer? thanks.

  19. poohpooh57: Yes it gives very good coverage. It is my absolute favorite concealer because it is oil-free, has spf 15, and it covers all day. I also have trouble getting concealer colors that are the shade I want, but the camee color has a nice yellow undertone. I highly recommend it. :)

  20. I bought All Smiles but it's way too orange for me! I'm looking for a coral-peach colour... what do you suggest?
    Also I got some foundations but I can't find one that suits me skin type. I have very pale skin but with an obvious yellow undertone. The golden is too gold for me and the cool is too white. Can you help me pick the right colour?

    And lastly can you do more skin care tutorials? especially ones for blackheads and uneven skin tone.

    Thanks! :)

  21. Oh and btw I got these ones:

    - cool multi-tasking neutral
    - cool fair
    - beige sandy fair

    All of these are in semi-matte. Do you think I should try intensive for better coverage?

  22. alli: My suggestion is to try the new "Summer Stroll" blush. It's similar to the discontinued Siesta blush that I personally LOVE.

    I'm not sure what colors of foundation you've tried before. I'd suggest fairly light neutral, since I'm very yellow and it works for me, but I think I'm darker than you. I'm hoping sandy fair works out in your new batch. I do recommend intensive for more coverage. I find semi-matte to be pretty light coverage. Intensive says on longer. :)

  23. Hello! A friend directed me to your blog. Wow you have nice skin without makeup :O
    May I ask, have you ever tried bare escentuals mineral foundation? I am having trouble deciding between EDM and BM, so...
    And I have never used any makeup in my life so this is scary. I don't want to mess up my skin!

  24. thank you for this post! its really helpful.. im amazed how flawless everyday minerals looks on u... i use everyday minerals too n i was wondering does using kabuki brush make a difference than using regular brush from drugstores??? because using it rather brings my skintone down lil bit making me look dull... or maybe i should try intensive formula??.. i would appreciate your answers thank you!! :)

  25. you are gorgeous! you're skin looks perfect too. i am struggling w/ acne right now..
    thanks for putting all these lessons on here! very helpful !!

  26. hey-
    does that anti-chafing gel irritate your skin at all?
    how do you apply it?
    is it okay for acne-prone people?

    i am using MAC Fix primer right now- just when i go out. can't tell if it helps....

    also random- what anti-heat hair serum do you use?

  27. can u do an eye tutorial on what ur wearing in this one w/ the green shirt ? it looks really pretty !!

  28. Hi Jen,
    I love the way you make up your eyes in this picture. Can you make a tutorial about that. By the way, I really love the colour of your lip-wear. Can you tell me what is the brand - it's so natural. And also the way you put on blushes so that it is that natural! Thanks a lot

  29. wow! mineral makeup is magic :-)
    i am a big and loyal fan of MMU, too!
    thank you for posting this vid.

  30. Wow, you are so pretty! What color and brand of contacts are you wearing?

  31. For those trying to buy Solotica contact lenses: I tried www.WRLens.com and had no problems. They arrived quickly. I live in NYC, USA.

  32. Hey Jen, I've been following your blog for a while and I love it especially your tutorials^^ thanks!! I'm in love with make up and like to try out new products all the times but I'm not as talented as you :)
    I want to recommend a you a very nice finishing powder, think you would love it. It's called lilylolo finishing powder flawless matte. They got three different shades: flawless matte, flawless silk and translucent silk. I've tried them all :) you can buy them on www.lilylolo.co.uk