Life Update

11:20 PM

Hey guys, sorry I've been gone for so long! I think I got the flu on top of that infection I had before and the last two weeks have been mostly spent in bed. No fun. For anyone still roughing it with sickness: drink a LOT of water and orange juice, take a lot of vitamin C, and SLEEP. God gave us amazing bodies that heal ourselves if we take care of it.

I have a couple of random things to update about. I got new Everyday Minerals samples, and I think I'll do some swatches for you guys. I've found my winter/spring color (fairly light neutral) though, which I'm really excited about! I also bought the Ardell lash and brow accelerator a couple weeks ago from Ulta and I've been using it at night (minus a few nights on and off while sick). So far I haven't seen huge changes in length, but my bottom lashes do seem to be much fuller when I put mascara on them and my fiance asked me if I was wearing false lashes today. I have relatively medium-short lashes, so I was shocked to hear it! I'll post how the results are after a month to see for sure if anything changed though.

Another product I recently tried was the Monistat anti-chafing gel as a foundation primer. I heard of using this from the nessasarymakeup blog and so far it's worked really well. It made my face really smooth and shine-free from the moment I put it on and lasted all day. I've been trying to gather lasting makeup tips for my June wedding and I definitely think this will be on the list.

Also, I wanted to let you guys know about a body wash that I've been LOVING recently. I'm usually never too impressed with body washes since I assume they are mostly all the same, but the new Dove Cream Oil body washes are really, really, really moisturizing.

The one I use is the cherry blossom and almond one. The scent is so light and not too flowery or soapy. But the best part is once you are out of the shower. I apply Olay Quench body lotion, and afterward I am noticeably softer which lasts until my next shower. I'm talking, "I have never been this soft in my life" kind of soft. So this is a HUGE recommendation. Super soft, and smelling like cherry blossoms. What could be better? A happy fiance who wants to touch me all the time because I'm so soft? Oh yeah, that's nice too. ;)

Anyway, just letting you guys know I'm still alive and the lip scrub is coming up next REALLY SOON! Thanks for all of the encouragement while I was sick! I did read them and it gave me hope when I was feeling ridiculously bad. Until next time, peace!

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  1. hurray ! your finally back =)
    i hope you'll post some photos of your wedding look *hint hint* hahaha ^_^

    i heard some people lost lashes from using ardell lash and brow accelerator. i'm tempted to buy it after hearing what you said =] !

    can't wait for the lip scrub !

  2. Glad you are feeling a lot better! And thanks for the mention! I am glad the Monsitat worked out for you too! I love it, easy to get and cheap! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  3. i'm a new reader to your blog. you're really pretty and thanks for all the makeup tips!!!

  4. great to hear from you!!
    wow, your wedding is in June.. the preparations must be exciting~
    Will you post experiments of 'potential wedding looks' hehe~
    Hope you get better very sooN!
    i have the mavala lash growing thingie but i apply it once in a while instead of everyday.. so i don't think that works >.< haha

  5. Hi, I'm a new reader, and I really like the tips you give! Regarding the ardell lash stuff, it works pretty well, although I'm not sure that it is actually lengthening my lashes. It seems that the gel conditions my lashes by making them healthier, thereby making them thicker. The added thickness makes them appear as though they are longer. That's my take on it anyway.

  6. how did you manage to order from the brazilian sites that sell solotica lenses? im so lost :[ if you could help, please email me. i'd REALLY appreciate it! if not then can you just comment back on how much the total came out to be for a pair + shipping? thank you!

  7. your better ^^
    yay, welcome back.

  8. i have the dove cream oil body wash too.. i'm using the blue one, i think it says pure satin or something. has an odd smell to it. it does feel really rich and moisturizing though. going to try the pink one next.

  9. Hey... I just wanted to comment on your poll about the "wedding hairstyle" thing (congrats on your upcoming wedding, btw!!)... and umm... Out of all those choices, I really really REALLY think it depends on the dress! Some dresses look soo pretty with long hair flowing and pretty (like if you're wearing a very very light and flowy chiffon-like gown). Other gowns really just suit a nice formal updo more, y'know?

  10. nanshi: I totally agree with you! It's so funny, on the poll up with a bun, up with curls, and down with curls almost all tied! So I guess it really does just depend on the person and the dress. :)

    I think my plan is an updo with curls. I'll post pics of my practice hair run with the style.