Microwaves and Glamour

2:48 PM

I just got internet hooked up at the new apartment about an hour ago and compulsively felt the need to update. The 3-week break from the net was alright, but I am ready to get back to being connected again. I don't have a whole lot to update other than that we are still unpacking but we have been really dilligent about trying to exchange, return, and buy things for our home. I'm pretty amazed at how profound the effect of not having a microwave can be. We so take them for granted. We just bought this LG microwave yesterday from Best Buy so I guess I'll post about it if I have any problems.

I can't wait until everything is clean so I can show you guys how we decorated the place. I really love it. Maybe my digicam cord will pop up in the process so I can upload my honeymoon photos too. ;)

I also saw that my dear Kassia uploaded a couple preview photos of Ben and my "day after" wedding shoot. I am always jaw-droppingly, continually amazed by her talent. What can I say? I've never felt so glamorous in my life. Thank you so much, Kassia!

Anyway, hope everyone is trucking along as I am. :)


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  1. Kassia is amazing...
    Looks like art (:

  2. omg jen,you look so beautiful in your wedding pics dear...so so much :D

  3. you look stunning! like straight out of a bridal magazine (actually even better)

  4. I can't wait to see more updates - I've been so impatient waiting for you to come home!

  5. absolutely stunning. wow.
    it looks like something from a catalogue. you look flawless

  6. your wedding dress is drop dead gorgeous (and so are you ^^). i don't usually like those princess-y type of wedding dresses but wow... it really looks amazing on you! congrats on getting married, can't wait to read more of your posts :)

  7. I want photos like those when I get married. They are amazing!

    Anyway, I came here to tell you that I finally finished the drawing I promised!


    With watermark

    I just realised that I could've written your name there too.. Oh well. Maybe I'll do it later.

  8. congrats !

    sorry i have an irrelevant question .. i was just wondering where did you buy your soflens jade contacts ? is lensbase.com a legit site ?


  9. you look so beautiful .. really stunning in that dress

  10. gill: I got them from a friend, so I'm not really sure. Sorry I can't help!

  11. thanks for your help !

    sorry just one more question .. what base curve do you use or find more comfortable?

    thanks again !

  12. Your wedding dress is so beautiful. can you tell me where did you get it?


  13. Like everyone else who's commented, the photos are stunning stunning stunning. I'm hunting for Kassia Photography when I get married :)