Youtube Contest

3:09 PM

Hey guys, I'm going to try for Koren's Youtube Contest. I would so so appreciate it if you would vote for me! The winners are chosen by the most votes.

All you need to do is type "frmheadtotoe" in the comment of the video and make sure you are subscribed to Koren's vids. If you haven't already, you should because he is amazing!

Thanks so much guys and wish me luck!

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  1. awwww, i'll make sure to vote for you.
    Anyway, jen, I have a question, how was your skin condition like before? Since i remember you tell us you use to have horrible acne after you see the derm, take antibiotic and yaz pill. Since I'm having moderate acne now (i'm 19) and I've done everything possible to clear up my face (pill, wash face with oil and then foam apply topical treatment, i haven't had antibiotic yet) but they're still around

  2. Hmm. I remember thinking that my acne was very bad but the derm said it was only moderate. It was very consistent though...never clear. If you still aren't clear you should see the derm and see what he/she recommends.

  3. thank you so much! So did the derm say what the reasons of your acne are? And what did they recommend? What did you change about your before and after regimen? You're such a sweetie.

  4. I had acne from puberty. It's genetic... I was doomed from the start! ^^ I was/am actually very good at keeping my face and body hygenic and clean but sometimes you do just have to grow out of it.

    My whole regimen changed when I went to the derm. I got a new facewash, topical meds, and oral antibiotics. After a year or two, the bacteria on my face was greatly reduced because of the antibiotics and medication which helped the acne to stay away. Like I said, you should see a doctor because everyone's skin is different. I will try to do a post on skincare soon, ok? :)

  5. thank you so much, you're so sweet and helpful