MAC, Clinique haul

11:24 AM

Hey guys! This past weekend I took a trip out to the lake and had the chance of stopping by a Cosmetics Company Outlet store. This place is great and has lots of MAC products for quite a discount.

I ended up buying:

MAC eye shadow in Moonflower
MAC fluidline in Jadeye
MAC "trip" liquidlast liners set of 3
-Blue Herizon
-Point Black
Clinique brush-on cream liner in Deep Brown

These are some swatches I took, in yellow bathroom light and in natural light. Moonflower has UDPP in the first swatch, and applied bare in the second.

I went a little eyeliner crazy, but I personally think eyeliner is one of the most important and emphasizing eye products you can use. I've been dying to get some blues into my collection too, so I can't wait to do a look with these. It will especially be interesting for you fellow tape-users out there!

My favorites out of this haul are the Jadeye fluidline, and Powerplum and Blue Herizon liquidlast liner. They all have this really pretty sheen to them. I especially love the little gold flecks in the Jadeye that didn't pick up on camera. The Moonflower eyeshadow also looks like a pretty teal with slight shimmer, way better in person.

Here is a photo of our relaxing view outside the cabin. It must've been the inspiration for my new colors!

So you need to let me know, what is your favorite brand and color of eyeliner?

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  1. nice haul,how much was the liner trio pack? :D

  2. can you do a post on your new hair color? thanks

  3. Ahh you're so lucky there's a cosmetic outlet store near you! I love the colors of your eyeliners, especially the blue one. What's my favorite eyeliner? I'd have to say Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil eyeliner in Zero. :)

  4. miemiemie: It was $34.75 which is still hefty for me, but they were all colors I wanted and they are AMAZING. The swatch stayed on my hand all day, through a shower, and didn't come off at the end of the day until I used Clinique take the day off makeup remover. The fluidline was nothing in comparison!

    anonymous: Absolutely. I'll try to find a good pic of my hair, or take a new one tomorrow. :)

    ~dragonf7y~: The store is actually a few hours away, but it's the closest one to me. I'll have to scope more out on vacations. :)

  5. Hello!
    May I ask, what kind of waterproof mascara would you recommend? My eyes tear up a lot and I'm a bit tired of looking like a panda. :P

  6. Can you post what tool you use to curl your hair too?

  7. Anonymous 2: I personally use max factor lash perfection waterproof, but only on my top lashes. It smears when I put it on my bottom lashes, so I use NON-waterproof on my bottom lashes and it doesn't flake or smear! If you just want to buy one tube, one of my friends swears by cover girl marathon waterproof mascara. She will use a coat of it over another one she likes better but isn't as waterproof.

    Anonymous 3: I use a couple different tools but I'll post about it soon for you. :)

  8. wah $34?? omg..haha im actually being cheap since im not working yet..need to save money first :D