Purple-Blue Berry Eyes

2:58 PM

I wanted to combine one of my favorite shadow colors, NYX purple, with my new blue Moonflower MAC shadow and this is what I came up with. It's a bit ethereal, but reminds me of what cool weather feels like in shadow form.


*Urban Decay Primer Potion
*NYX single eye shadow in Purple
*MAC eyeshadow in Moonflower
*NYX single eye shadow in Opal for highlight
*MAC liquidlast liner in Powerplum
*MAC fluidline in Blacktrack
*Everyday Minerals blush in Walkee Talkee
*Clinique different lipstick in Raspberry Glace
*Revlon Superlustrous lipgloss in Sunrise Nude

For the eyes, apply primer all over lid and brush the blue color on the inner 3/4 of the entire eye lid. Next, use the purple for the outer V and crease. Top it off with an iridescent white highlight color on the brow bone. I really love NYX opal for purples and blues because it shimmers a really beautiful purplish color in the light. For the face, choose a pretty berry-pink color for cheeks and a bright pink lip with nude gloss over the top for a look that is light and shimmery.

It's so easy, and not a huge leap for those who are afraid of brights, so try it out and let me know how it went!

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  1. jen , can you do a totally natural look-
    no contacts, no eyelid tape... ?
    and what type of hair dye did you use to get
    your hair dark brown?
    Thanks so much :)

  2. anonymous: If you click on "single eyelids" under labels, the Natural Glow tutorial has a totally natural look with no tapes, lenses, false lashes, etc. I also have a look with no tape from my honeymoon. If you want me to do another tutorial without tapes I can do that too just give me a color palette you want to see. :)

    I also did a post on my hair color on August 1. It's a korean brand. Hope that helps!

  3. hi Jen,
    Would you mind doing a post on your comprehensive skin care routine including dermatologist medications or bcps... ?

  4. L-O-V-E-L-Y look jen :) love it :)

  5. hey jen, what an interesting combination! It does feel like cool weather on the eyes hehe! thanks for the tutorial =)
    oh, just wondering, how come when I click the picture to see a bigger version it doesn't work anymore? I think its only the new posts that are like that.


  6. I love all your looks but I'm especially mesmerized by your contacts!! The way the light hits them makes them look better than any circle lenses I've seen. Thanks for the heads up on this brand!

  7. maria: sure, I'll do a post on skincare soon.

    lilsweetkaz: I did that because there was an error when some people would click on pics. Sometimes, the browser would not let you go back to the blog from the enlarged photo, so I disabled the bigger click. :P Sorry if you wanted to see them bigger!

  8. Jenn, lovely post!
    I'd like to see more single eyelid tutorials too. Something natural.

    Also I miss the larger photos. I really like seeing the detail of the contacts and your makeup.

  9. Jen, I love your blog! I've read it a few times (from searching for solotica) and I just wanted to leave a comment. You are so pretty and sweet, very helpful in regards to your tutorials, etc. Keep writing! Can I ask what you do for work? I really think you should look into writing for a beauty mag.

  10. may i ask you what styling products you used for your hair, because the curls look so nice and not stiff like others i've seen. Also, when you do use those products, how many hours does your hair remain like that until it de-curls? Thanks so much Jen! :)

  11. New blogger, love your blog! Where'd you get your contacts from, such a unique look!
    Very pretty makeup

  12. Hi Jen my name is ShinMay Hsu and I'm from Myanmar. :) nice to meet u. I like the video that makeup for film and photography from away we happened, 20$ makeup challenge, Hyuna bubble pop, and bronzed goddess kind of look. So I'm ur biggest fan. ^_^ I want to know the makeup from away we happened can suitable for everyday eye makeup???????? Coz I'm fall in love with it. :)