Pacifica Honey Lenses and Wedding Makeup

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One of the things that can come along with marriage is the oh-so-wonderful thing called domesticism. Sure, you get a taste of it when you are living away from Mom and Dad in college or as a single person, but for me marriage was the big string cut making me a truly independent person. I am responsible not only for the health and well-being of myself, but also my husband.

That being said, I do a fair majority of the cooking. Ben does a good job, but I do have a bit more gusto for it as well as a small amount of experience and plenty of food network watching. I just wanted to share one of our little ghetto (and easy!) meals of the Korean cold noodle soup dish, mul nengmyun.

I didn't have any meat or kimchee on hand to put it in, but cucumbers and boiled egg are really what make the dish toppings, right? Ok, so we didn't even have bowls to put the soup in so we just used pyrex mixing bowls. But it was a dang good meal if I do say so myself!

Anyway, I recently received a pair of Pacifica lenses in Honey from the totally awesome Gregg. They are labeled as 3-month lenses and felt pretty comfortable compared to other lenses I've tried.

This is a close-up of the lenses in my eyes with flash and without flash.

I know the flash photo makes it look almost grey, but that was really the blue tint coming off of the flash. It is a warm honey shade up close which mixes with my eye color to create a golden brown color from talking distance. I really loved the almost sparkly, but natural, look these lenses gave.

In terms of makeup, I was preparing for an outdoor daytime shoot in my wedding dress. I wanted to show you guys a better close-up of my wedding makeup so I got another opportunity! I tried to recreate the same look using the same products.


* Urban Decay Primer Potion
* Max Factor Lash Perfection Mascara
* Clinique Brush-on Cream Liner in Deep Brown (as a base over the tape and blending into skin)
* MAC fluidline in blacktrack (lining both top and bottom lashlines)
* Criss-cross and tapering style false lashes
* Nyx single shadows in dark brown and white
* Revlon 12-hour eyeshadow quad in Copper Spice and Nude Elements (1st color is my favorite tear duct highlighter)

* Monistat anti-chafing gel as primer
* Lancome Photogenic cream concealer in Camee for discoloration spots
* Everyday Minerals concealer in Sunlight for undereye brighening
* Everyday Minerals foundation in a mix of Golden Medium and Fairly Light Neutral, matte+intensive
* Everyday Minerals blush in Apple (my #1 recommendation for blushing brides)
* Everyday Minerals Finishing Powder

* Maybelline Superstay Gloss in #160 Glass Rose

Just as a note, I wanted to add that you should avoid any makeup with glitters for wedding or photography. That means no sparkly shadows, liner, or glitter on your face or hair. For the brow bone highlight color especially, you should look for a matte shadow. Here's two photos without flash and one with. :)

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  1. Oh my god the contacts are soo beautiful. They really do make a difference! How much did your contacts cost? The false lashes are amazing as well. The makeup is amazing. Ugh everything is perfect haha.

  2. mool nengmyun is the best for the summer! Ah, to chase it down with a Pinkberry dessert is divine. Can't find the latter in STL, however =(

  3. what did you do to your hair? who butchered it? it was so nice before?
    can you do a skincare routine post? what do you use?

  4. Haha, wow. Her hair still looks pretty!
    May I ask, what kind of EM foundation do you think is good for mostly dry skin with only oily t-zone? Thankyous :]

  5. LOL Jen, if I were to ever go to Kansas, you must (a) cook/feed me (not feed literally) and (b) do my make-up!!!!!!

    And to anonymous...her hair is not butchered, jeez.

  6. Amy: the lenses were a gift, but you can buy them online for about $18 before shipping at :)

    Anonymous1: Ahaha! I had to let my hair air dry so I could curl it before the shoot. I took these photos before I even touched my hair! Don't worry, it's not butchered. And I'll try to do a skincare routine soon. ;)

    Anonymous 2: I recommend intensive or semi-matte, depending on how much coverage you want. It helps to use finishing powder on your t-zone periodically too.

    haha. you guys are silly.

  7. the contacts look pretty on you, AS ALWAYS :)

  8. frmhead to toe-
    can i request you do a before/after look to compare your transformations? I just want to see the difference contact lenses make-- i'm debating whether or not to get a pair now... but i'm not sure. I'm super pale and I want to try a light brown/hazel color-- something to brighten my face up...

  9. you're sooo pretty. you should just move to korea and become a celebrity!

  10. man I'd love to see a tut on that look! :D

  11. They look great on you! And the makeup looks fresh as well! Very complimentry to your features! But your pics of the food made me hungry!!

  12. so prettyyy, gorgeous contacts! too bad they don't make em with a prescription =[

  13. Oh my Gosh i love the way they look on you. You look awesome, BTW i love your blog

  14. I absolutely love those lenses on you! Do you know where to purchase them?

  15. Oh wait nevermind. I just read your comments and you said

    but I don't get the 2 pack thing. Should I just order 1 for the right eye if it's a 2 pack?

  16. Do you think Greg can order some for me? The site requires my prescription which is plano, but I don't have it.

  17. Hey ii also wear contact lenses. After trying a few ii found Pacifica to be the best!! Their comfortable and natural looking. The other brands have to much of the clear tape which makes it easy to distinguish as contacts!! They look really nice on you.

  18. OMG! You're Ben and Jen?? How adorable! Beautiful look, I'll definitely being doing a similar one at my own wedding in October! Wow! the lenses really change the effect don't they?? You're really gorgeous by the way.