Miss February

10:27 PM

I did a photoshoot for a car calendar (not trashy~!) a few weeks ago and got to pose with a very sexy red '01 Corvette. Trust me, it's not my normal thing but it was way more fun than I thought it would be! Lots of pretty cars, pretty ladies, and the weather was nice. :) To match, I did a purple smokey makeup look that was rather dramatic, but still very feminine at the same time. Very va va voom with big false lashes and curled hair. I love dressing up and this was no exception!

The makeup was basically my purple smokey look but a bit more exaggerated and with these huge Smashbox falsies. I think they were so heavy it gave me sleepy-looking eyes. No wait, I mean sultry. ;)

Main tools:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Smashbox Lashes
NYX black, purple, and opal shadows
MAC fluidline in blacktrack
MAC 3D lipglass
Everyday Minerals blush in Apple

And here are some behind-the-scenes pics from the shoot:

"I'm smiling big because I'm pretending that it's mine"

"When I point here everyone start singing Prince"

"Ze hair! Ze does what ze wants!"

"What's going on here?" :P

Special thanks to Amanda Ford for her sweet energy and photography, and Norman Mah for his sexy, sexy cars and these photos. :)

If anyone wants a calendar (with very gorgeous girls posing for the other months included of course) let me know and I will find out about the price and info of when they will come out. And I gotta post my obligatory question: What is your dream car?

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  1. my dream car would be the mercedes mclaren :)

    very pretty look i must say,and GOD you're so THIN!

  2. you look really pretty! esp. the hair!

    oh, can you recommend some scarves for me for the winter? i always see you wear them in posts

    my dream car is a VW beetle! lol

  3. miemiemie: :P yeah, it's nice for looking taller in pics but horrid for finding clothes that fit!

    anonymous: I've started taking karate lessons, but I don't go jogging or anything. I should start up that wii fit again... gah.

    plee: My bff drives a yellow beetle! She loves it. :) I would recommend you find a cream-colored pashmina-style scarf. You can probably find a nice one at tjmaxx/marshalls if you live in the US. Target has nice ones too. I wear mine at least a couple times a week because it matches almost everything and it keeps me warm at work.

  4. does the 3d lipglass have a color name? its very pretty..looks natural on u..so pretty!

  5. thanks for your response. i'll look into it! :) I have a target nearby.

  6. anonymous 2: It's the same 3d glass I reviewed a few posts ago. It's called "Racy" and it's kind of a sheer hot pink.

  7. sorry was just wondering, do u still wear the pacifica honey lenses (from an old post) anymore? how was the comfort level?


  8. anonymous: I only wore the Pacifica Honeys that one time. >.<

    I think they are 2-week lenses but I only wore them once (and only a few hours) so I think I'll clean and disinfect them and sell them. In fact, I think I'm going to sell lots of my lenses. I work too much and don't have anywhere to wear them to anymore. :P

    The comfort was good on them... more comfortable than other lenses I've had. Hope that answers your questions. :)

  9. you look great! i really need to know though, do you know a good place online where i can buy false lashes for cheap? ty.

  10. anonymous: The cheapest places I've bought false lashes online are (if you are a soompier) on the selling and trading forums and on a website called dealextreme.com (but shipping takes a freaking long time). Honestly, for as cheap as ones like Ardell lashes are it's not that worth it to look for the cheapest. If you go to Asian markets you can find a pack of 2-pair for around $4. Just look at your local grocery or beauty stores. They will usually be under $5. And no, I don't think expensive lashes are worth it. They all only have limited use anyway!

  11. hey, nice pics xD It must be great to be a 'Miss February' :D

    I browsed your blog the other day (great informative posts, esp. about the circle lens and acne etc) and I saw that you mentioned that you wear primers only rarely but that when you do so, you use the Monistat one (The Monistat Chafing Powder Gel if I'm not mistaken?). I was wondering whether you broke out with that gel or not? Since you had dealt with some skin probs before like myself (like realllyyy before coz your skin seems so perfect now xD), I just wanted to make sure that you didn't have any prob with this primer since I'm thinking of getting one. Do you know any other primers that do not clog pores and cause breakouts? (like, the primer that you may have used for this photoshoot or something)

    Thanks in advance! And sorry for the long post :O

  12. Anonymous: I try to use primers before ANY photoshoots I have or anytime I know there will be a potential for sweating. Although it doesn't make me break out, I can't be positive it won't for everyone or all the time. Sometimes after I wear heavy makeup I will break out, but it's not easy to pinpoint what the problem is. I think anytime you wear a lot of face makeup you run that risk. Just let your skin breathe sometimes!

    For the Monistat stuff, I recommend going to makeupalley.com and looking up reviews. It works great for me though.

  13. hey, I just wanted to say thanks for your reply about the Monistat primer :D:D:D I really appreciate it! :D

  14. omg i can't believe i haven't commented on this blogpost of yours!!

    you look SO HOT O__O

    i LOVE the hair and makeup. PLUS i love how you don't have to be like 6 ft tall to model this.

    man, if i can have me a dream car..
    it would be an Aston Martin DBS or Bugatti. Maybe even an Alfa Romeo...after seeing Quantum of Solace the Alfa Romeo looks yummy :)

  15. Hey Jen, you have really good skin.

    I am wondering if you could share your skincare regime? I have oily T-zone and open pores around the area and my photos always turn up with the shine spots.