Myspace FAKER, haul

7:48 AM

Hey guys! First, I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for all of your advice and well-wishes since last time. My symptoms have finally stopped and I am now just trying to get my energy back to 100%. At least I am well enough to eat Thanksgiving dinner. Yay! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Now, I know a lot of you probably don't read all of my comments but an Anonymous commenter posted this link asking if it was my myspace: "faker Mina's Myspace"

Obviously my name is NOT Mina, I am not a 21-year old Vietnamese-mix who is 5'11"!!! Not to mention, if it were me, why would I crop off my own watermarks? Looks like I'm going to have to be more careful with the watermarking. Sorry about this guys, but I really am against stealing of identities. If you have a myspace, report those pics as being unauthorized use. :( And "Mina" since you are obviously a reader of this site, please remove pics you have up that aren't yours. It's not nice to steal. Thank you to the Anonymous tipper who let me know about this.

Anyway, getting back to business, I've bought a few products recently that I wanted to share. First, on a trip to Marshalls I happened upon a few high-end products including the Anastasia Brows in Bloom palette and a Lancome Juicy Tubes Smoothie lipgloss.

You can still find the brow set at here selling for $28, but the one I bought was marked down at customer service to $8 since the brush was missing. I have tons of brushes anyway, so I was super, super excited. I must say, I love this product. It comes with a gold highlighter, a creamy wax to keep hairs in place, and two brow shades. I got the palette in Brunette which is perfect for Asians.

The Juicy Tubes smoothie is a bit more opaque than the traditional juicy tubes, but has the same consistency. The color I bought was called "Energizing Melon" which is a hot ruby pink with a bit of gold tinge to it.

You can see in the swatch how the iridescence changes the color in different lights. I love it! I can't at all wear orangey lips, but this is definitely a flattering color on me. I'm sure I'll use it for a look soon. I think I'm just falling in love with hot pink lip glosses. :P

Oh, and before anyone asks, the nail polish I'm wearing is NYX in Wild that I got from my last NYX haul. I love the color of this medium purple-fuscia. In certain lights there is a slight hint of blue iridescence too. The tips are a Sephora by OPI color my friend had. It was a very dark wine color but I'm not sure of the name.

Hope you guys are having a great holiday season! I'm off to get ready for my big family (and I mean I have a HUGE extended family) Thanksgiving feast. :)

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Jen! Glad you are feeling better!!

    Wow, I can't believe somebody would secretly use your pics!! I am wondering how this tipper found this profile in the first place, that's just weird. I'll be sure to report these images. The funny thing is that this person is SO stupid that he or she obviously cannot tell Asians apart. I loved how this person said that certain chicks are you when they look completely different LOL What a moron!!!

  2. "Pumped for a haircut :)" The captions are soooo lame lol Back to reporting images for unauthorized use...!

  3. I reported the images, but you should file a complaint with Myspace.

  4. Sorry, that link didn't copy all the way, but if you go to myspace and their support, they tell you how to file a copyright/stolen picture claim.

  5. how lame... think of it as a compliment. the only reason why she'd do it is because you're gorgeous :D

  6. wth! you have a faker! shoot! tsk tsk, suddenly you're mina and you stand 5'11? didn't you mention that you're petite? duh..

    anyway,happy thanksgiving dear :) good thing that you are feeling better already :)

    nice buys you got there,pretty cheap!:)

  7. That is DISGUSTING. She even wrote like she was you. God I'm so sick of people who do that. How do they live with themselves every day? I mean, I know you should feel flattered and all but it is just DISGUSTING. "Oh hey my name is Mina Nguyen I'm 21, so and so... I'm so hot, but I don't even look like all these pictures I've stolen."

    At least someone tipped you off! God that's horrible. :)

  8. so glad someone tipped you off!!

    Compliment still the same ^^ hahas she probably wishes she was as gorgeous as you are.

    I love the new things you got!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!~

  9. omgg.. how can that girl use your picture for her myspace.. and post pictures of herself as well -_-"

    at least if tries to use your face as herself she should put more pictures.. or none at all

    what a fail myspace user... you should report her.. and maybe post her page on =P

  10. Hey!
    I don't know if you mention it in in blog before but what kind of make up remover do you use? Would it be best to use a make up remover for eye make up and a different one for the face?

  11. Hey, I'm absolutely in love with your blog! I'm a new reader and I've reading through all your previous posts :)

    I have a question~
    In a post LONG ago, you posted up a nail polish color that I want to get. It's your 'pale opaque pink' and I was wondering what the exact name was. I believe the brand is LDL. It was a really long time ago! Thanks in advanced!

  12. heyy again!.. i usually get to your blog by typing it through google.. and i few links down i found something really interesting

    " Estimated Worth $2949.2 USD"


  13. ChoKitty: Thanks. I did file a complaint. :P

    miemiemie: Well, if I look like that bikini girl, I'll take it as a compliment! Although she doesnt look 5'11" either. I think she was faking that girl too though.

    Tiffany: I know. The other face pics she posted don't look anything like me! :/

    And the net worth thing... DANG! I don't actually make ANY money from my blog at all. You could help me possibly make some if you click a google ad though! Or buy something from the other store links. Haha. But I haven't made anything yet.

    Kate: My favorite eye makeup remover is Clinique take the day off. I use that then just use my facewash for my whole face.

    Anonymous 2: I don't think it had a specific name. I checked the bottle and there's no name or number. Sorry!

  14. heyyy long tim lurker, first time poster.
    I just had to post when I saw that there was someone pretending to be you! AANNNDDD your name isn't even CLOSE to Mina XD XD XD!

    anyway, I think you can report it to myspace...and they'll completely shut the account down.