Boxer Girl Halloween! (black eye makeup)

9:20 AM

Hello everyone! I hope those of you who dressed up for Halloween had a blast last night. One of the few years where Halloween actually landed on a decent day of the week!

This year my costume was a boxer girl and I decided to have makeup to match. One side is pretty, hot pink makeup and the other eye is purple and bruised, which I think came out pretty convincing and made for a lot of fun throughout the night.

First, I prepped my face with concealer, mineral makeup, and NYX Pinky blush. Then, I primed both eyes (and under my eye to my cheekbone for the bruised side) with Urban Decay Primer Potion. I used the hot pink and red shadows from the Kleancolor 9-color palette in Pixi.

For highlighting the browbone and tear ducts, I used the white shadow from one of my favorite Revlon colorstay quads, Nude Elements. Then came eyeliner (MAC fluidline) with a bit of charcoal shadow on top. I then filled in my brown and applied the false eyelashes on only that side. A healthy dose of mascara was put on my lower lashes. I wanted this eye to be more exaggerated than normal to really stand out from the black eye!

I basically loosely followed this Youtube video for the bruised-eye look:

For the bruised eye, I basically stuck to using the 77 color palette because there are so many colors to choose from. I started with a burgundy color, then purple, yellow, green, and charcoal. I think the trick to doing this type of realistic makeup is to use matte shadows, not shimmer. Shimmer reflects light and looks too fake. If you can get a good burgundy, mustard yellow, and deep purple you can make it look pretty cool. I added MAC fluidline to that eye to blend into the dark shadows and a touch more shadow on top to blend the eyeliner in. The mascara I had on that side was what I had remaining from the day, which I left on. I added a lip stain to my lips and a bit of gloss.

And this is what I came up with:

It was a decent job for using just powder eyeshadows instead of any cream makeup, but UDPP works wonders as always. Here's a few more photos of my costume and silliness. FYI, the center of the belt was a spinner. It was so excellent! I got it from the boy's toy section at Target.

I'm so tough

That's right, I like to dance!


Tell me about your Halloween costumes and what you did to celebrate! I want to know what shenanigans you crazy people got into. ;)

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  1. looks like u had fun =]
    the bruised makeup looks pretty real!! good job!

  2. had to come out of lurk mode to tell you your costume and makeup are brilliant!

  3. how can a girl with a black eye still look this pretty?
    good job on the makeup and costume. its nothing like the video you posted, 1000x better.

  4. WOW! you look great and the boxer thing is really cool!

  5. i love your hair!! :) Did you have it permed?

  6. whats a spinner exactly?

  7. queenie: i had to try really hard to compensate. :P And it's not exactly like the video... less theater makeup and more realistic maybe? Haha. Thanks. :)

    Anonymous: my hair was permed a while ago but it's all been grown out and chopped off. This was just a 5 minute job from the good old curling iron.

    Anonymous 2: The middle part of the belt actually spins. Literally! Like those spinner necklaces or spinning car rims. ;)

  8. can you do a false eyelash tut?

  9. ohmigod! this is adorable! i love it! and plus, the costume is totally PG rated which i love haha i'm looking for a costume my mother won't flip out on =P
    i loveee it! and you totally made the eye makeup look great!

  10. hahaha..hilarious..I chuckled when I saw your bruised eye.hehe