Holiday Olive Eyes

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It's almost Christmas and surely plenty of you have been going to holiday parties. Here is a look I did for a recent Christmas party I went to. To get into the spirit, I used some of my new olive green shades of shadows that I've been raving about. What can I say, they are gorgeous and look especially great on brown eyes! How can I resist?

Just to show you a comparison of colors, I swatched a few of my olive and green shades of NYX shadows, and also the green color from the L.A. Colors shadow set in Mesmerize.

Aren't they all so pretty? I love green shadows, but I am really loving Mermaid Green and Herb for the season. Herb is the darker, creamier cousin of Luster. While the L.A. Colors shade is a fair dupe of Mermaid Green, it doesn't get the gorgeous green sheen Mermaid Green has. I've heard that Mermaid green is a good dupe of MAC Humid too. And I'm really looking forward to springtime when I can wear Lime Juice more often. It's such a unique color! It's in the same color family as Kiwi, and they go very well together.

It's been a while since I've done a proper tutorial so here is one on how to get holiday olive eyes.

Holiday Olive Eyes

Tools Needed:
- UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion)
- NYX Mermaid Green
- NYX Luster
- NYX Vanilla Sky (golden highlighter)
- Revlon Colorstay quad in Nude Elements (white highlighter)
- MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack (black cream eyeliner)
- Shiseido Eyelash curler
- Covergirl Waterproof Lash Exact Mascara

**NOTE: for those of you new to my blog, I use eyelid tapes in my tutorials. That is NOT skin, just tape to create a "double eyelid" look. You can find out more about it under "Labels" on the bar to the right. Please keep comments conscientious and relevant to the post. Thanks!

First, start off with a clean base of UDPP. Apply Mermaid Green to the lid in an almond shape like this.

Next, apply Luster across the mid-lid.

Apply Vanilla Sky or any golden highlighter under the brow. Then, take the black cream liner and line your upper lash line and outer half of the lower lash line.

Add a touch of white highlighter to your inner tear ducts. Curl lashes and apply mascara. This is the finished look!

Sorry about how red my eyes were there. It had been a long day! Anyway, I also wanted to show you a new gold nailpolish I got a couple days ago. The color is Rimmel 606 Dazzle, a lighter golden color with gold glitter. It seems like metallics were the trend this winter and I'm not a huge fan of pewter hues so this works for me. I'm going to try to keep this color until Christmas!

Here is the result after two coats and a topcoat.

And just because it matches the color scheme of the rest of the post, here is my food from my birthday dinner on Sunday night. Yay Japanese food! In the photo you can see udon noodles, tempura, and my favorite green tea ice cream. Yummy! I must say though, I feel a bit older now that I am officially 24, in my mid-twenties.

Is it just me or did my ice cream suddenly look like a crocodile? I didn't even notice him sneaking up on me, so I had to take a picture.

There I go again, playing with my food like a good little adult. :P Haha. Anyway, hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season! Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. uh why do you put the eyelid tape on? it's unnecessary and really obvious. ditch it!

  2. i love your blog is so cute and thanks for the swatches ;)

  3. @anonymous - cause she probably wished she had double

  4. I agree... I think you would look better without the tapes!

  5. To anonymous#2 - Don't you think that if she really wanted double lids, she would've gotten surgery by now? I sense a hater (you!).

  6. just because someone wants something doesn't mean they always get it..hello...its surgery. its not something your gonna be like..."oh yeah i have surgery tomorrow then next week"

  7. oohhh I love the green swatches!
    I used to love playing with greens when i was first introduced to makeup but since I'm so bad at applying eyeshadow i haven't touched it for a long time =(

    @ Anonymous(s)
    Double eyelid tape is actually not noticeable.. it seems noticeable in the pictures because the picture is obviously focused on your eye. It gives an illusion of double eyelids for single-lidded people
    there is also alternative ways to get double eyelids besides tape such as surgery or glue
    and Jen noted before that she gets an allergic reaction to glue?
    and surgery is not some random issues.. it's an important decision for many people.
    If you personally don't think it's necessary then don't hate.. keep comments to yourself :)

  8. JEN! i had & am always loving your tutorials! =D keep all going babe! your brows tutorials made me took the first stop to shape my brows on my own for the FIRST TIME! i really LOVE the results till now! =)

    Tiffany: i definitely agree with you; i think you guys should be alot more flexible with your thinkings yeah? what Jen had done, doesnt mean you gotta do it too right? we, as a viewer should always respect her ways of doing, cos its already really nice of her to teach us her tips & tricks yeah? Please appreciate instead of giving some unnecessary comments =)



  9. Well, Jen has stated on a different blog before that she had the opportunity to have her lids done but passed it up. Why? Because she enjoys having the option to play with both her looks...with tape and without tape. So for you to say, "cause she probably wished she had double eye-lids" and then laugh is uncalled for. You make assumptions when you don't even know her. So I just found it rude...and to do it on her blog?! Talk about no tact.

  10. The tape is not that noticeable from far away. I love Jen both with and without the tape and I respect her for being okay with having single eyelids. She is helping other single-lidders by making makeup tutorials with and without double eyelid tape. Stop being so insensitive.

    Jen, you know we love you :D

  11. Happy belated birthday! Love your tutorials. Don't listen to the obnoxious people.

  12. first of all i think you look really great double eyelid or monolid. and im always on the search for a good asian (im korean tooo) blog about makeup and yours is definitely the best. i check all the time to see if you have makeup tuts because yours is one of the only ones i can actually follow
    haha so just saying your tutorials are really helpful and i hope you do a lot more :)

  13. Hey Jen!

    I stumbled across your blog today while googling make-your-own eyelid tape...

    Your step-by-step instructions are greaaat. I hate having single lids :[

    Could you do another smoky eye tutorial, only maybe with different colors? I loved your other smoky eye tutorial.

    & do you use liquid eyeliner? Because if you do, I would like to know what kind.

    Thank youuu

  14. Hello :D
    I have single eyelids too and I find it difficult to apply eye make-up, but I found your eye-lid tape tutorial very useful and I decided to comment~ Doing eye make-up is easier for me now, thanks alot! By the way you are so pretty!
    Hope that you've had a great christmas!

  15. Jen is a beautiful gal. Way to go!

    To all the ignorant people. It's perfectly fine to use tape on your eyelids to play up the effect on the eyes.

    This Asian gal uses eyelid tape on herself and her friends for their halloween make up.

    She is a Singaporean Chinese, just like me. Proud to be one.

  16. So the person above me just commented to say that is a beautiful girl and really it's herself??!? Wow, talk about narcissism. (Yeah, in case you hadn't notice, you posted as the writer of that blog.) Genius.

  17. Anonymous above me please read carefully. I commented that JEN is a beautiful gal. And I am not in any way JOLENE from the link I've pasted. I have meant to share some make up tips using eyelid tape but you thought that I am Jolene being narcist.

    To prove that I'm not like you hiding behind a name called anonymous, my name is Mandy. I've got no blog and so when I posted the comment, I input the blog which I have wanted to share. I should not have done that and my only mistake was that. You on the other hand has created some trouble uncalled for.

    Dear Jen sorry for using this space to rant but I feel that the anonymous up there has jumped into conclusion and twisted my words. I feel sorry for Jolene.

    Have a happy new year, Jen.

  18. I've decided to come in here as I've seen a few hits to my blog coming from this site.

    To anon up there,

    I do not know if you were the one who pasted this site's link onto one of my entries or was it somebody else trying to inform me about this matter.

    Anyway, just to let you know, I seldom post comments on blogs of people whom I dunno. Even if I do post comments on blogger, I would sign in as my user profile to post so people would know who I am. (Exactly like what I'm doing now) Hence, if you click on my name, it would lead to my profile instead of my main blog link.

    Any comments leading to my main blog link would not be by me.

    Hope this clarifies things up.

    BTW... Isn't "From Singapore" or Mandy saying that the blog author, Jen, is beautiful? She was definitely not referring to me if I read that sentence correctly.

    Just because of YOUR GROSS OVERSIGHT, you have misunderstood her and implicated me in the process of this whole issue.

    I hope you don't feel foolish now. Anyway, I've to thank either you or Mandy for bringing this blog to my attention. It's certainly fun reading all the make up and fashion tip.

    To the blog author,
    I'm sorry for using this space to rant. =) BTW I love your look a lot. You're such a gorgeous babe. =D

  19. Wow, some people really don't have anything better to do with their lives than write snarky comments about other people, how sad! I saw wear eyelid tape, colour your hair purple, paint your nails black, whatever you like, as long as its what you love and makes you happy, where's the harm in that? I have double lids, I still haven't got a clue what to do with them, I find your blog really inspiring!