Merry Christmas!

3:32 PM

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and a happy holiday season! This year has been so much fun, especially because this was the first Christmas with my husband. 6 months of marriage has flown by so fast, it's unbelievable. I feel so blessed that we have our health and happiness this year, not to mention our loving friends and families.

I have a lot of things to post soon that have been piling up including a review for J. Lynne cosmetics, a tutorial on applying false eyelashes, photos of a few new holographic nailpolish I bought, and TONS of FOTDs that I need to organize. Before I do that though, I just wanted to share my look for Christmas this year. :)

I actually did this look for Christmas eve, but I think it's wonderfully Christmassy.

I just did a pinky-brown eyeshadow look with the revlon colorstay quad in copper spice with NYX cherry on the inner half of the lid.

Here was my outfit. Sheer white turtleneck sweater with a red sweater over it, vintage red belt, the cream scarf I wear practically everyday, and my lovely birthday boots!

They are the VANELi Ninon boots in Tmoro suede. I'm a little obsessed with the spat detailing on the side. Gotta love oversized buttons.

This was our Christmas tree. Are those Halloween ornaments still hanging on it?

Anyway, I wish you all a very happy holiday and God bless. I am so thankful for everyone who reads the blog, and especially those who stick up for me (you know who you are!) There is nothing better than receiving the love and support that I do from you guys. ;)

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  1. OOooo, I really like this look, not to mention the wardrobe as well!!I'm gonna try using tape as an eyelid thing on my left eye since some days, I lose it.

  2. great look!! i love the boots, i have similar boots myself which i bought in korea a while back.

    also, i don't mean to offend or criticise by saying this (truly, i don't) but it'd be good if you'd remove the extra piercings as they detract from your overall appearance. you have a very pretty face but i find that the two helix piercings cheapen your look a little. i'm really sorry if this comes out all wrong and mean, of course it's your choice but it's just a suggestion.

    anyway, hope you had a great Christmas!

  3. rebecca: I got the piercings with my Korean cousin while I went overseas a few years ago and I got them to match hers, so they have a lot of meaning for me. I personally don't consider them to look cheap, but I respect your opinion and appreciate the advice.

  4. i like your handbag. where did you get it? can you show more pictures about your bags.

  5. hi jen,
    i respect the fact that they have special meaning to you and it's great that you like how they look. i suppose i'm biased as i've never been that fond of additional ear piercings. i'm glad my words weren't misconstrued though. :)

  6. I love love love the boots and everything else, I wish and hope you post up more blogs, I read them allll the time. Love yous and take care!

  7. Those are gorgeous curls ! I can never get my hair to curl that perfect. ): I love the makeup & outfit, it really suits you!
    Pretty bags also.
    I admire your blogs. :)

  8. Not sure if you are ok with this but Peterpanjony on Youtube reposted your lens review video. I don't know if he or she is claiming the vid as their own. Just thought I'd let you know anyway.

    Jen Patrol! lol

    Btw, love the whole outfit!

  9. Hey Jen,

    I can't wait for your false eyelash tutorial! I have had trouble with it forever and have almost given up! I have monolids but I've never tried eyelid tape. But does it help to show your eyeliner more? I feel like its hard for the eyeliner to show with monolids but I have tons of eyeliner. which one is the best for you? Thanks!

  10. hi jen! i really like that look, it enhances your features in a natural way :)
    also i totally love your dressing style! what are you wearing for new year's eve?

  11. What happened to your lip? I didn't notice it until now

  12. i dont know why but my comments never show up.

    anyway, i always love your makeup. it always looks so smooth and nice. i practically wear a cream scarf everyday too, goes with everything.

    anyway i noticed you use Urban Decay primer potion. i bought a similar eyeshadow primer, an eye tint from neutrogena... and i wondered if you are supposed to leave it on for a set amount of time before you put on your eyeshadow?


  13. I love the boots! Now I have to go look it up..
    Happy New Year!

  14. Sharonxyy: The bag was actually one I got for free as a sample from my work but I gave it away to a relative as a gift already! But I will do posts showing purses more in the future. :)

    Lili: Thanks for letting me know. >.< I just don't understand why people steal. Ugh.

    Jenny: Yes, the eyelid tape helps a lot in showing eyeliner. I had the same problem with monolids...the liner would always tuck under and smudge.

    Cherrygirl: I don't know what I'm wearing for new years yet! Maybe a long sleeved, black sweater dress. :)

    Anonymous: I have a freckle on my lip! Maybe that is one way to know that my pictures are me. Fakers can beware of my freckle!

    Alex: I usually apply shadow after the primer is dry. I don't really WAIT for it to dry, but you don't want the creaminess to smudge the shadow. Try applying the primer to both eyes first, then doing the shadow. This should give enough time for it to apply just fine.

    Jnie: I bought mine from Amazon if that helps. :)

  15. Happy New Year! Cute blog you have here, I will definitely check back.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  16. what jeans are you wearing in the picture? they look great with the boots, and your perfect legs don't hurt either.

  17. such a cute xmas look! thx for showing! belated merry xmas!

  18. Hey Jen, where did you get the red sweater from? it looks really cute..i'm trying to think about what to wear for this year's x-mas...any ideas?

  19. I'm new here! so glad I found this websiteee!!! your postings are so helpful! I also have monolids. I think I am going to try the eye tape. Did you use different eye tape in this posting? The tape looks different from wonder eye lid tape.

  20. hey jen! I know this post was posted long long ago, haha, but I was just browsing thru your archives and found this post. how did you curl your hair for this? It certainly looks very different from the Japanese Curls you did. Would you mind sharing? :)