Valentine's Day Romantic Pink Makeup Tutorial

7:07 PM

Yay! Finally a new tutorial! I've had so many requests for a Valentine's Day look so I recorded this so I could get it up in time before the big holiday. For those of you who have been following me for a while, you'll recognize this as the look I wore last year for Valentine's Day! I really liked the look so I recreated it to share with everyone. ^^

This look is basically a hot pink eye with a smoky charcoal as the contour color. I do want to mention that although I used Wonder Eyelid Tape here, monolidders can wear the exact same look just without the tape.

Products used:

Paul & Joe Protective Fluid Foundation in 15 Sable
Lancome Photogenic Concealer in Camee
MAC Grand Duo blush in Love Rock
Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Powder in Candlelight

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NYX single eyeshadows in Cherry, Hot Pink, and Vanilla Sky
Stila Barbie All Doll'd Up Palette (charcoal color)
NYX Jumbo Shadow Pencil in Cottage Cheese
Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Liner in Zero
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Wonder Eyelid Tape (Extra)
Shisem lashes in XOG특
Shiseido Eyelash Curler
Anastasia Brows in Bloom Palette
Covergirl Lash Exact Mascara

MAC Hello Kitty Lipstick in Big Bow
MAC Dazzleglass in Money, Honey
And here are pics of the final look:
Silly, as always. :3

And here's one where you can see a bit more of my outfit. The pink t-shirt dress was actually a pj dress. I love wearing t-shirt dresses! I belted it with an old, old elastic belt with heart clasp that I kept from when I was a kid. 

And yes, I am still sick and coughing. Starting to wonder if I have pneumonia or something. :( I need to listen to you guys and visit the nurse practitioner at CVS soon. I'm so annoyed at myself for being fatigued all the time. BUT hopefully that doesn't show in the video. ;)

Speaking of Valentine's Day, you may have already heard about this on other blogs but b.liv (company of Cellnique) is hosting a Happy SAD, or Single Awareness Day for all the single ladies at You can join in for ideas of celebrating a Happy SAD too. With no reason to be sad! ^^ (Also nope, I am not getting paid for this. ;)

Okay, gonna go to bed early tonight for real! Coughing up a lung is no fun!

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  1. this is such a pretty look! i love it =)

  2. Oooh I think i'll most definitely do this! Thank you for the tutorial! :]

  3. You've convinced me that I need to get some pink shadows!

  4. darn NYX sale for not having those pink colors siiigh.

    btw Jen, WHAT IS THAT PINK THING ON YOUR HAIR I WANT ONE! What's it called! I use a headband atm and the bad thing about it is shapes your hair into something un-nice when you take it off after you're done with makeup D:

  5. soo cute :) love your outfit ! wish i could wear than much white clothes..

  6. gorgeous look! i love it hehe
    you look pretty :)

  7. Gorgeous look Jen! I hope you and your hubby have a great Valentine's weekend!

  8. hiiiii :)
    where can i buy the anastasia brow kit?
    thanks jen!

  9. So pink :) I love it! You look so cute! Definitely will try it for V-day. I hope you feel better and have a great valentines day.

  10. hey Jen, you look really cute with pinks in this tutorial! Love the blush color and the eye makeup is gorgeous :) stay healthy girl!

  11. Pretty as always! Man, when I get sick I turn's amazing how you keep your skin glowing! Pretty amazing actually... :D

    As always, feel better soon!

  12. You look realy romantic and gorgeous!! See that nurse and get well soon!

  13. so lovely look! thanks for the tutorial

  14. ahhh! cutie pie!! Love this look:) Just wondering, do you put the tape in the same spot every time? I learn sooo much from your blog! xo

  15. hi! i was wondering how you put youtube videos onto your blog? like right in the middle of a post lie you always do. i tried that with my own blog but on youtube there is no link to share for blogger =( and i have noo idea how to do it, please help me!

  16. You look stunning! So sweet and positively glowing...

  17. This is such a pretty romantic & sweer look! You look beautiful as always!

    Have a great Valentines. xx

  18. wow could you be any more gorgeous? I love the pink e/s and blush and lippie and everything!! You're hair is gorgeous too :) Have a very nice V-day

  19. love the look! i will be celebrating sad day :D

  20. Jen! Thanks for posting this tutorial especially when you're feeling under the weather. I just want to tell you that what you're having is PROBABLY not pneumonia because when I caught it a few years ago, I was completely KO. My whole chest felt like there's this gigantic weight on it and I can barely take a breath. You should still go to the doctors of course, but just wanted to reassure you that it's probably not something as serious as pneumonia. :)

    Saw your tweet, glad you deleted his comment. Honestly, the internet's great and all, but it's too easy for people to spur outrageous things. >___>

    I support you fully! ^___^ & thanks for the tutorial! You look gorgeous! I definitely would not have guessed you're not feeling well (how do you do it?! Haha)

  21. You look beaut-- as usual =)
    Any plans for Valentine's day?

  22. cute as always! please get well soon

  23. you probably get this alot, but i think you're just beautiful!

    have a lovely Valentines day! <3

  24. what brush did you use to apply your blush

  25. hana: It's a Dariya Hair Magic Sheet. :) I'm going to put one up in an upcoming giveaway soon. :D

    Michee: You can buy anastasia stuff at Sephora or Nordstrom. I got mine for clearance from scouring Marshall's but I think they have newer palettes that are pretty much the same as what's in my kit.

    Stephanie: You don't HAVE to put the tape in the same spot for it to work but if you are attempting to form a permanent crease, that's what I would advise.

    An Tran: When you are on the youtube page for your video (actual page for the individual vid) there should be a box with the URL for embedding the video on the right side. Just copy+paste that into your blog. :)

    Lisa: Nothing too big! Maybe sushi or even just staying home, spending time with hubby. :)

    sunniipinky: Yes, that's what a coworker told me also. I went to the CVS minute clinic and they diagnosed me with bronchitis. Got some antibiotics so hopefully it will clear up soon!

    jessiechoi: I used the Sigma 168 brush.

  26. Just gorgeous! I'm really loving the DSLR pics too ... colors and makeup show up so much better.

    Btw, I haven't been on your blog forever because it's blocked both at work and at my hotel! So strange. I can't figure it out!

  27. nice tutorial :) it really does look very sweet + valentines day-ish

  28. i hope you get a lot better soon. don't forget to drink your vitamins (vit c in particular) to boost your immmune system. 1000mg a day will do :)

    you look so pretty as always. thanks for sharing the video :)

  29. So cute!!^^
    I love your make up tutorial!!

    Thank u the tip about the Wonder Eyelid tape! I'm in "love" for it!


  30. thanks for sharing! that was really helpful. i'm not an expert with makeup so putting all the tools that you used was really helpful!

  31. Gorgeous look! Face + clothing-wise!

  32. This is such a gorgeous look! Thanks for another great tutorial =)

  33. Hi Jen,
    I am so glad to find you who has a beautiful smile. I am enjoying your blog very much!

  34. sorry can i ask something personal? did you get a nose job?

  35. Anonymous: I have never had any type of plastic surgery, and that includes my nose. It's the nose I was born with. :P

  36. You're so gorgeous! It's hard for asian girls to be pretty and not overly cute, but you've got it :)