Sale Alerts for Little Boobies! ;)

11:28 AM

This is for all the ladies with itty bitties! I've been hearing so much hype about The Little Bra Company bras on my favorite petite fashion blogs Alterations Needed and Extra Petite so I was super excited for the sale they have going on at Ideeli right now! They carry size 28A-36B which in my humble opinion is totally wicked.

Click the pic below for an invite if you aren't already signed up with ideeli. It's a site similar to Hautelook. :)

If you are like me and have issues finding bras that fit due to not being able to find a small enough band or cup size you should definitely check this brand out. For the record, I measure as being around a 29 band (25" under-boob measurement + 4 = 29) so I rounded up to 30A. The Little Bra Company runs small like "petite" clothing ranges so I'm hoping it's the perfect fit! It'll be a nice change considering I've never actually owned a bra that fit me correctly, according to my lingerie department working friend.

I'm ordering the Lucia (sale $29, orig $56) and Isis (sale $24, orig $54), both push ups for the girls. Trust me, I need the extra lift!

Additionally, I've recently ordered some size 30A bras from the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual sale going on right now as well. I bet you didn't even know VS has 30 bands but online they do! I bought this one in grey leopard and buff.

And this one in 32A in the clearance bins in stores for $26.99 (it's still full price online). Isn't it gorgeous? The lace at the top is see-through in real life so it actually looks really better than in this pic.

I'm crossing my fingers that these bras all fit! For once. ;D

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  1. Thanks for the heads up jen! my 32A boobies thank you too. haha

  2. Ahh, thank you Jen! :))))))))))

  3. i absolutely can't wear them...;p
    anyway cool post!

  4. Awesome! I'm 32C which is huge for my body size but its so hard for me to find it anywhere. Thanks :D :D :D

  5. Awww...thanks for the blog love! =)

    I think you're going to like The Little Bra Company bras. Having a bra with a proper fitting band is magical. Whenever I wear mine, I'm relieved to not have to dig my bra straps out of my sleeves or yank the back down. I bought the Lucia set in red! So excited!

  6. lol i just love how you say boobies hehehee
    im a tiny boobie asian girl too woop

  7. Thanks so much for this sale alert. I had my eyes on a couple of styles but was hesitant about the fitting. Their regular prices are on the expensive side so this is really a good deal. I ended up ordering two bras - can't wait to get them.

  8. @ VS, the "Victoria" collection runs VERY small. I am normally a 32A, but I had to upgrade to a 32B. the 32A was pretty much like a 28AA.

    This is a part of VS's marketing strategy to make women feel better about their bra cup size.

    and this "Victoria" by Victoria's Secret collection is very sexy and has adorable prints.

    PINK! also has plenty of small sizes w/great variety of styles, fabrics, and shapes.

  9. omg, thanks
    i just wasted 30 pounds on la senza uk for returning the items i bought
    i bought a 30C and apparently the band appears too small, but 32C's band is too big

  10. What about small band size and a large cup size? :O I'm gonna' check those sites out to see. I'm a 32C... which is surprisingly hard to find where I live. :[ I usually have to settle with a 34B which is too big and fits awkwardly.

  11. Thank you so much! I have such a hard time trying to find a good bra. 30A isn't really common in US stores.

  12. I have a 34B and I don't fill out my strapless dresses very well. I normally wear a padded bra that takes me to a C, which works perfectly on my frame in T-shirts/normal shirts. It's MORE than enough attention for me normally. But sometimes when I'm wearing dresses that particularly flatten me out, I like to buy wonderbra strapless