Everyday Taupe Eyes Makeup Tutorial

9:27 PM

Hello everyone! Today I just wanted to officially announce something that if you already follow me on Twitter you've probably known for a while: I will be flying out to Los Angeles next week and attending IMATS in Pasadena, CA! I know I mentioned this at the end of a blog entry earlier, but my plans are obviously confirmed now since I will be flying out in a couple days. Excited!!!

If you don't know what that is, IMATS is the International Makeup Artist Trade Show which is a big annual makeup convention where tons of top makeup brands have glorious booths of sparkle and magic and there are speakers and attendees alike who I am dying to meet. (Literally, dying. One of the keynote panels includes the makeup artists for True Blood! Omg love that show!) If you will also be there at the show please let me know in the comments. I'm looking forward to meeting some of you. ^_^

So on to today's tutorial. This look is what I recently wore in my May Hits & Misses video and I got several requests for the makeup. It's my favorite way to wear taupe eyeshadows!

Products mentioned:
Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place ShadowCreme in Silver Leaf
MAC Eyeshadows in Vex, Satin Taupe, and Shroom
Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Yeyo
Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Dot Liner
Shu Uemura Lash curler
FAIRYDROPS mascara (updated version here)
FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen Mascara
Model 21 lashes in #63
Kiss Lash Adhesive (more accessible Duo lash glue here)
Rock & Republic Contrived Pressed blush in Spank
NYX Mosaic Powder in Highlighter
Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick in Coral Sensation (new Dior Addict lipsticks here)

And here are some images of my final makeup:

You can really see the extra glow on the cheeks here. I love that NYX powder because it's the perfect balance of inner glow without tacky sparkles.

A close-up of the eyes so you can see the shading.

Oh, I forgot to mention, my denim shirt is the same one from Target that I wore in my NYX Black Label lipsticks post and my necklace is actually my husband's grandmother's. The silver was all tarnished but I cleaned it up and absolutely love how classic it looks even now!

Well, I am super behind on my packing because I haven't started so I'm going to go do that now. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and let me know in the comments what you want to see in my next videos (tutorial, hair, nails, vlog, tag, etc). Since I will be in Cali for a while I probably won't be updating the blog while I am there but you can be sure I will be taking tons of pics and video along the way so I can post like crajee when I get back. :D

What I will be updating lots of while on the coast is my Twitter so if you want to stalk me while I am local, feel free to follow me there. Spontaneous meetup maybe? Who knows!

Hope you guys have a great next week and I will try to as well. :D :D :D

Disclaimer: There are some affiliate links included in this post. Holika Holika liner provided by Pretty & Cute. FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen Mascara & Kiss lash glue provided by the company. They don't know I made this video or post and it's not sponsored in any way. Everything else I purchased myself. :)

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  1. I live in Berkeley, CA if ya ever wanna visit lol :) honestly, what I wouldnt give to have Jen do my makeup...And have you ever done a tutorial for the look you're wearing in the picture on the header of your blog? hope that makes sense...cause I would like to see it. thanks :)

  2. love the look! you look amazing!


  3. i love taupe! its always been my go to color for everyday and im so glad you did a tutorial on your take! i have something new to try out! i love the look!


  4. Super pretty! Those are the colors and approximate locations I shadow with daily... but I don't have the beautiful asian eyes! I love asian eyes ahaha it's my physical trait of fiance!

  5. Oh how I wish I could go to IMATS to "spontaneously" meet up with you :P but I will look forward to your tweets! :)

    I'd love to see a hair tutorial in the May Hits and Misses video, mentioned before by both me and other people :D and definitely vlog about your trip!

    What days will you be here in Cali? I have to go back to school the weekend of IMATS, but if you will be here earlier than that, you should hold a meetup :)

  6. Looooove this look! And yeah, MAC's Satin Taupe shadow is the best colour ever!

    I have a question: I have waterproof liquid and pencil liners. For everday, I prefer the look of the pencil liner, especially in brown. I tightline my lashes cos I have sparse and thin lashes and I have semi monolids. But no matter what I do (set with shadow, eye primer, translucent powder, non-greasy concealer) it still gives me panda eyes, especially on my bottom lids. SO ANNOYING! Do you have any other tips to help combat this problem???

  7. I wish I could go to IMATS! But... don't have extra budget to fly out T_T would have loved to meet you :( have loads of fun there Jen! and you look gorgeous as always!

  8. Very beautiful ! I love the way you apply the eyeshadow :-) * thumbs up *

  9. You're so pretty, sigh.. Love this look, will try it out :)

  10. love the everyday look. and i would like to see a nail care post :D

  11. LOVE this tutorial! actually, i love all your tutorials!! have fun on your trip! ;)
    xo~ kristina

  12. Wow!i love your look!i will do that too one day!=) thanks for the tutorial.


  13. Gorgeous look Jen! Gotta try this out next time I have a girl's night ;)

  14. you have flawless skin
    love this look - because it's simple and looks great

    Today I open my Eleven23SHOP - I have cute tank tops with hand sewn details - if you want to check it out see link below

  15. You should record your stay there like what you did for Boston and compile a video! Im actually in the LA area as well! I hope to bump into you! Love your tutorials!

  16. i love this look! :)


  17. This is a great everyday look for a weekend date in Korea! Thanks!

  18. Love your tutorial Jenn!! I've been following you for about a year now and your posts never disappoint!! I live in LA, only about 20 minutes away from Downtown and would be thrilled to meet you and show you around! I also have a little accessory boutique in the area if you'd like to check it out. :)


  19. Have fun and be safe! Looking forward to your next tutorial/vlog! Have a safe trip, Jen! ^^

  20. Hi Jen!

    I came across to your blog though a Naked palette review a few months before and since then I'm following!

    I love neutral color on my eyes, so taupe great :)

    Also, I wanted to ask you a advice: recently I become interested in BB Creams and actually I had thought that "bb cream" was a brand name! But I'm still confused with so many brands and lines of it. Could you suggest some good BB cream brand? I have oily skin and I live in Brazil (thoough my parents are both chinese), that's why I'm not used to these products. Thanks!

  21. very cute look! love the lashes on ya!

  22. During the Q&A with the MUA from True Blood, I think you should ask her why Sookie's foundation color NEVER matches her neck color! Seriously, go watch season 3. It's about 1-2 shades lighter. I think they must've spent all their time with Sophie-Anne.

  23. This is such a great and easy everyday look. I saw some other comments regarding this and also wanted to ask if you have any thoughts about the NYX Nude on Nude palette. Do you think it is comparable (and more affordable) to the UD Naked palette?

  24. Hi Jen, i love the make-up. also how you show step by step. thank you!!

  25. Thanks for this great tutorial!! I've been eyeing Satin Taupe for quite a while now and I guess it's almost time that I buy it. ^^

    Have fun on your trip!!

  26. Hey Jen, I was thinking of buying the circle lenses but I wear contacts with prescription and I'm worried that it might cause damage to my eyes. I heard that you can get an infection or your cornea can be damaged because it doesn't get too much oxygen as compared to regular contacts. Did you have any trouble using circle lenses and do you use prescription lenses?

  27. Hi, Jen..
    May i know which model of camera are u using ? all those pictures are super clear and pretty..

  28. Hey Jenn!

    I absolutely love your fleur de lis ring! Where did u get it?

    I hope you have lots of fun on your trip! =D

  29. really wearable make up :)
    Was wondering what eye make up removal do you use? coz mascara is a must have for make up and waterproof ones are such a killer to remove.

  30. Hi Jen,
    I just came across your blog/youtube channel and I <3 it!

    Can you recommend another Creme Shadow color comparable to Silver Leaf? That color was limited edition and I can't get it anywhere. :( I have the Mac shadow colors to try the taupe eye make up look and I really wanted to try it with Estee Lauder Creme Shadow color. Thanks~!

  31. So pretty! I must try this out! <3

  32. your skin is flawless! how pretty! and im jealous about imats!

  33. I actually have shroom and satin taupe and they ARE beautiful colors! I'm going to IMAT on Sunday. Will you be there on Sunday as well? I would love to meet up!

  34. Hey everyone! Not related to your super awesome taupe tutorial which I loved but I have to say that Ideeli.com is having a sale on The Little Bra Company. I've wanted to try their bras since I saw your review on them a long time ago but their price point was too high. I just ordered 1 of every style!! Super deal. Check it out.

  35. Love it! you always make it look so easy.. never turns out as nice when i try to do it myself =(

  36. Hello,
    I love your blog and gave you an award ~! http://inthestateofmind.blogspot.com/2011/06/butterfly-blog-award.html


  37. Hey jen! found this cute cell phone charm, just like your necklace and real mirror!!!!

    enjoy :D

  38. Pretty! :)


  39. gorgeous loook jen! i loveeee it.. and i love watching your tutorials etc. your my idol :)

  40. I love this look! Very natural and pretty.


  41. Jen
    Can I ask you what light blue bag you are sporting in Wendylookbook's recent blog post of the both of you?
    Thank you!

  42. I love this look. Your makeup always looks so clean and well done.

    I have a quick off-topic question. I have the worst blackheads around my nose and on the area surrounding the bridge of my nose. Is there anything that I can do to get rid of them?

    Thank you, :)

  43. Hi Jen, I am a big fan of yours. You are so beautiful and sweet girl. Recently I read Wendy's blog and saw a picture of you and Wendy together. I am falling in love with your shoes in that pictures. I am also a petite girl and have the same problem of finding shoes for myself. When I see your shoes I can see they would fit me too. May I asked where did you get those and what is the name? I am really appreciated if you are able to let me know. Thanks Jen and always wish you luck for everything:)

  44. I just discovered your blog and you do an amazing job! I wish I could apply eyelashes like yours! WOW...amazing! So glad I found you :D


  45. Hello Jen,
    Nice look. I'll try it soon.
    But first, let me introduce myself. Like you, I have Korean origins and I think your blog is very good quality. Also, being an "Asian blog" so to speak, it's so much easier finding the make-up that suits my eyes. Anyway, I have a question for you. I will be singing at my friend's wedding in July. My dress is coral red but I'm still undecided on the look. Either I combine it with a white laced cardigan+white rose hairclip OR I play it green, in this case, I can look up your green make up tutorials. For the red and white look, what do you reckon the colour of my make up should be? I've asked several friends but they were undecided as well, so maybe you can have some tips for me. I hope I've made myself clear. Thanks in advance.

  46. Hi Jen,
    I was just wondering if you could tell us which colors are in your MAC palette that you used in this video? Thank you so much if you do!!!

  47. Hey Jen! I love this look! I have been looking everywhere for the silver leaf cream shadow and I can't seem to find it. Can you suggest something that would work great instead of the silver leaf?

  48. hi jen! i found your blog when i started watching away we happened. i like this tutorial very much as i just bought myself a naked2 palette and actually was trying to achieve this look this morning! 2 questions: is the holika holika waterproof? and how many brushes do you recommend when doing makeup? seems like you have more than 3, but is it recomended to have so many because each color needs its own brush? sorry if you already answered these questions before. thank u!

  49. Wow i love your makeup!!!
    mines a new ish blog would you possibly mind checking it out :)

    thankyou so much xxx


  50. love your look, and what to say about your eyes it's like a doll. Thank you so much!!


  51. Simple and pretty. I love your lashes! :D
    ~Pauline @ MAC Philippines