May Hits & Misses

6:05 PM

I'll probably sound like a broken record at the beginning of each Hits & Misses entry, but I literally can not believe how fast this year as been going by. Seriously? It's June already? I feel like I was just bundling up for winter weather last week! (Or maybe was I hiding from all those tornadoes? ;p)

Anyway, this month I tried out a few basic color products including cream eyeshadow, 2 mascaras, blush, and eyeliner.

Products Mentioned:
Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place ShadowCreme (Silver Leaf, Lilac Petals, Antique Gold, Precious Jade)
Lioele Crystal Muse Blusher in 02 Soft Lilac
Covergirl Lashblast Length Water Resistant Mascara in Blackest Black
Love by Joycos Power Curling Mascara
Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Dot Liner
China Glaze Crackle glaze polish in White on White (OPI version here)
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock in spf 45
Forever 21 Mirror Necklace

Eyes: Estee Lauder ShadowCreme in Silver Leaf, MAC Satin Taupe, Vex, and Shroom
Lips: Dior Addict High Shine lipstick in Coral Sensation
Face: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in b30 (I'm testing it and I think it's too dark for me)
Nails: Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle polish in Loyal Lavender

So definitely my favorite items this month that I've tried are those Estee Lauder cream shadows! I checked online and it seems that Silver Leaf and Lilac Petals are both probably shades that were discontinued so you'd have to find them at a Cosmetics Company store, but Antique Gold and Precious Jade are both still available everywhere. They are originally $17.50 but were $12.25 at my CCO.

Here's a screencap from my video of the swatches I made, so they are wonderful quality but you can at least get an idea of the shades.

Precious Jade - medium green with gold flash
Antique Gold - gorgeous medium copper
Lilac Petals - iridescent lavender (similar to the color of my nails in this video)
Silver Leaf - warm silvery taupe

As I said in the video, I did record some footage of my crackle polish in action so you'll get a better view of my lavender polish and also the white crackle polish in that one soon. I'll also definitely try out some more Korean and Japanese cosmetics items for next month's video.

By the way, I booked my flight for Cali so I'm planning on heading out for IMATS plus meeting up with family, friends, and companies at the end of the month! I'm super excited since I have actually never been to the west coast before! ^__^ If anyone has good advice of places to go and restaurants to eat at around LA definitely let me know.

I guess that's about it so I hope this month's hits & misses were helpful if you were interested in anything I tried. If you have anything you recommend that you want me to try leave it in the comments. Until next time~

Disclaimer: Lioele, Joycos, China Glaze, and Holika Holika items were provided by Pretty & Cute. All other items were purchased myself. There are some affiliate links included in this post. I was not paid in any way nor required to do a review on the samples. All my reviews, as always, are 100% my honest opinion. :)

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  1. I love those cream shadows! Thanks for the swatches. These are perfect for summer!

  2. The cream shadows have such great staying power! I like the holika holika eyeliner, it looks really useful because I always get these gaps in between my eyelashes when I use liquid eyeliner~ ):

  3. I love that you're a hot chick who has embraced her dorkiness!

    Anyway, in Cali you MUST go to In and Out Burger. It is the ULTIMATE fast food burger! Also, check out the food trucks that are all over the place. I'm also from the Midwest but LOOVE food and the buzz is all about those food trucks that we, unfortunately, do NOT have in Chicago. Check out that kogi truck that does the Korean tacos and savor the deliciousness for the camera so I can vicariously live through you!

  4. Of course you know you have to go eat in Ktown (koreatown) right?! :D

  5. I am in Cali but haven't been to IMAT yet. Life is not fair to me cuz just 1 week after that, I planned to go to LA for school orientation :(. Anyway, have fun in LA.

  6. I saw those same cream shadows at COO memorial day weekend but didn't pick any up because I wasn't sure if they were really that good... but good thing you reviewed them ^_^. Have a great time in Socal, check out rowland heights for some chinese/taiwanese fix ^_^

  7. Hair tutorial, please :) I need to learn how to curl my hair like that~

    I've been kind of curious about Laura Mercier's line of foundations, and if you have any input on them. I've been wanting to invest in higher-end foundation so I've been trying to do a little research.

    As for places to check out in LA, definitely check out the Santa Monica Beach and Pier! It's pretty nice to just walk and chill there. As for restaurants, I recommend these places: Din Tai Fung (in Arcadia, has super yummy soup dumplings!), Half & Half Tea (boba place in San Gabriel, they put an interesting spin on the typical milk tea!), Cham Sut Gol BBQ (in LA or Garden Grove, delicious Korean bbq for cheap cheap price~). Many more that I could list, but I think this will fill your tummy well for now :P.


  8. LOL - Jen - your "inside joke with yourself"! ^^ I totally would've bought the mirror necklace too if I had a matching one at home because it'd feel like my personal signature or trademark!

  9. Everything is good here of course! I recommend getting Korean-style sashimi at Wa! Ssada! (it's actually not that cheap but you should get the live halibut!), AYCE KBBQ at Madangsae, and be sure to check out some nail supply warehouses in San Gabriel Valley! Also, Palace Beauty in the Koreatown Galleria has some Korean brands as well as Paul & Joe and a Japanese nail polish brand called pa. See if there are any sample sales while you're here as well, since there are lots of warehouses. Oh and definitely get your fill of Mexican food! King Taco is one of my favorites, they have the best salsa ever. Hope you have fun!

  10. The Lilac Petals color is so pretty! It seems just light enough to wear both in the day time and at night.

    On a side note, I'm so glad I found your blog! I could spend hours on here trying different looks out. :) Keep up the awesome tutorials. You're really good at what you do!

  11. El pollo loco is Peruvian. I'm from MI but now live in AL and have never had it in either area but we always have it out there. It is awesome! Also, bask on the beach in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, or Santa Monica. You might catch a pro volleyball match in Manhattan or Hermosa. And don't get your nails or toes done before you go. You can typically get a great Mani/pedi for $18-25 total!!!! Just ask around for a good spot. Great Korean BBQ just a couple miles east of the Bev Hills district. Name starts with a T but escapes me. have a great trip!

  12. I love the crackle nail polish! I want to try it out :)

  13. I recently stumbled onto your blog, and have found what I've been looking for: A blog that goes over all around beauty with some Korean products as well! (I'm Korean, so its hard to find reviews on Korean made products)
    Anyways, read that you're coming to LA area.
    You have to try Oo Kook BBQ, its an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ. Price range is a little high ($20-$26 depending on lunch/dinner), but by far the best I've had.
    Fast food burgers, I saw on a previous comment, and I second! In and Out Burger, really fresh products, and Christian family owned.
    I don't know if you do this, but if you're looking for a mogyoktang, check out Wi Spa!! Hope you like the West Coast, hopefully we'll have better weather by that time. Right now its pouring outside my window.. :(

  14. I've really been wanting to try the Estee Lauder Cream shadows - thanks for the review! I use the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear cream shadows and gel liners, and they are wonderful.

  15. I'm from U.K and went for a trip to the West Coast last week and yup I agree... Must try In N Out burger. They're not overly huge and is fresh. I was doing the touristy things there... Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, Universal Studios park is really fun and Griffith Observatory is meant to be pretty cool and romantic too. The beaches there are suppose to be gorgeous too.

  16. I've been your fan eversince! This is the second time I followed you here on your blog cos I recently changed my blog address. Oh well! I'm still a fan! :)


  17. hi Jen!!! ;D
    ur coming to LA?! ahhh so many places to rec!!
    Here's a few of my faves: (my reviews are at the top ^_~)

    For Krn bbq, I've heard good things about Road to Seoul, and my fave has always been Tahoe Galbi.

    sorry its alot...:P
    hope u enjoy ur time in CA!! :D

  18. Table Galbi! That's it! I second the Getty too!

  19. Hey Jen! I wanted to ask you something since you've tried so many mascaras and you're Asian like me lol. What is your favorite mascara to date? And have you tried the new Urban Decay super curling mascara?

  20. I love the cream eye shadows too!

  21. I love that medium jade color on's gorgeous! Thank you so much for the pictures :) Have a great time in LA and I have lots of SF recommendations if you come up this way :)

  22. love your make up reviews even though i don't wear makeup much. have you ever tried Sana brand cosmetics? It's a Japanese company. I'm just curious.
    I'm originally from LA! Definitely check out Kobahwoo House for general Korean food. Excellent boh ssam, and pah jun...and everything else.
    Bottega Louie in downtown, Porto's bakery...too many to list!! If you're in LA though, your must haves are Korean, and Mexican.

  23. Your hair looks so pretty in this video Jen! The Liole blusher looks really interesting; I don't think I've ever seen a blush change colors when applied before :)

  24. oohhh i remembered another.

  25. Love the cream shadows!! They look fabulous... must try out soon.

    Anyways, about your Lioele blusher. Since my skin is yellow undertone; if I need baby-pink blusher, I would go for lavender tone blush. It will show up on my cheek in baby pink ^^. So maybe it's because your skintone is yellowish that it turned pink on your skin XD

  26. Those cream shadows have really great staying power! I think I'll have to check out that suncream also, I don't like the greasy feeling after putting on suncream so hopefully this will be the cure! =) The necklace is so cute! I love that 'inside-joke' thing, so funny!

  27. Thank you for such a detailed review. But I have to agree - please do a hair tutorial!

  28. Wow, we just came back from L.A. I HIGHLY recommend Thai BBQ. Below is the address and I even think it is in Koreatown! Enjoy your trip!

    4055 West 3rd Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90020
    (213) 383-8571

  29. Hi Jen!
    I really love the make-up look you have in your video! :]

    Could you do a video on it or refer me to a video you've done before that shows how you did your make up here?

  30. OMG Jen! I think this coincidence is a little scary. I LURVE Neutrogena's ultra sheer dry touch sunblock and I bought Estee Lauder's cream eyeshadows right before reading your post. I even blogged about it around the same time as you.

    OK... I live on the other side of the world from you and it was like deja vu reading your post!
    Totally weird.


  31. Hi, Jen!

    I just wanted to thank you for making putting on make-up less intimidating... For years I have been avoiding the whole make-up thing because I had no idea of how to put it on correctly or what to use in the first place. I was strictly a liquid eyeliner and lip gloss/lip balm kinda girl.

    Your tutorials are simple and beautiful. Who knew that one day I would know how to apply eyeshadow and blush - hahaha! For that I am thankful (my husband is too lol)

  32. i love the cream shadows too, in particular i use cafe au lait every day!

    father's office & umami burger are two great burger spots. looks like everyone has already given you great recommendations for kbbq. i also love taking out of town guests to versailles for some cuban food: their garlic chicken is o-mazing.


  33. I like your swatch especially for Precious Jade and Antique Gold.
    Can you give more review on inglot e/s too?

  34. I am looking to buy the chanel VL aqua and I think I am about your coloring nc25-nc30. Do you think that the b30 is too too dark? have you tried the b20?

  35. Hey Jen!
    Quick question, what would you pair with leopard print shoes? I got a pair b/c they were super cute but I'm not certain what to wear with them. Just wondering what you'd do!


  36. when you're in la, if you love breakfast, you have to check out this adorable cafe!
    they have amazinggg french toast that will melt in your mouth! :) hope you have a great trip!


  38. If you're going to Santa Monica (which you must!) I heartily recommend Buddha's Belly. Among other delicious things, they have green tea tiramisu!

  39. Hi Jen!! Can you do a make up tutorial for the look you're wearing in this video?? I have all the shadows but I like how you have it on your eyes. I have a very similar eye shape as you, and I'd like to learn how to do my eyes with those colors!! Thank you so much and keep up the great work! <3

  40. I love your hair in this video, please do a tutorial:) you look beautiful too btw!

  41. Heya, I noticed that your email addresses are not for commenting about stuff, so I'm randing putting this here. :)

    I saw this cabinet made by some lady on the internet and I was so excited and knew that who cares more about this stuff than some other lady on the internet? ;) lol, jk! I actually really like your blog and have it in my Google Reader.

    Anyway, it's not on the shelves yet, but you should really check this out, I'm super excited about it:

  42. Hey Jen :) I commented on your youtube but realized you probably won't see my comment! I was wondering if the Holika Holika eyeliner is waterproof? I know it doesn't smudge/budge...but I was wondering if it's waterproof as well. That would be an extra bonus! I'm having my cousin buy me one from Korea...if it's waterproof I might ask her to get me 3!! Thanks for your review!!

  43. What brand tshirt are you wearing in this video? Its super cute.

  44. What brand tshirt are you wearing in this video? It's super cute!

  45. Hi Jen, I really enjoy your tutorials, blogs and tweets. Thanks for all the great reviews and sense of humor. I live in LA but won't be attending IMATS... There are so many great places to visit and dine in town. So many choices so little time... Since you'll be in Pasadena check out Paseo Colorado - it's right in front of the Pasadena Convention Center. Bodega Wine Bar is a great place to meet up, grab some appetizers and have a couple of glasses of wine (they have another location in Santa Monica too). There's also the Yard House, Tokyo Wako and P.F. Chang’s China Bistro – which you may also find other locations around town. Oh you got to try Cold Stone Creamery! You have to visit Old Town Pasadena for more shopping and dinning - just another few blocks away. Also, check out Porto's Bakery & Cafe - they have the most amazing delicious beautifully made pasties and yummy savory finger foods. My favorites are the chicken or ham croquettes and the potato balls. The Americana @ Brand, which the set up is similar to the Grove is a couple of blocks from Porto’s Bakery – that’s another spot for great shopping and entertainment in Glendale. Definitely check out the Farmer's Market in LA for great food and the Grove for shopping and entertainment - it's right next to the farmer's market. There's a Brazilian restaurant (Pampa's Grill) that serves by the pound, which is a great way to try authentic Brazilian food/BBQ without breaking your wallet. There are tons of other types of cuisine so you can just pick and choose. I'd love to meet you up but you'll probably be super busy with all that's going on. However, if you need a great city guide I'm a great one LOL - a lot of my friends from the Midwest and outside the US always hit me up for some city tour guidance when they’re in town visiting ^_^. Anyways, sorry about the long post... I included some links down below. Have lots of fun and feel free to hit me up! xoxo