Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Haircare Routine!

Some of the most frequently asked questions I receive have been about my hair; everything from the cut, color, and texture, to most of all my routine for taking care of it. Previously I did a post on my ombre dyed hair color here but I haven't really gone into depth about my hair in general before.

I've said this many times before, but I'm relatively low-maintenance with my hair with just a couple extra things I use to really boost the softness of the texture so if you want to hear about my whole routine you can watch below. :)

Products mentioned:
L'Oreal EverStrong Bodify Shampoo
Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care Conditioner
Kao Essential Damage Care Rich Premier Shampoo & Conditioner (also here)
Kao Essential Damage Care Rich Premium Treatment (also here)
Excelsior Millenia Mud Reconstructor
Biosilk Silk Therapy

As I said in my video, I am not brand loyal to shampoos and conditioners. I have tried most drugstore lines and generally don't find a huge difference in the health of my hair between shampoos.

What I do see a difference in is when I use an Asian conditioner versus drugstore conditioners from the US. I just find that even with drugstore-level conditioners from Asia, the product is richer and makes my hair noticeably softer. They also smell better, like floral candy, but I know that's up to personal taste. ;)

My hair is pretty typical among Asians in that it is made up of thick individual strands of hair and I tend to have quite a lot of it. Of course there are always variations of hair types among groups of people, but I just know most of my relatives and friends who are Asian have this type of hair compared to, for instance, my Caucasian friends who have fine or thin hair.

Because of my hair type, I like to use extra nourishing conditioners and treatments from my ears down to soften any coarseness the thickness of my hair might cause. Also, I prefer seeing an Asian hairstylist because they are more used to putting even layers in thick hair. If you think about cutting noodles, thicker linguine noodles will leave a bigger gap of space than if you cut and ate a thin spaghetti noodle. In the same way, thin-stranded hair is more forgiving when cutting layers

Some basic tips for haircare:

1. Shampoo all over, but condition only from ears down to prevent a greasy scalp
2. Concentrate conditioners at the ends and use a shower cap for deep-conditioning
3. Avoid letting conditioner lay on your skin since it could potentially cause acne (I tilt my head to the side)
4. Avoid or limit heat-styling for healthier hair
5. Before heat styling use a thermal protection spray

I also wanted to mention something that a few people may find funny. In Korea they say that if you are horny or think about sex often, your hair grows faster. I can assure you that, along with wet hair causing blindness, death, a shorter life, and several other tragedies mentioned in the Youtube video comments, this is also a superstition.

My best advice for growing hair out is simply not to cut it or trim off just the split ends! Other than eating a healthy diet and possibly vitamin supplements (I've heard prenatal vitamins work wonders on hair and nails) there's not a whole lot you can do to improve hair growth other than to wait. :)

I hope you enjoyed watching and, whether you are a haircare expert or a novice, you might find some of my personal hair experiences enlightening. If you have any hair questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I'll try my best to answer! Also, if you have any interesting hair-related superstitions feel free to share them as well! It's always fun to read about what others grew up hearing and if they are founded in any truth or not. ^_~


  1. thanks for the tips! your hair is really pretty!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I also use a cap with conditioner and I also sleep sometimes with wet hair. I put a towel on my pilow. It's nice that you don't damage them.

  3. Thanks for this post, I was curious about how you got your hair looking so well.I will definitely be investing in a shower cap-great tip. I know some people use silk pillow cases to help prevent hair damage during the night. Love your blog, would love if you would check out mine x

  4. Hi Jen, awesome video! You get acne because of the silicone in drugstore shampoos and conditioners. I highly reccommend you to try Armada-style S-series Shampoo in Grapefruit. It's a Japanese brand, SUPER moisturizing which is why they didn't even make a conditioner for it. They have deep sea mineral hair treatment called M-3.2 that they ask you to mix into their shampoo. They just launched their products in America less than 2 years ago which is why it's so unheard of. You should ask you salon to check it out bc they only sell to salons.

  5. HEY! Awesome post and video as usual!! I love watching your channel. Where did you get your top from? It's very edgy!

  6. thank you so much for the advices !

  7. thanks for sharing with us!

    I couldn't help but notice your AWESOME top. Where is it from? I'm dying to know!

  8. There were some pretty hilarious comments left on your video for this. I can't believe people still believe so many superstitions. I've been sleeping with my hair wet for years and I've never had any problems. I actually used to do this because when my hair was longer (and I didn't get it thinned out) I had way too much volume and this was my way of flattening it out. Now I get regular haircuts and use a flatiron, but I still sleep with my hair wet most of the time. Just a habit I guess.

  9. Hey Jen, I totally agree with you! Another one that you might want to try is Kerasys Oriental Premium Shampoo. I love it because it's very light on my hair, and whether curly or straight, I definitely feel like it adds some moisture and doesn't try my hair out. It's also a korean shampoo, so it might be sort of hard to find at your drugstore. I guess that's one good thing about being in Asia right now :)

  10. I particularly loved this video coz' I am very low maintenance on hair and your video is going to help me lots.Anyway,I was just wondering if you could give links on where to get the products you use, in the UK?I know you work a lot on all your videos and this is gonna be a major drag but it would be so extremely helpful.Thank you so much.You are defo the best!xx

  11. Hi Jen! My name is Patty..i never commented here, even visiting your blog since last year.. buuut, i'm here so you know that in Brazil you has a fan! ^_~ your makeup are my inspirations, i love your clothes and your hair.. oh yes, this is beautiful! that's it .. I'll keep visiting here often, bye!

  12. I wanted to mention that Asian hair apparently grow faster than other types of hair. It has to do something with how long our hair growth cycles are. We also have less actual hair than caucasians tend to, but since the individual strands are so thick it looks like we have a lot!! whoooooo. xD

  13. I wish my hair was as thick as yours. Unlike most Asians, I have very fine, thin hair for some reason. I agree that I don't see much of a difference between drug store branded shampoos either. I just rotate through a few different brands and buy whatever's on sale :P I've only bought US branded hair products so far, but I'll have to try out some Asian branded conditioners since you say they are more rich.

  14. Great and informative tutorial! Thank you! ^^

    I also would only put conditioner on the lower parts of my hair. Actually I thought other people won't do that. lol

    Your hair looks great!!

  15. It's totally an asian thing, the headache if you sleep with wet hair haha. My mom used to always yell at me if my hair was even a littttttle bit damp.

    I have even crazier hair than you but maybe the essential will work D:

  16. Thank you for sharing, girl! Also just saw you in Michelle Phan's new video. How cool! :)

  17. Have you ever tried prenatal vitamins or heard of any good ones to use?

  18. I totally agree on the Asian shampoo/conditioner. When I visit the Philippines I try to stock up on shampoo and conditioner because the drugstore stuff they have there makes my hair even nicer than the expensive stuff we have here. I've been eyeing the Shiseido Tsubaki line for a while, but I was unsure about it. Maybe I'll give it a try next time I come across it. :-)

  19. Thanks for sharing =] your hair is so nice ^^

  20. I think the whole "sleeping with wet hair will give you headaches" thing is mostly a Chinese superstition. Maybe that's why you haven't heard it...? (IDK, my whole [Chinese] family has heard of it, and Bubzbeauty mentioned it on her channel...)

    Anyways, how does sleeping with wet hair not make your hair a total mess? If I sleep on wet hair, I wake up with it sticking out everywhere >.<

  21. Interesting video! Thanks for sharing how your hair is layered. I'm getting a haircut tomorrow and am going to get higher layers to achieve more volume. Like the person above, I'm also wondering how your hair doesn't become a mess if you sleep with it wet. I have long Asian hair and when I do this I end up with a huge bump in the back and the hair in the back doesn't dry thoroughly.

  22. Thanks for sharing.

    Looking gorgeous as always.

    accidental encounters

  23. I know you get tons of comments so I hope you see this =]

    Hey I awarded you Top 10 Blog award .. check out my blog for the rules !xoxo Jess

  24. hi jen! I used to also follow through on only applying conditioner from the mid-level down to avoid a greasy scalp. Having a dry scalp (with dandruff at times :( i began to use a little bit of conditioner from the scalp, working down with more conditioner to my ends. Any recommendations on dry scalp recommedies aside from your basic head & shoulders, selsum blue, etc.? Sometimes I find them a bit toxic. I'm curious to try some asian conditioners, who knew! :)

  25. you are really pretty, and your blog name sounds really cool!

    you look great ;-) nice blog cutie!
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
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  26. Hahahaha!! Thank you for dispelling that myth for us!!

    Thank you so much for this post!! I'm going to review my hair care routine now ;D

  27. your hair looks graeat, so healthy and beautiful!


  28. thanks jen for this video! you are too cute and i love the hair serum as well!!
    xx ~ kristina

  29. Hi Jen!! I love your hair in its natural state, it looks very soft as it is but i also couldnt help to notice your shirt!!! i love it! pleaseeeeee, let us know where you got it from

  30. Thanks for sharing! Great tips! You have such nice hair



  31. this was so helpful! i never thought of using asain hair products before... i defiantly will be picking some up!


  32. Hair care is necessary for looking and its effects on your looking, well its really great post and you are deserve for it.



  33. wow, so THAT is what Ombre hair is...haha, I had no idea. But yes, I do love your hair!! Thanks for all the tips, will def'ly try out!~ ^_^ nitey!~

  34. Really I impressed from this post. Post is a genius and knows how to keep the readers connected. thanks for sharing this with us and your hair style so lovely ^_^

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  35. Wow, you have beautiful hair! Have you ever heard of Pro Naturals hair care? It is amazing and works on all hair types to repair and prevent damage while leaving hair super soft and shiny.

  36. Since you moved to LA, have you found a good ombre hair salon? if so, can you recommend a place/places? thanks!

  37. Since moving to LA, have you found a salon that does a good ombre? if so, can you recommend a place? Thanks!

  38. why don't you check out online the pro naturals argan oil hair repair system. All of its products are amazing!

  39. I recently could try this hair care line... and what i have to say is Im impressed with the drastic changes in a very short period. Definitely a must ♥
    I do reviews, makeup, tutorials ♥



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