My Sephora F&F Haul!

3:41 PM

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed and are still enjoying Halloween fun. I suppose that this year part of our seasonal fun is the annual Sephora Friends & Family sale, am I right beauty community? Everyone loves a good sale off beauty products!

Products mentioned:
NARS Danmari All About Cheeks palette
Lancome French Touch Absolu in Rouge St Honore
Tweezerman Harajuku Lovers Slant Tweezer in Love
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Exposed
MAKE UP FOR EVER Duo Mat Powder Foundation in 203

On me:
Mesh-inset Sweatshirt is by BB Dakota (similar here, dress version here)
Earrings were from Hautelook (my invite)
Foundation is FAIRYDROPS BB Cream in Ocher
Lipstick is Dior Addict High Shine in Sensation Coral (discontinued / current Dior Addict lippies)
Nail polish is Zoya Blair
Lashes are Pretty & Cute Glamorous Lashes #088

This year is a little different than most years in that instead of a universal coupon code, every person gets an individual coupon code for 20% off which you can get from I will say that when I went to get my own code the site crashed but I'm thinking that it should work fine this late into the game. The sale will go on through November 3rd, so you can still take advantage of the sale for a couple more days!

Here are my photos and swatches of what I hauled:

I made this image purposely large so you can click to view closer.

And here are my swatches:

Hungry Heart / Orgasm / Desire / 

Side-by-side so you can see how the NARS palette compares to the Tarte blush. Tarte Exposed's base shade is in the same family as NARS Orgasm but rosier, slightly deeper, and matte. Sin and Desire are both cooler-toned blushes in the palette. You can also notice here how sheer the Lancome lipstick is. Like other moisturizing lipsticks, the formula is not as long-lasting as more pigmented lipsticks, but I personally prefer reapplying versus having dry lips.

I hope the swatches and video were helpful for anyone interested in any of the items I bought! I'm already knee-deep into trying out the products (wearing MUFE powder today with Tarte blush, and Lancome lipstick) so you can look forward to having them pop up in a future Hits & Misses video too.

One last thing before I forget, today I got a mailer for Sephora V.I.B. "Holiday Shopping Event" for 20% off an entire purchase with code VIBDREAM from November 10th-14th. This coupon is valid for in-store as well as online so if you end up missing this Friends & Family sale there's still a chance that you can get the discount in a little over a week! (Sorry Canadians, I think this is US only.) There is also an invite to an in-store event where a friend can get the 20% discount on a single purchase transaction as well, so keep your eyes peeled for this mailer.

Happy Halloween and beauty shopping! :D :D :D

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  1. Awesome haul and beautiful swatches. The Danmari palette was the #1 thing I wanted, but it was also the first thing that sold out.

    Also, you look fantastic (as usual)--especially with that BB Cream. :)

  2. Just watched your video on this. Great haul, I really love the blushes :) xx

  3. The FAIRYDROPS BB cream looks fab on you, flawless! Great haul by the way:)

  4. I am so jealous of your blush palette I want it so bad! But if I do get it, it would have to be a bitrthday/christmas gift, I can't afford to spend $50 on just 6 blushes :(( I wish I was in a high school again and had money!

  5. You're missing the W in Tweezerman :) I picked up an animal print one on clearance for $10! I love it!

  6. The danmari palette looks awesome. Such beautiful versatile colours.

  7. Hey Jen, I love that cheek palette! I seriously might buy it, thanks for sharing.

    I was a lion this Halloween btw and used your tutorial and had the same Leg Avenue costume! Everyone loved the makeup and I told them about your videos :)

  8. my order with the nars palette was cancelled :( oh well, i have most colors anyways. sin is such a great color, love it! i got a tarte blush as well, and the powder (in 202). i spent too much, stuff will have to go back!!

  9. Hi Jen,
    I am only getting started in BB creams and have ordered about 3 different ones based on your comprehensive review with your friend. I was hoping to get a review regarding the Fairy Drops one since we both have the same skin tone.

    I noticed it has popped up a few times on your blog and you mentioned that you would review that one back in one of your hits & misses videos a couple of months ago.

    But yes, if you have any extra time to do a review on that BB cream it would be really appreciated!

    Thank you, BT

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  11. Jen, you are soooo pretty! Will you do my makeup one day? I'll pay you!

  12. hi jen,

    i just spent so much at sephora thanks to your post! haha x: thanks for all the reviews and videos that you do. they're so helpful. (:

    i had a bit of a random question- was there a specific reason you stopped using the lancome photogenic concealer and switched to mac? i've had horrible luck with concealers and i was going to pick up the lancome one based on your older reviews but i noticed that you don't use it anymore. i thought maybe it was cause they discontinued it, but then i saw that lancome still sells camee on their website. did you just like mac better?

    thanks again. (:

  13. Great post and great haul! You got some great stuff :)

  14. Happy Halloween to you, Jen! clearly I've been a fan of yours for quite a while and your vlog posts are just as helpful as ever :) keep on rockin'!

    Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen - Davidoff's Champion ENERGY - Knockout Giveaway! & Eight Weeks Of Christmas

  15. That gold lipstick tube is sooo super classy, ahh! I love you haul vids =D

  16. Thanks for the video and the swatches.

    p.s. saw these SW boots in size 4 on 6PM for 70% off and immediately thought of you.

  17. Great haul, Jen! I'm still waiting for mine to arrive in the mail. I ordered the MUFE matte velvet liquid foundation but would love to know how the MUFE powder foundation works out for you. P.S. What did you end up being for Halloween?

  18. I love your eye make up! Can you do a tutorial or point me to a similar video?

  19. That lipstick is gorgeous!!

  20. I am absolutely in love with those tweezers!

  21. Oooh! Pretty :) Do you know whether that online VIB code is only for VIB'ers or can anyone use it?

  22. I was a little bit mad when I received my VIB invitation today ha ha because I just had my F&F last minute purchase yesterday +_+!!!
    but was also glad cuz there're still things I wanted to get but were out of stock!

  23. JC & easy petite looks: Keep checking because the first time I wanted the NARS palette it went out of stock but back in again later!

    Stephanie: Thanks girl! I updated it. :)

    Ingrid: OMG you look SO adorable! You should post some of the pics to my facebook page in the gallery :D

    raspberry macaroon: I will definitely plan on doing a review on the fairydrops bb creams. I have both colors so I can swatch as well. :)

    jane: I stopped using it because it was discontinued! Good to know it's still being sold online.

    Elle: ooh how did you know I've been looking at boots? I really love OTK boots too... Ill have to add this to my list of possibilities. :D

    Elsie Jael: I went as the gangster/mobster girl!

    littlewonone: I plan on doing a tutorial soon. :)

    RIA: I think it's for VIB's only but I'm not 100% sure.

  24. You look prettier everytime I see you! When you change your make up and hair, your entire face change, that's why I don't ever get bored with your pretty face! You can sell me anything ;P

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  26. Jen you're so cute, "I feel like a lady for owning this" ^^ I like that you're as goofy as I am sometimes :)
    You look as lovely as always btw :)

  27. I wish Ulta would open up in Canada or they would at least ship here. I went to one the last time I was in the States and I was so envious. Btw, you look really amazing in this video.

  28. Hi Jen,

    I just picked up the NARS blush palette thanks to you, and I LOVE the Tarte blush in Exposed as well! It's the only blush I've ever owned that I've hit pan on because I'm never that loyal to any of my blushes.

    Jen, could you please, pleeeease tell me where you got your right hand rings? They are so beautiful and adorable. I love both the rings on your index and middle finger. I've literally been randomly googling for similar styles because they just look so adorable on you. I've always stayed away from gold rings because I thought it would clash with my white gold engagement ring and wedding band, but after seeing you pull it off, I can't wait to start wearing them again. Thank you so much. I love your vids and I'm a huge fan!

  29. my Sephora F&F order won't arrive until next Tuesday,,, I cannot wait to meet them!!!


  30. oooh. i hope you do a make-up tutorial on that look. it's so pretty kekeke

  31. Jen, will you ever do makeup tutorials for your old entries, such as your vintage lips one: Not that I'm trying to imply anything ;) but this is one of my favorite looks from yours ever!

  32. Hi Jen!

    I've just recently discovered your blog and videos and I just wanted to say that I really admire your honesty and that you don't jump on the bandwagon in terms of make up and skin care products everyone in the blogosphere seems to use!

    I'm from Australia and my parents are Vietnamese. I'm petite as well, standing at 155cm (5'2"? ish) and have lots of trouble finding clothes and shoes which fit! Most things are big on me.

    I enjoyed this haul video and am considering trying the Exposed blush. Though we don't have a Sephora here in Australia :/


  33. Hi Jen! I really hope you do a tutorial with the new lipstick...I have been looking for a good red shade and think this could be the one....would love to see how it looks on you so that I can get a better idea! Thanks for the post....stay beautiful!


  34. Love your hauls, Jen! :) <3

  35. Love Nars! You're too cute. Gotta try some of those new shades, thanks!

  36. Hi Jen, what nail polish are you wearing in that last photo (Sephora VIB photo )? I love it!