Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Paris, je t'aime - Day 1 & 2 pics! :)

I found a bit of time after training to edit some of my Paris photos! I have images from days 3 & 4 yet to work up but here are images from the first half of my Paris trip along with my vlog if you haven't seen it on Youtube yet. Warning, this post is pic heavy! :)

Eiffel tower at night, our first evening in Paris for our dinner cruise on the Seine River.

The original Statue of Liberty (she's much more petite than her NYC sister) ;)

At a the turn of the hour each night, the tower lights up and shimmers all around for only 10 precious minutes. It's really quite a magical thing to see!

The next day, we visited the Louvre Museum which is beautiful both in its exterior and of course the breathtaking artwork inside as well. As a graduate of design, I've taken many art history courses and it was exciting to see paintings in real life that I had seen in my books for class. The details really capture my heart!

Jumping in front of the well-known glass pyramid that sits atop the entrance of the actual museum below.

Before I totally forget, here are the details of my outfit:
Lace dress - from Yuna's Closet (closed but I found it at soyfashion) (similar here / here / gorgeous)
Blazer - Aritzia shrunken Talulah blazer in 00 (similar here / juniors fit here)
Necklace - delia's chain ribbon necklace (old, similar here / here)
Heels - MICHAEL Michael Kors Carla sandal (on sale here)
Bracelets & rings - ebay and Forever 21

Lots of cute, fat piegeons were everywhere! I fell in love with this fluffy one who seemed content amidst the prevalent tourists.

Of course, the famed Mona Lisa. As you can see in my video, she is actually quite tiny and encased in a huge glass container that I'm sure is extremely photo-and-light-proof. There was a man next to me who was explaining about the painting to his friend and said, "If you look into her eyes, from anywhere, she is looking back at you" which I thought was fascinating. You can see what he means, right?

Josh getting his photoshoot taken inside the Louvre. He looks very regal here and I loved the lighting. :)

Egyptian mummy. The layering of fabric on the face is just really mesmerizing when you look at it closely.

Next, we went to Champs Élysées which is the famous shopping street in Paris. At the end is Arc de Triomphe which unfortunately I didn't get to take pics/vid of since I had my photoshoot there. While the rest of the group went to the giant Sephora during my shoot, I meandered to the original Louis Vuitton store alone. As you can see, there was quite a line to get in!

You can see the road sign here. 101 Avenue des Champs Élysées. :)

Inside, I sneaked a photo. You aren't allowed to take pics... hehe. Aren't those walls magical?

I may have bought myself a little splurge. My very first LV item ever! I try to be very good with how I spend my money but it just felt really special to get something at the original Louis Vuitton location in Paris. I know it's a souvenir that I will always remember and always hold dear to my heart. Not to mention, it was also considerably less expensive than in the US as well! Shall I do an official reveal in a later post? Hmmm... :)

A staircase inside the Swarovski store... so sparkly I had to take a pic!

And of course we stopped by Laduree, the famous macaroon shop. I recommend the vanilla flavor which tastes the best of all the flavors I tried. The filling is like ice cream! That's Christine xteeener on the right. ;)

I'll try to find time to edit and post the second half of my Paris adventure soon, but I hope you enjoyed this part!


  1. Jen i have always loved your blog!! amazing picture and trip by the way! :-). Can i ask you what camera and lenses are you using? i want to buy one but doesn't know!! thank you very much :-)

  2. Wow, the photos are amazing! And you are gorgeous! I wish I could visit Paris too... *sigh*... One day, I'm sure!

  3. Love love love this post! I'm looking forward to going to Paris in May next year, great photos.


  4. I looks fantastic!I want to go to Paris for my honeymoon:)cause for me it is still a city of love:)
    Your pictures look amazing and I really like your outfit:)

  5. Yes please do reveal. I am keen to see your splurge. (^_^)

  6. Would love the see the reveal for sure!! These pics make me want to go to Paris!!


  7. Wow fantastic post, I enjoyed the pictures as well as your comments on them! Pleaseeee do a post just about your camera, I would love to know :D


  8. You're so lucky to go to paris, seems like a wonderful place, the photos are beautiful :)

  9. Fabulous pics! Great to see you're having such a wonderful time!

  10. You look so cute in that jumping pic jen <3 I can't wait to see your LV purchase!! ;) You're right, it would be so special because it's from the original store ...

  11. I love that painting, and the photos are amazing too <33

  12. jen! i've been following your blog since your very first posts on soompi. i've always had acne prone skin and following your skincare and makeup routine has helped clear me up. thank you jen! these pictures are gorgeous and great fun! hope you had fun in paris! i'm dying to go one day.


  13. i love all the photos :D i really wish to visit Paris soon ^^

  14. in case you ever go back, laduree's restaurant is also pretty good, something i found out when a sudden rainstorm on the champs elysees canceled my dinner plans that night. the people there are very nice, even to americans, and the food is pretty competitively priced (and the ambiance is amazing) ^.^

  15. Nice photos... love your dress and heels! They look great on you. What did u get from LV Paris? Can't wait for u to share :)

  16. oh my god! looks like soooo much fine! i'm so jealous! i'm glad you enjoyed yourself. your pictures are amazing!


  17. beautiful pictures! looks like you had a great time! I love that white dress!

  18. shame shame shame! I can't believe you snuck a photo inside the LV store!!! It was raining the day I was there and the SAs were EXTREMELY ON POINT with the no photos thing. Looks like you had a ball! The Louvre really is beautiful. Hopefully you didn't have to wait too long to get in.

  19. I really enjoy reading your blog-- especially this Paris post! You are super adorable! =)

  20. hi jen!
    Hopefully you get to respond to this comment. I was wondering if there was any other site that sells the white dress you are wearing. Unfortunately, the website soyfashion has sold out of the dress and i am DYING to get my hands on it. i super love the dress!! thanks!

  21. This is a great recap of Paris, Jen. Can I just say I absolutely love your makeup & outfit in those pics?!?!?

  22. amazingg pictures, jen! <3 you look absolutely gorgeous as well, like always! ^~^

  23. Ahhh, this brings back so much of my Paris trip last year! Paris is beautiful and romantic!

  24. Amazing photos Jen! Thanks so much for letting us know your outfit details. I was drooling over your lace dress. YES PLEASE on the LV reveal!


  25. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures in Paris. I've been a long time follower on youtube and on your blog. I'm so happy to see that you're doing so well.

    I'm in love with the lace ensemble you wore for your photo shoot! What a great mix pairing it with a blazer. The dress has a different feel with the more structured jacket on top. Too bad it's sold out~!

    love dropsofvelvet.wordpress.com

  26. i enjoyed looking through your blog and reading this post! thanks for the photos -- it felt like i took a mini trip to paris as well. :)

    p.s. i cannot wait to see what you got at louis vuitton!

    <3, Mimi
    Stages of Beauty Giveaway :)

  27. Amazing! Congrats on all your success! You really deserve it.

  28. Yes, reveal to us what you bought! XD

    And omg that pigeon looks like it's about to blow up lol

  29. Hi Jen!! Paris looks AMAZING and I really enjoyed your vblog! Pictures can never capture the full spectrum of everything quite like a video can since you can't really pan around!

    Your travels actually made me think of something that I can't seem to figure out no matter what I try. I'm studying down in Argentina and it is ridiculously hot and humid here..even when we have colder weather it's still grossly humid! I'm korean but I don't really have that perfect, poreless asian skin and I've always struggled with that.It's more on the combo/oily side...where it feels tight and dry sometimes but still seems to look oily (what's up with THAT!?) and it's twice as bad here with the humidity. it's like my skin can't seem to figure out what it wants to be..dry n flakey...or oily and moisturized..so it just kind of tries to do both ):

    I was wondering if you could do a tutorial or if you had any suggestions on doing makeup when living in a hot and humid environment?? I've ready numerous articles talking about that (using primer, powder, cream blush, tinted moisturizer,etc) and I've tried em all but they all seem to lead to greasy, oily (sometimes cakey-looking) skin for me. ):


  30. i love your youtube video and for somereason i don't listen to the part where you say that you have a blog.

    now i know! i love your pictures from Paris. I was there in May and it was so lovely! You dressed perfectly for a Parisian.


  31. wow great photos! especially love the one of the Eiffel Tower at night!!

    I am now a follower of your blog!
    Great blog! :)

  32. You look great in the photos, Jen! I'm so jealous that you were in Paris during such great weather!

  33. Jen,
    Your white lace dress is absolutely gorgeous! And will you ever let us in on what you got at the original LV store? ;)


  34. Thank you for filming your trip!! I always dreaming about going to this romantic country..
    I enjoy it. So much! (: also your everyday different outfits and makeup. gorgeous!

    I love the most when you have dinner, the place is just so close to the eiffel tower, then the french music starts to play, and the tower lights up, and I was like... whoaaaa... that's my dream!

    Thanks once again for posting this. Can't wait for the next part!;D

    Dreamy Princess

  35. loved that dress you wore...loved it so much, I went ahead and got one for myself! Thanks for the link!

  36. I'm in love with this travel post. Paris is amazing. Your outfit of the day post was awesome.
    The Fashionable ESQ


  37. i love review make up look., thank you ^_^


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