TUTORIAL: Elegant Date Night with Ombré Lips

10:19 AM

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share a tutorial with you that was composed of the various elements of Saks 5th Avenue's Fall beauty lookbook. This look features a soft, golden smokey eye, glowing skin, and these striking ombré lips which I am currently obsessed with. Although not shy of color, the finished face gives off a very pulled-together look which is perfect for a romantic date with your favorite person.

Check out the video and more info on how to get this look below!


- Goddess Glances - 

- Nymph Glow Skin -

- Phenombre Lips -
- Trailing Scents -

I wanted to share close-ups of the makeup on both eyes and lips to give a better idea of the completed look. The upper lid of the eyes are smokey but kept quite subtle to let the pop of navy blue on the lower lash line really shine through. You can use any color for this but this Diorshow Waterproof liner in Navy is a favorite of mine since it makes the whites of eyes look whiter.

The lips, of course, are my absolute favorite part of the look. There's something about ombré lips that just screams sexy to me. Here I used the user-friendly NARS Satin Lip Pencils in Majella (red) and Yu (hot pink) which are both gorgeously pigmented and feel great on the lips. To give a ridiculous amount of shine, I added a Le Métier de Beauté clear lipgloss to just the center of the lips to give them that 3-D effect.

The final face is clean yet eye-catching with an emphasis on both eyes and lips but not overwhelmingly so. It's a great choice for looking classy and glamorous for your night out. I'd love to know if you try out this tutorial (or any of my other looks) so feel free to send photos to my twitter or facebook!

Readers, have you tried ombré lips before? What special touches do you add to your makeup for date night? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Ohhh... you're just gorgeous. :D And the makeup is stunning. :)

    Maja, Pink Mascara

  2. It's so pretty. Think I will try this smokey eye. This ombre lip won't work so well on me.

  3. You look amazing! Wow! Definitely doing an ombre lip this fall x
    Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  4. Ohmygosh this is so beautiful <3 I would like to try this oneeee

    xoxo, MICH
    instagram = @michelleothman

  5. i love how this is such a subtle ombre! absolutely beautiful ;)


  6. The lips so beautiful. I will try it <3


  7. Great ideas for an elegant look. :)
    Jen = BEAUTIFUL!


  8. I believe ombré lips are becoming a huge trend lately :-). I'm mostly into very natural makeup but I'll definitely try to rock the ombré lips this fall. Beautiful pictures btw ;-)

  9. Replies
    1. I layered 2 types of lashes. One very natural, wispy pair and a second that is your basic criss-cross lash. It creates a full but natural effect because the lash hairs don't look as evenly spaced apart!

  10. Love the lips! Though I'm not sure it would work on me :(
    Gorgeous look though!


    1. You never know until you try! :) It's actually much easier to pull off than a straight-up pink lip.

  11. While watching your video I thought that using such different bold lipsticks would clash on the lips-- but it actually looks really stunning! Great video Jen :)


    1. I think it's because the pink and red look like shading and shadow, giving the lips a 3D effect versus simply blending one color into another. This is my favorite ombre lip combo I've found so far! :) Thank you so much!

  12. Ah, so pretty! I really loved this look! ^__^

  13. I love the background music in this video. What is that?

  14. Hi Jen! I really like the bold lipstick techniques you use but personally I never try them because for an asian I have a pretty dramatic cupids bow and pouty lips, it just feels too dramatic. Do you have any suggestions on techniques to make lips look less upset (I guess that's the word?) or maybe a nude lip look that's not everyday boring? Thanks!

    1. You can absolutely wear bold lipstick! The trick is to draw in the shape that looks most flattering on you. Try starting with a lip pencil and creating a softer cupid's bow. You can draw the line inside (or outside) the actual line of your lips if you feel they are too pouty. Fill in the entire lips with the pencil first, then lipstick, then take concealer on a concealer brush and clean up the edges so they blend in with your face color. :)