TUTORIAL: Urban Decay Electric NEON Ombré Winged Liner

5:05 PM

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share a bright makeup tutorial with you using the Urban Decay Electric pressed pigment palette (my review). 

I love me some bright colors but sometimes they can be a bit intimidating to actually use without doing a full-on neon cupcake princess look. That's why I decided to compromise with this eyeshadow look that is inspired by an ombre winged liner, but modified to work with my naturally monolid eyes. (Note: This totes works with creased eyes too!)
The main concept is to follow the shape of your natural eyelid space and work an exaggerated winged line flowing from hot pink to purple to blue. 

With my lids closed you can see the leaf-shaped eyeshadow placement. I want to point out that this look can be done with any colors but you want to be mindful to go from lightest shades near the nose to darkest at the outer corners for the most flattering, winged out look. I also applied white pencil under the black wings to enhance the contrast and really make the black liner pop.

Add a balancing pop of pink to the lips with NYX Butter Gloss in Cupcake (bright/opaque lipstick may be too heavy and detract attention from the eyes) and the look is complete!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and feel free to share if you experiment with the look on Twitter or Facebook. I know I'll definitely be trying this out with more color palettes like teal-green-yellow or yellow-orange-red! Can't wait for my next excuse to make a Skittles makeup explosion happen. ;)

Readers, do you love brights or usually stick with neutrals? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Wow! This is amazing, Jen. I just got my mom an Urban Decay electric palette for her birthday since she's the one who loves bright colors between us. I naturally lean into neutrals and dark shadows, but I actually am loving this look! I would totally give it a go. Thanks for this tutorial, Jen! :) xx


  2. You look great! Wish I could pull off a look like that--I stick to neutrals for dear life.

    Am curious too--what's on your nails?

    1. I believe it was Deborah Lippmann Pseudo Silk Kimono :)

  3. That looks amazing on you! It's nice to see you wear some bright colors :)

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  4. This tutorial helps a lot! Thanks for this :)

    The Girl Behind The Pen

  5. This look is amazing!!
    I love the contrast of colours you used they look gorgeous.
    Sometimes too much colour can look tacky but you look beautiful!
    I have been thinking about this palette but it's always sold out and it's quite pricey it get over here.
    xo Holly xo


  6. You're so pretty I want to cry while watching your video (in a good way). :D :D :D love love love the neon eyeliner look!

  7. Definitely one of my favourite tutorials, Jen! Love how bright and vibrant this look is~

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  8. I've been thinking about getting this palette for the longest time now! After looking at this tutorial, it just makes me want to purchase it even more! The colours are so vibrant and the way you did this look with the colours is absolutely divine!


  9. So pretty:) Knowing that I would only wear neons very occasionally I tried the BHCosmetics eyes on 80s palette instead and was actually pleasantly surprised with how well the colours wore! Nice mix of colours in this look ! www.howdoesdeedoit.com

  10. this is such an amazing look! I love it and you look great with that colours!!!


  11. Hi Jen! I love your videos and blog. I'm a newbie at makeup and was wondering if you could recommend a really nice eyeshadow palette to get started with? I like mainly natural colors but also like jewel tones. Thanks!

  12. Hi Jen! I love your videos and blog. I'm a newbie at makeup and was wondering if you could recommend a really nice eyeshadow palette to get started with? I like mainly natural colors but also like jewel tones. Thanks!

    1. Keep your eyes peeled for Too Faced and Urban Decay limited edition palettes like the UD Vice Palette or Too Faced holiday palettes. They tend to have both neutrals and colors with tons of shades for the best value! For newbies I'd start off with a great neutral palette in any case like Urban Decay Naked (the original one) and Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. :)

  13. Your tutorials are so helpful, especially because you always cover a wide range of makeup looks. I love that you have a lot of advice for girls with monolids...I have monolids and before I came to your sight I usually had problems with mixing it up with eyeshadow. You've proven time and time again that you don't need a crease to get the makeup look you want.

    You do so much coverage, high and low, what do you do with all the products? It's hard to imagine that they'd all be used up.

  14. I love your eye makeup.
    Thankyou for tutorial♡