How To Organize & Display JEWELRY (cute & practical)

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You know that feeling you get when you're at a store and something sparkly and gorgeous catches your eye? Ooooh, shiny... Maybe it's just me and my magpie obsession with collecting the preciouses but I've always admired the beautiful way jewelry is displayed when you go shopping. Everything is open where you can see it in the nicest light and you can choose what best suits your taste.

I'm all about bringing that concept into the home. Jewelry is fun because it's already beautiful so why hide it in a drawer? Here's a peek at some of my collection and how I display my sparkly things in an easy-access, aesthetically pleasing way.

A couple of my favorite standout pieces that I wanted to call out include the deer head I bought at Target a couple years ago (It was actually on post-Christmas sale for being a reindeer. Haha!) which you could substitute with antlers or tree branches for a more rustic feel. I love displaying my delicate necklaces on the antlers separated by gold and silver pieces.

I am also smitten with this Spinning Bird Jewelry Stand which I showed in mint but was recently told Urban Outfitters now has in stock in white and also a gorgeous oil rubbed bronze finish. (Huge thanks to @tokixkitti for giving me a heads up on Twitter! I repurchased the white and will be giving the mint to a good friend.)

I also like using candlestick holders of various sizes and heights to house my rings and statement necklaces which I have credit to my friend Wendy for. She uses the same taller stand for her gorgeous collection of rings so I immediately went out to pick up the same one and found the larger one while browsing Target.

My bracelets also have their own home at the front with this grooved acrylic bracelet stand. The grooves are nice for separating each piece and again, I like to divide each half by metal type since I usually wear all silver or all gold jewelry together.

The tray is also one of my favorite pieces that was friend-purchased by Kelly in San Diego during the Target x Neiman Marcus collaboration since they sold out super fast in my area. A nice tray really pulls it all together and keeps the display from looking too cluttered.

I hope this was helpful if you are interested in showcasing your jewelry in a more grab-and-go kind of way. It's certainly helped me get more variation in my everyday accessorizing plus I get a good idea of what I'm loving versus older stuff that I need to rotate out.

Readers, how do you store/display your jewelry? Do you have any tips for showing off your favorite pieces? Feel free to share in the comments! 

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  1. I love how you organise everything Jen! I remember your closet tour and it was literally spotless!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE


  2. I love how you display your jewelry! It's so elegant and refined!

    Unfortunately I have all of my jewelry shoved in a jewelry box because I'm moving out and into the college dorms and won't have any space to put my jewelry out. I'm definitely going to remember this set up when I get my own place, though!

  3. I love stacking stretchy or fabric type of bracelets over pretty wine bottles! For my earrings, I have this mesh scroll looking thing that lets me show off my favorite earrings (mostly dangly) ones while I hang them up. The little set of tiered dishes is a really cute way to show jewelry and I've never seen using a candlestick holder as a place for storage! That's genius! And it looks so chic.

  4. Hi jen, I'm a new blogger just recently started. I really love your blog and youtube. do you mind telling me who's taking all your pictures and video? thank you so much :*

  5. love most of your rings !
    and that mint bird is cute !
    love how you storage your jewellery

  6. I love how creative you are with the candlestick holders and the high-tea-cake stands. Never thought of that when I always think that jewelry should be kept in jewelry boxes. Time to go kitchen shopping I suppose... Oh by the way, that's a nice range of delicate jewelry you have there...

  7. OH MY GOD I want that all so creative the way you have made use out of everything. :)

  8. I should really try this out! The way I organise my jewellery is rather horrendous...

  9. Love ! Looks so pretty!

  10. Realistically, what do you do about dust? I have one of those three-tiered jewelry holders and they get covered in dust in the shortest of time, which just leads to discoloration of my costume jewelry. I feel like I'd need to start storing my stuff in airtight containers if I wanted to keep them in good condition.

    Demi |

    1. I do have to periodically dust, or you can use one of those air blowers as long as your earrings are locked in place. Discoloration comes from exposure to air so if you have costume jewelry I do recommend keeping those in a ziplock (I do that for certain gold-plated costume necklaces) but I generally use a silver cleaner for cleaning tarnished silver jewelry which isn't too time-consuming. :)

  11. I’ve nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award! :) Check it out here:

  12. I stacked them on boxes. I love the way you organized them!


  13. Love it! I love your silver square necklace . Can I ask where did you get that? :)

  14. Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing these useful tips.

  15. I really really like this posing!! Can I ask you about the information of your standout?? I really want to get the very same standout (especially, deer head, cake plate, candle holder, dessert plate). I searched for those at the site 'target' and 'urban outfitters' but I failed :( Could you help me for this ?? please~~