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11:59 AM

Hey guys, just wanted to fill you in on a few things going on in my life. I haven't been feeling well for the last week because I developed an infection in one of my lymph nodes, the one under the left armpit. It had become quite painful to lift or lean against my arm and I've been fatigued but thankfully I got some antibiotics and I'm starting to feel better. I'm trying to post regularly still, but if I get a little behind you'll know why. Nobody likes taking pictures when they are sick! :)

Next, I just wanted to list a few things coming up...

*Lip scrub tutorial
*OPI "who are you wearing?" nailpolish review
*Purple smokey eyes tutorial (evening/going out makeup)
*5-way convertible bikini tutorial
*Basic Everyday Minerals application tutorial
*Nail art and manicure tutorial

As always, let me know if you have specific requests for a tutorial or product review/recommendation. Or, of my upcoming list, what you'd like to see FIRST! Peace out friends, and stay healthy!

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  1. Hope you get well soon!
    I love reading your posts so keep it up! <33

  2. Get well soon ^^~!!
    Your health is everything~~!! ^^

  3. oh no, I hope you get well soon!!!
    I would like to see the minerals review, application first when you get back.
    I miss your pretty face!

  4. Get well soon!

    And I have a question, what camera do you use to take your photos with? Thanks!

  5. get well soon.
    currently awaiting your recovery and posts ^_^

  6. I've already seen the bikini tutorial! ^___^

    And I want to see an eyeliner tutorial

  7. hey Jen, get well soon~~
    i had something like that on the side of my face but it didn't hurt or anything ... hehe

  8. hmm i'm real interested in contouring, especially cheekbones since I don't have any! I have a chubby baby face.
    also, maybe a false eyelashes tutorial. i've seen many vids and tutorials but i can never get it right! :( hopefully you can teach how to do it in an easy way.
    i really hope you get better! i feel so bad that you have lymph nodes and that you feel sick :(

  9. I came across your blog recently through your double eyelid tape thread on soompi! I love all your posts so far and your very pretty :) I hope you get well soon! Looking forward to your future posts.

  10. *Nail art and manicure tutorial*

    that sounds really interesting!!! i suck at doing arts on my nails.. cause my hands shake like an earthquake.. also... i hope you feel better : D

    - shindii @ soompi!

  11. i hope you feel better soon & take good care of yourself!

    i would love to see reviews/recommendations of drugstore makeup and swatches of eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipglosses, etc.

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  13. Hey Jen~ I'd really like to see the smokey eyes tute~
    I'm just wondering though, what eyeshadow you plan on using for that? I'm looking into buying berry bloom but not sure if it'll suit me hehe
    hope ur getting better!

  14. Hey Jen~ I'm really interested in seeing what apple blush looks like on you! <3 thanks!!
    and, what camera do you use? your pictures r so nice!
    thanks <3

  15. hey, I'm just checking in to see how are you doing. are you well yet? get better soon

  16. I enjoy your posts alot (: Get well soon!

  17. Jenneh: I have a Sony Cybershot 5.0 MP camera. It's about 4 or 5 years old! I use the macro setting (flower icon) to take makeup photos.

    Aquadisia: For me, the ultrasonic cleaner does not physically move around at all. It just makes a bubbly/hissing noise or high-pitched whirrs.

    lilsweetkaz: For the upcoming purple smokey eyes, I will be using NYX shadows in Purple and Black.