OPI and Revlon Nails

5:48 PM

I got this OPI "Who are you wearing?" polish a couple months ago in the clearance section at ULTA. It caught my attention because it looked like a shimmery midnight purple color and I loved the shiny purple flecks in the bottle. I've been a little hesistant to hop on the "black nails" trend, so I thought I'd give this a try as it seemed to be a little less harsh than flat black.

I'd be lying if I said I was 100% happy with it, only because it didn't look like the color in the bottle. I'm not sure if you can see in the photo, but it came out a very, very dark indigo blue. Indoors it looks almost black, deep navy, while in the sunlight, you can still see the purple flecks. I wish you could see the purple more often and I also wish it had a redder undertone!

Still, it did make a nice rockstar blackish shade that I would be able to wear casually. I certainly like it better than the purported "spring trends" like orange and gunmetal (yuck to both!).

I also recently had been eyeing Revlon's "Strawberry Electric" in hopes that it would be a good dupe for OPI's "It's all greek to me" so when I got the chance, I picked it up. Again, it's not quite what I'd hoped for but I do love the color nonetheless. This color is a sexy hot-hot pink with a beautiful pink shimmer. "It's all greek to me," which has the same hot pink tone but red shimmer, I will have to buy the next time I can. These hot pinks are both not for the timid, but they are perfect for spring and summer toes. :)

Here are my fingers and toes from last week:

Gotta love shooting stars and hearts!

Anyway, let me know what you think of these colors and what nailpolish are YOU wearing right now?

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  1. that purple is gorgeous.

    next up on my hit list =]

    thanks for the review jen !

  2. I'm wearing Flirty Pink and Pastel Mauve from "Love My Nails" at Walmart! They were only .97 cents so I was like why not. :)

    I love your nails! Where do you get the cute hearts and stars! And finally you updated hehe.

  3. How did you glue the stars and hearts on the nails? I tried using nail polish and mine came off! :(

  4. I am too shocked by your awesome looking toenails!! You would have to do a toe nail blog lol

    I am currently wearing colors from E.L.F. Their polish are pretty good and cheap. I got the black even but I haven't braved it up enough to wear it in public lol It's too flat and blah but with the right outfit, it shouldn't be too bad!

  5. tiffany: I got the nail art shapes from a kit ordered from http://www.dealextreme.com/ :)

    ahleessa: I use a toothpick and use a drop of clear topcoat to pick up the piece. Then, I apply it to the nail and go over the whole nail with the clear topcoat.

  6. Here is the link to the nail art beads:


  7. Aww I adore your nails! Those stars are to die for!! <3

  8. i love the pink nailpolish with the stars, it looks so cool! ^^
    right now i'm wearing "ruby fruit" from max factor

  9. OMG! I love the shooting stars and hearts! MY TWO FAVORITES! I love stars and hearts. ;) And pink is one of my favorite colors! ;) I'll so pay you to do my nails. LOL. :D

  10. I absolutely LOVE your nails!! They're beautiful!

  11. i like your toes! and your fingers. too cute!