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10:28 PM

Hey everyone. Today marks the day of 1 month until my wedding and I was thinking I'd like to clean out my closet soon before that happens. I've got designer jeans, coach purses, and size 4 and up shoes. Maybe this money can go toward my honeymoon, as I just had my college graduation and am yet a poor woman. :) Let me know what you guys think about the idea. I know it could be nice for those of you who have difficulty finding petite clothing.

Speaking of graduation, I wanted to share with you my graduation outfit, FOTD (face of the day), and graduation silliness.

For makeup, I did a "Pinky-Brown" look:
* Urban Decay Primer Potion
* Revlon colorstay eyeshadow
- #3 and #4 from copper quad for crease
- #1 from berry bloom for highlighter and tear ducts
- #3 from berry bloom for lid color
* MAC fluidline in blacktrack
* Shisem false lashes
* Max Factor Lash Perfection mascara in navy for lower lashes
* Koji Eyetalk double eyelid glue

* Lancome Photogenic concealer in Camee
* Everyday Minerals foundation in Fairly Light Neutral Intensive + Golden Medium Semi-Matte
* EM blush in Siesta + Apple

* Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Lilac

My outfit was a white knee-length dress with red pattern and piping. The sweetheart neckline accentuates the bust while the high waist band narrows the waist. I flipping love this dress! And of course, white heels.

And here's a couple more of me being a ham. Yay graduation!

10 points to whoever can name who this is:

Anyway, things have been super busy lately but let me know about if I should sell things! Also, as a side note, I went to MAC and got my foundation shade. I'm NC 30. 25 on much of my face, but 30 on my forehead and body.

Here's what to look forward to:
* selling stuff
* purse and accessories size demo
* Wonder Eyelid Tape review
* 5-way convertible bikini tutorial
* choosing sunglass styles
* nail art tutorial
* Koji Eyetalk tutorial
* misc wedding stuff...

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  1. COngradulations on graduation and of course your soon to come wedding ^_^
    I'm so excited for you lol.
    You look great as usual~!! Looking forward to your upcoming reviews and tutorials.

  2. You look lovely! Congratulations on your graduation and your soon to come wedding! :)

    I'm guessing he's a hot shot champion winning basketball player! Look how tall he is!

    I have a picture somewhere with a champion basketball player too. I went to UF, where the boys won back to back championships! Hehe, again you look beautiful!

  3. Congrats on graduating! You look so lovely!

  4. Congratulation on your graduation! Is that UCSD? If it is, go triton (I also graduated from UCSD)!

  5. i would love to see wedding pictures and all the preparation before hand. :) congratulations, once again. hope everything is perfect and lovely.

    congratulations on your graduation. :)

    i would love to see what you have to sell. and about your fotd, i think the eyes are lovely, but maybe a lighter lipgloss/stick would be nice :) but it's all pretty.

    and maybe you can do more skincare posts. i love those.

  6. jeans that fit are hard to find, so depending on what you have for sale i might be interested. i wear a size 0.

  7. Congrats on your graduation! I've been reading your blog for a while but never commented until now. Great posts!

    Is that.... Russell Robinson? You go to KU? Ahh haha no offense, but I despised him during March Madness! My school (UNC) lost to yall during our final four game. But the feelings were temporary and Kansas played a great game =)

    The makeup looks great... Keep on posting!

  8. I keep looking at your pictures and I can not believe you are 4'10". You don't look like it at all! (Belated) congratulations on your graduation and congratulations on your wedding!

  9. your so pretty dear, would u mind if i add u to my links? anyway, congratulations to you dear. for finishing school and for your upcoming wedding :D

  10. OMFG you are so breath-taking!!! so gorgeous, wow! you look completely amazing, i'm so jealous!!! the hair and makeup looks so fabulous! congratualations!!!!

  11. you looked gorgeous on graduation jen!

    i need to call you soon!

  12. I've been reading your blog regularly now, and I just had to comment on how GORGEOUS you are! I absolutely love your graduation makeup. 3 more years til I graduate...I am so excited for you. Congrats, and I'm looking forward to more updates =)

  13. hi! a quick question.. do people ever notice your double eyelid tape.. and have people in school seen you with and without the tape?? I want to use the eyetalk, but my only concern is (sadly) what people think of me. i mean.. im in college right now.. and my friends would find it weird that i'm using it.

  14. ^^ thanks so much everyone! It feels good to have the ceremony, and to look forward to bigger, better things!

    gee: You are right. He is a hot shot championship winning bball player. but before this pic I think he was so hot shot he was busy hitting on my classmate. Haha.

    plee: Gosh, my lips are already so naturally pigmented that it's hard to get them lighter. I can't wait to get my cherry culture haul cause I ordered a nude lipstick! Didn't want to bother with the concealer base in 90 degree weather. -_- Thanks for the advice though. :)

    Caitlin: What can I say? There were shirts floating around campus a couple years ago that said "Why play with your Roy when we can play with our Self?" Haha. Kinda dirty, but we had good years with Roy for him to just leave us after a final four like that! There was still a lot of bitterness over it at KU. But, to say the least, he's done a great job coaching there too. UNC was quite successful in its own right. Oh, and I never liked Russel Robinson much either, but he was standing RIGHT THERE at grad so I had to ask. Sasha Kaun was there too, but I already have a pic with him from a couple years ago. That one's even more hilarious since he's 6'11"! :)

    anonymous: I have never had anyone ask about my eyelid tape or glue. I make sure my makeup is heavier (thicker liquid liner) so it covers the shiny tape, and with glue I like to keep it light. The only time I feel self conscious is when I'm around Asians but even then my cousins couldn't even tell I was wearing it, they just complimented my makeup!

    And if it makes you feel any better, I didn't start until after I was done with school (I actually graduated in dec, but walked in may). If you feel really weird, just test out the makeup on weekends or when you get home from school. Don't try to hide it if someone asks, just be up front. Most people are actually more intrigued by it than anything! Just be confident and everyone else will think it's normal. ("omg, you didn't know about double eyelid tape?! are you living under a rock?" ;)

  15. Congrats! I've been reading your blog ever since I found your tut on soompi and I must say, you're amazing~

    I'd just like to ask, if I had to lower the amount of eye brushes which ones would you recommend? I really like the shadow for your natural tutorial, but I'd rather not carry like 6+ brushes. X:

  16. Trish: You could lower the number of eye brushes to just two. Get a larger, fluffy eye brush for your brow bone (highlighter colors) and a medium sized eye brush for your lid colors. If you could handle one more I'd recommend a "pencil" style brush for contour. Hope that helps. :)

  17. Hi! Finally found someone who uses dbl eyelid tape the same way too! :D
    But i would like to try using glue as i find tape abit too noticeable especially when i use shimmery e/s.
    I would love to see how u do it, able to give a glue tutorial?(:
    Is your Koji glue pink/blue bottle?

  18. Jen, this dress is gorgeous! Where did you get it from? I love your style.

  19. OMG I saw the jayhawk sculpture and was like 'NO WAY SHE WENT TO KU???!!" ahh my home state <3 I knew you were from the midwest but didn't know you were specifically from Kansas too. Yay KS!!

  20. OMG I didn't know you went to KU too! ;)