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Hey everyone, sorry this isn't a makeup update again but I've been crazy busy lately! This past week has been all about dress fittings, decorating, preparing for my future sister-in-law's wedding, getting nails done, deciding on flowers and cake, and reserving hotels. I'll be managing the guestbook signing later today (Friday) and help send my new younger sister off in happy matrimony. I'll also be doing her bridesmaids' makeup for the occasion.

Can I just say one thing about wedding season? I am very emotional and if anyone gets teary-eyed I can't stop my own tears. It's time to pull out all of the waterproof makeup in my arsenal!

Anyway, her wedding is tonight, I have another friend's wedding next weekend, I move into my new apartment the weekend after, then it's already time for my own walk down the aisle in just 3 weeks. Things are going to be hectic for a while but I promise I'll try to capture some of the madness along the way. ;) I am super excited about the apartment and getting to decorate it just how I want it to be. Pics will definitely be posted when it's all done.

I also (finally) got my NYX haul from For some reason, the processing time was a whole week and it took another whole week to ship, but I am really happy with what I got for the most part. I'll try to get swatches of everything soon. I got a few lipsticks, a couple lip liners, an eyeliner, a mosaic highlighter, and some eyeshadows. Maybe I'll do that as a video review. What do you guys prefer to see? Pics or video? Please let me know!

So I should get to bed before tomorrow's big day but just as a tagalong question I want to know, what are your favorite long-wear makeup products? I've been researching Maybelline's Superstay Gloss for my wedding and I already love Urban Decay Primer Potion. Should I do a finishing spray of some sort if I'm already going to use Smashbox Photofinish as a foundation primer? I want all your advice for my wedding day! Please be generous in your long-wear knowledge.

Thanks guys, love you, and I'll pop in again soon~

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  1. Wow! Busy busy :)

    Definitely do an aspirin mask the morning of or the night before to get an extremely smooth canvas.

    Make sure you put some extra Smashbox primer near your laugh and smile lines. We're so young, but they're still faintly there. That way, your makeup won't crease or crack on you later.

    You can also use UDPP on the lips! It will help with the color staying power.

    I would use a spray like Fix+ just because it will give you that dewy glow finish. I don't think it hurts to use additional makeup setters.

    And, if you plan on having any pictures in black & white, make sure to do a little contouring so the contrast is visible too.

    Hope that's helpful! Have a great time at all these weddings, and of course your own! Congrats again! Can't wait to see future updates!

  2. First of all, early congratulations! And btw I love your engagement ring!

    Now on to your question, I purchased the Maybelline Superstay Gloss a while ago when it was first released, and personally, I found it to be a bit disappointing. The gloss really does last all day and you'll need to use some sort of makeup remover to get it off at the end of the night. What really turned me off though was how drying it was; I think it may just be me (I tend to have really dry lips), but I found that upon applying the color gloss shade and letting it set (I think it recommends 1-2 mins before applying the clear top gloss), it felt like it sort of just sucked out all the moisture from my lips. Upon applying the top coat though, it helped to sort of seal in what remaining moisture there was, the only problem is that you'll have to reapply the clear gloss coat throughout the day. Personally I found that the product wasn't so bad, but I just couldn't get over the fact of how tight and dry my lips felt, so yeah. ^^"

    Like Gee suggested, I would probably use a spray like MAC Fix+ or Charged Waters to give you that finishing touch. And if you don't already have one, than I'd suggest going out to get one sometime soon so that you have time to test it out (I found that the Charged Waters broke me out >.<" despite it giving me a nice dewy finish).

    Oh and since you'll be taking lots of photos for your wedding, try to stray away from using anything on your face that contains SPF. I forgot exactly what it was and what happens, but the ingredients in SPF products have a tendency to reflect light, which makes you look shiny in photos. So a lot of times you'll see models wearing products without SPF or in certain companies like MUFE, SPF will be missing in most of their line.

    Oh and remember to prime anything and everything! That just makes everything last throughout the day~

    Oh! And as a possible alternative to the Maybelline Superstay Gloss, you could try lining your entire lips and filling it in, then apply a lipstick color, blot it, apply another layer of it, dust a bit of translucent powder on top, and then add a lip gloss on top. It's a trick I know a lot of people tend to use to have long-lasting lip color. xD

    Hope that helps! And congrats again on your Wedding! =) Can't wait to see your future updates! =D

  3. From my experience as far as eyeliners, MAC's Liquidlast liners are about as waterproof as you can go. I have bawled my eyes out(and rubbed like crazy) wearing the stuff and when I'm finished there is not one smudge! Amazing! They come in pretty colors too :)

    Anyways congrats on your wedding, I wish you the best!

  4. congraulations on your wedding! I'm so excited to see you post up pictures. I'd prefer to see a picture tutorial over a video one. I don't know if I can really provide you with tips you don't already know, but I hope all goes well =D

  5. hi i've seen you around soompi & used ur natural glow makeup tutorial for my 8th grade graduation! it looked a bit different since i have small double eyelids but i still liked it and it helped very much! u recommended max factor lash perfection to me in a thread in soompi & it worked really well! and saved me a lot of money from not buying a lot of mascaras to try them out! i was wondering in the natural glow makeup tutorial u used everday minerals & a Shiseido eyelash curler and i was wondering where i could purchase them at? i was also wondering the price range for them & Lancome Photogenic concealer (i noticed u graduated from KU & i live in ks as well)? sorry for asking so many questions but what does the urban decay primer potion exactly do? btw your nails look very nice & i love ur pinkybrown eye makeup i will have to try that sometime! my soompi ID is b a n g! incase u want to answer those questions via PM thank you soo much for your help! and congrats on graduating & your upcoming wedding! (you look so young in your pictures!!!!)

    sorry im not much help to you since i dont know a lot about makeup >.<

  6. Aw I'm an emotional person too and weddings and happy occasions like that make me cry as well :) you are so gorgeous, by the way. I love your nails.. did you do them yourself? I'm Audrey, just thought I'd leave you a comment cause you have a really great blog!

  7. Hey Jen, this is Reeni! :)
    First of all, congratulation on the upcoming wedding. I don't think fix+ is an essential item (makeup-wise) but it can be a great primer or a finishing touch for powder/mineral foundation. Beside, it's summer now and too much fix+ might even make your face look greasy so that's why I wouldn't recommend it.
    I remember reading your previous post about using the Monistat anti-chafing gel, it works exactly the same as Smashbox primer. I have both but I prefer Monistat since it's less greasy and feel more light weight on the skin. About long lasting makeup, I would highly suggest you to give Dior Forever liquid foundation a try. Out of all the foundations I've tried and I really believe that it has the best staying power and will stay fresh all day. Plus, it's sweat-proof/waterproof so it'll be perfect for the summer and bridal where you'll barely have any time to touch up your makeup. I agree with the poster on using a good contouring product. MAC has a duo for highlight and contouring so maybe you should try that as well.

    This is some of the good products I can think of now, hope it's helpful. Btw, are you going to wear any contacts on your wedding? Just curious. Take care for now! :P

  8. hey jen,
    busy busy busy for you!

    the only make up tip i can offer is after your under eye concealer, put a light reflecting shadow (that matches your skin tone) over it. i normally use cream-shadow and it keeps the concealer on for the whole day.

    well until school finishes anyway.

    but now that i think back, i don't remember you ever having under eye circles. so this is probably irrelevant.

    oh hey, one more.

    if you're using pencil liner to line your eyes, re-line your pencil line with black/dark brown eyeshadow - this should give it a bit more staying power.

    *shrug* all that i can offer hahaha. congratulations on your wedding for the millionth time!

  9. Hey Jen!

    I just wanted to say I bought one of those ultrasonic lens cleaners per your recommendation! It's so cool not to have to soak them for 6 hrs, you know. Plus if it can help extend the life of the lens, I'm all for it! ^^

    Hope all the wedding stuff is going well!

  10. i posted some photos on my blog. feel free to right click and save :)

  11. Thanks for your tips everyone! I'll definitely keep these in mind. :)

    anonymous 2: You can purchase everyday minerals online at and the shiseido curler you can find at any shiseido makeup counter in department stores like Macys or Dillards. The lancome concealer is $26.50 on the lancome website. Yes, I did graduate from KU. Urban Decay Primer Potion makes eye makeup stay on all day and not smudge, and it also makes eye shadows much more vibrant.

    Audrey: Yes, I got them done at a salon for my sister-in-law's wedding. Thanks!

    Reeni: Hey girly, we need to catch up soon! No, I don't think I'll wear lenses because I want the photos to look really classic and natural. I keep thinking about it. Maybe I'll wear them for the rehearsal! :D

  12. miss blisskiss!!! i've see you everywhere from soompi forums, to lensaholics, and i just came across your modelmayhem page!!! i never knew you were so petite! yay for petite girls! =] i was wondering where you find your size 4 shoes cus i'm getting tired of having mine custom made. =/