Bright Eyes

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This FOTD is focused on making you look brighter and more awake, which is really great for those of us who work 40 hour weeks and don't get enough sleep at night! There are a few key elements to the "bright eyes" look:

1. White shimmer shadow.

You'll use this to highlight your brow bone as well as the inner-eye tearducts and the inner half of your lower lid. It is very key in opening up your eyes.

2. Black (or navy) mascara

Black serves as a contrast to the white shadow and will give an extra pop to your eyes, while navy mascara actually counteracts the redness in the sclera making your eyes look clearer and whiter.

3. Undereye highlighter or concealer

I really love using Everyday Minerals "sunlight" concealer under my eyes. I don't have bad dark circles, but an old makeup artist's trick is to use an undereye brighter anyhow because it makes you look more awake and youthful.

For the rest of my face, I kept the look really simple with neutral copper shadows and pink blush. You want to look healthy and natural as if it took no effort at all to look so bright and glowing from within! That's my trick for rolling into work looking like I got more than 5 or 6 hours of sleep the night before. ;)

Now, tell me your tricks and ideas for not being super pooped! What do you do to help wake up your mind and body throughout the day? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. great tips! what I do is line my upper eyelids with black eyeliner, either pencil, liquid or creme liner. It has to be black, brown doesn't really work on if I use black liner, my eyes look bigger instantly. Then I have to curl my lashes, it does make us look more awake :) then I apply mascara on my upper lashes..when I feel like doing more than that..I apply mascara on the bottom lashes too. and definitely some concealer for the dark undereye circles..

  2. I do the same! Except I never thought of highlighting the brow bone! Thanks! :)

    Whenever I feel tired, I do some stretches/bit of exercise and drink a bottle of chilled water. Refreshes my body instantly!

  3. Great tips! I'll have to try that tip with the navy mascara - it makes a lot of sense!

    I find using white shimmering eyeshadow to look a little harsh on me sometimes, almost too cold. Stila has a lovely shimmering eyeshadow in champagne peachy-pink pearly-gold called "Kitten" that works really well as a warmer substitute. Applied with a light hand, it's the slightest hint of warm shimmer.

    I've also heard lining the inner rims with a white cream pencil can make you look more awake and alert too, but I find it disappears more often than not unless your liner is well-known for high stamina.

    Great post, as always. :)

  4. You look great, Jen!! What kind of eyeshadow did you use for the inner corner of your eyes?

  5. Wow You use the same exact tape as me!!! I DO THE SAME THING. but, i dont really wear the tape peace all the way to the corner of my eye. I also cut it different. I just peel it into strips and just get like a three line thick pice and cut little ends off. Then I just wear liquid eyeliner like you do! Omgg Thats soo coool !!! I never saw anyone that wore is like mee. hehe :D

  6. HII. How do you wear your mascara to make your eyelashes look so long? I use the green maybelline mascara and it doesnt do anything. All the mascaras I tried just end up clumping my eyelashes. I have straight short eyelashes. Can you tell me which kind you usee? Thanks !!

  7. luv your blog! I was wondering how do you keep your eye lashes curled all day? I have very straight and stubborn lashes that won't stay curled! thanks!!!!

  8. Hi, about the Solotica Hidrocharme Ice contacts, I was thinking about getting those contacts. I heard that some contacts can harm your eyes, and I was wondering if these contacts will harm my eyes in any way, because I have never heard or used these contacts before. & Just wanted to make sure before I order them. By the way, do you have any other colors that your ordered from Soloticas, because I have brown eyes and I was wondering what the other colors would look good on me. If you could please post some pictures of the different colors, if you have them. Thanks!!

  9. ::s o u l e v e r :: : I find the harshness sometimes with white shimmer shadows too. It depends on what other colors I'm mixing with, but I switch it up between this one, a pale buttery gold color I have, and NYX opal which is iridescent purple-blue shimmer for when I do blue and purple shadows. :)

    Janice: For this look, I used the white shadow from the Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow quad in Nude Elements.

    Kim and Alexa: I just curl my lashes with the Shiseido curler and use my trusty Max Factor Lash Perfection waterproof mascara. That's it! It holds curl great and doesn't clump!

    Kimmy: Solotica just upgraded the "formula" of their lenses and so should be much safer and comfortable by the time you buy them. I have previously had Hidrocharme in Mel and Natural Colors in Ocre. You can find photos of bother under the "solotica" link in the labels section. :)

  10. thanks for another great tutorial! :)
    it makes you look very bright and awake!

    I'm wondering what products you used for eyes,face etc. if it's not too much hassle