Sneaker Boots and Personal Aesthetic

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I was recently reading a fashion blog entry from my lovely Aussie friend, Alicia. She commented on the idea of "defining your aesthetic" and I realized that I'm not sure that I have a clear fashion aesthetic. I tend to get bored quite easily with how I dress and mix and match everything in my wardrobe. I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but I RARELY wear the same outfit twice. When I shop, it is for individual pieces, not as an outfit. The fun part is that I have a lot of unique items in my wardrobe which makes being fashionably creative more fun! I guess I like to get some things that are on the outskirts of my "aesthetic" and incorporate them in how I can.

This may have stemmed my recent favorite purchase, a pair of all black, knee-high, converse look-alike sneaker boots. I would've bought the actual Converses but they devastatingly only go down to a womens' size 6! Therefore, I was ecstatic to see that a Taiwan based eBay seller, Refuse to be Usual, was selling a similar boot in a size 35 (US 4-4.5). Although slightly apprehensive of the punk and goth lolita look of the page, I went ahead and ordered. I felt a bit silly because I don't even own a pair of regular chucks (because I feel like they don't match me) but I kept obsessively thinking about these boots and how I would wear them without looking any less ME. Sure enough, I got them and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! See, people? Chucks don't have to be hipster. :P

I guess my personal aesthetic is something of a mixture of business casual, trendy, girly, cute, preppy, rocker.... A little bit of everything! That's just who I am, and I just go with it.

So let me know, what is your personal aesthetic? Do you stick to it? How would others define your style?

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  1. Jen, I would say you are definitely an Urban Outfitter type of girl, they embody every style you mentioned! And those shoes look sooo hot. I actually own a pair of regular blue chucks and I think these shoes tell such a story! Chucks are kinda plain even the ones with the retro colors in my opinion.

    I don't really have a particular style and I think it confuses a lot of people. I go from girly, to tomboy, to skater, to business casual, to casual, to preppy, to mod, etc. lol When I was with my "skater" type friends, they would tell me that I looked weird when I dressed up. Then when I was with my trendy friends, they would say I look weird when I dressed "skater" especially with my Etnies on LOL I think for me, my surroundings help dictate my looks. It's not really something I think about consciously, it's automatic and all done subconsciously. I really don't mind, I like moving from style to style, I really get to expand my choices and show off my mood.

  2. Hi Jen,
    Those boots look good on you!!! I would have never have thought to get those kinds of shoes. Oh by the way, for some reason you look taller than 4'10" I was surprised you are only that height.

  3. they look great on you :) Very nice that you pull it off! If i were to wear those boots, i know i wouldn't look good XD

    for my style, I'd say I mainly aim for variations. Some days I like super girly, some days I like sophisticated/chic, some other days i like the girly tomboy chick going on, and other days I like the unique couture look. I dun like to stay in just one area of fashion--i like to switch things around cuz it's fun to wear a certain style. It's like colored contacts you know? change the color up and you create something different and even a different tone. Some outfits scream sexy, some scream cute, some professional, so on and so forth.

    oh woops sorry for leaving you such a long comment! XD

  4. i agree with blahsayblah. if you hadn't stated earlier that you were 4'10" i would have never guessed it. you look taller than me and i'm 5'7" :x

    you look amazing as always hehe :)

  5. Anon - Jen is very slim though so that helps. For instance, I am heavier and I am an inch taller than her @ 4'11"

    I look 4'11" :( lol

  6. are u sure u're 4'10 and not 5'10?? haha

  7. lili- Yeah and she's also perfectly porportioned (is your ego getting a nice padding? :D) and my legs are shorter than my torso so it makes me look shorter too :P

  8. can you tell us where you get scarves?

  9. hey! so u mix ur EM minerals? that sounds really confusing... it looks soOoo flawless on u tho.... like almost a foundation! i never used foundation or anything... minerals only and its almost been a year =) i went thru ur pix... u really do look like ur my shade.. but most of the pix is witout the flash too... i guess i should try to start mixin! thanks =) btw... those boots look really good on you xoxo

  10. lili: I love urban outfitters for the original pieces they get, but dang can it get pricey! I prefer forever 21. I mean, trends change so fast anyway right?

    blahsayblah and anonymouses: Haha... I look taller in pictures, but I really do look small in person. :P People laugh at me when I say "I look taller in pics" out loud!

    plee: I get scarves from lots of places. TJ Maxx and Marshalls are really great, and I saw some cute ones at Target too. I also found this great light weight one in a zebra print at Rue 21. Just keep your eyes open for them when you are shopping. :)

    jesmakeup: It's not confusing at all! I just ordered the "large mixing jar" at EM (under the brush section) and tapped some of each color in, then shook it together. Really easy. I only use minerals too, never liquid foundation. Thanks!

  11. hi, found u when i was researching soloctica on soompi

    i know lots of people ask u about lenses, but I was wondering why they dont stock soloctica in other places? is it fda approved? o-o

    btw hahah i was looking at the contact lens website, then decided to go back to your blog and i typed fromheadtotoe and i was like wth haha when did she turn white!?!?! rofl.

    and i only like leather boots with heels.

    i will check out alicia's blog too now, cos she's aussie (:

    i will be coming back to your site!

    elaine xx

  12. Hey! I have the exact same boots, I bought mine from Refuse to Be Usual too. They're pretty expensive... x___x

    And I bought them a size too small, so it hurts to wear them for hours on end. I kept them anyways because I love them so much.

    That Ebay store does have adorable stuff though. I had an obsession with all those gothic lolita styles back in the day... ^_^

  13. Hi love your blog
    Erm do you put on fakelashes?

  14. I love to mix and match.. it's so much fun! I don't stick to one particular style but I usually love the cute/casual/sporty/chic/sophisticated/preppy looks. It all varies and just depends on my mood but I usually don't for extreme looks.

    Jen, I've been reading your blog for quite awhile now and love all your tips. I actually found you on Soompi and boy, am I glad since I'm a newb when it comes to makeup. :) Oh and I gotta say, you're really pretty, with and without makeup!

  15. Hiya, I'm getting some of these for christmas! In black and white. Are they as good as they look in the pictures?