Changing Weather and FOTD

8:59 AM

Wow... Things in the weather have been really insane lately. Hurricanes have come terrifyingly close to a few of my friends and even here in the midwest we had a few tornadoes and torrential rain running around the area, just in time for my drive home. The drive took me 1.5 hours. When your body is all tense and gripping the steering wheel for that long, you have some tight shoulder muscles when you get home! Ahh, I felt like a blind person. Could barely see a thing on the road except the emergency lights of the person behind me and people pulled off on the shoulder of the road. Scary, scary.

I really hope everyone else has been safe. Tell me what the weather is like in your area. I know Korea and Japan have been having constant rains too. And, of course, there are the hurricanes Gustav, Ike, Hannah, etc. :P

Anyway, here's a photo from a couple weekends ago when I went to the lake. Got up at 7am and took this gorgeous shot of the mist over the water.

To combat the dreariness as of late, here is a "face of the day" to brighten the mood. It was a casual hoodie kind of day so I played with some of my pastel blue and girly pink and purples. It kinda reminds me of those candy necklaces we used to get as kids. Fun stuff.

For this look I used shadows from the 78 piece makeup palette that I bought from Nessa (and, of course, my beloved Urban Decay Primer Potion as a base). You can find the same palette at and although not every color is awesome, I LOVE having so many colors to choose from and most of my favorites are super pigmented.

The blushes are just okay. I was hoping for a hot pink but I may need to go to MAC for that. The horizontal highlighter colors are actually not bad. The white matte one especially would be good for photoshoots and such, and reminds me of my NYX single shadow in white. But all in all, I recommend this palette. I did hear the 88 palettes are better so if anyone has that, let me know how they are.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good weekend and stays safe and dry!

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  1. lovely pastel look jen :) as always.:) hehe

  2. You are going to make me broke, Jen :( I am itching to buy the 88 and have bought practically everything else you have ever mentioned!! :( :( lol

  3. yay! im so glad you updated :) as with every FOTD, u look great!

    hurricane Ike sucks!! worse than i thought. I live in the offskirts of Houston so I didn't have it THAT bad in my street, but other parts of my neighborhood had huge trees uprooted, and my sister's neighborhood (far north Houston) had a tree smash into one of the neighborhood's house and car...awful! I put up some phone pics onto my blog, and from what it looks like my area really isn't damaged in comparison with the greater houston city.

  4. I have the 88-eyeshadows palette! I looove it! I think that the other ones with the blushes would be best for traveling, but just for playing around at home, the 88 is awesome! It has a good share of mattes and shimmer colors and color payment is pretty good (Except for the neutrals, but then again... they're neutral!). I love eyeshadows, but I can't commit to coming up with creative blends every morning and the 88 palette gives me the best amount of colors to experiment and play with without feeling too guilty. I still have my regular "large" pans of shadows for the stuff I use regularly, but to have a large general stash of shadows, this is great!