For Audrey and MAC 3D Glass

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First of all, I apologize for my scruffiness but it was a super casual retro polo kind of day. I wanted to share a couple of my most favorite purchases as of late. I haven't had a post about nails for a while and although it is completely not the season (unless you are an Aussie ;) I have been completely obsessed with a color from China Glaze called "For Audrey." It's the color of Tiffany's blue! I had been scouring for this color everywhere... Ever since I saw one of my favorite models wearing it, it was lust.

Just a simple creme light turquoise polish, and I had come up with disappointment after disappointment until I found this. It's so love! I wanted to see the color so I just did one quick layer but even with just one, it's so opaque! I was impressed. I also bought Red-Curl Grl and Blushing by China Glaze but I have yet to try them out. For anyone wanting to get polish online, I bought mine from and they shipped quickly and safely.

I also recently discovered a Cosmetics Company Store about 20 minutes away from my house and in the excitement of the new discovery, bought MAC 3D Glass in Racy. Apparently the 3D glasses were less sticky and more moisturizing than their lipglass brothers. I have to say, I really love it. Racy is a sheer yet pigmented hot pink-red color that really brightens your lips. My bathroom is dark so you can't tell, but it's a stronger color than it looks here.

With my good fortune I have to ask, what awesome products have you picked up lately? I'd love a couple of good recommendations. :)

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  1. cool! you found a CCO near you!:) and the nails look great on you by the way..what products are you asking about? skincare? foundation? eyeshadow? what do you want to focus on?:)

  2. i LOVE those two outfits you posted from zipia!

    i WISH i can order for there, but my god, isn't it like a $500 minimum purchase since it's a whole-sale type of online clothing store?

    if not..then i sure would love to order from there...they've got CUTE stuff.

  3. In your post for your light blue contact lenses you posted some pictures and I like your hair bangs and was wondering how you style them so they stay piecey like that, especially in the first pic.

  4. miemiemie: Oh, just anything. Your holy grails. :)

    ichigobunny: Yes, I know what you mean. Zipia is so expensive! But I just look at the pics for inspiration.

    anonymous: I use a texturizer paste... I have a couple different ones I use and they all work the same. Just put a tiny bit on your fingertips, rub to warm up the product, and twist pieces of your bangs together how you like at the tips. Hope it helps!

  5. Hi Jen! Could you tell us about the quality of the nail polish you got from China Glaze - does it dry fast? does it last or does it chip fast? I love the website you mentioned by the way - they got all the colors I was looking for but could not find. Just want to make sure that the quality is good ;-)

  6. oh sure sure dear :) hmmm..HG stuff:
    mascara = maybelline's volum' express in the black and silver tube
    bronzer = rimmel's spicy nude
    lipgloss = NYX in beige
    concealer = mac select cover up
    eye primer = too faced shadow insurance
    blotting powder = clinique's stay matte powder
    eyeliner = l'oreal hip cream liner
    uhm..what else..for brushes, i absolutely love everyday mineral brushes..they're the softest!!!:)

  7. Can you do a post on how you clean your makeup brushes? :) Thankies

  8. anna: China Glaze is overall a good quality nail polish. I've seen it at a lot of nail salons and it's on a lot of nail polish blogs. The For Audrey polish I got was obviously good quality because it was so opaque with just one coat and it wasn't too thick at the same time. As for chipping... I would say it lasted a week, which is typical. I think it also dried a bit faster than some of my other polishes. I'd definitely buy more in the future. :)

    anonymous: sure! I'll add that to my future list of to-dos. :)

  9. Ohhh!

    I love those minty nails. So fresh looking!

  10. it really is the same tiffany's blue. Awesome! another add-on to my wanted list. And Kim Jin Hee (that model from zipia) is one of my fav models too, jst that she's a little too tanned.

    Oops, forgot to introduce myself, i'm a new reader from Singapore! And u're really really pretty, and Korean!