NYX Haul

6:11 PM

I got an excellent haul of NYX products from cherryculture.com and I have to say, I'm really happy with my purchases this time. Those who follow the blog know I am a huge fan of NYX products and this was no disappointment.

My haul:

6 eyeshadows
- Hot Orange
- Vanilla Sky
- Wild Fire
- Ocean
- Atlantic
- Luster

1 blush
- Pinky

3 Round Lipsticks
- Snow White
- Doll
- Louisiana

2 Mega Shine lip glosses
- Gold Pink
- African Queen

1 nail polish
- Wild

close-up of the eyeshadows:

(left to right) hot orange, vanilla sky, luster, pinky blush, wild fire, ocean, atlantic

close-up of the lipsticks:

I decided I needed some better blues in my shadow collection and my favorite of the blue/greens I got was Atlantic which is a gorgeous deep, bright blue. Also, and after seeing this adorable hot pink look on the nyx website (and in lots of magazines) I really wanted a good hot pink lipstick and blush. Louisiana is perfect for the lips and Pinky is okay... no dupe of this really hot pink MAC creme color base a makeup artist used on me once, but still nice and pigmented. I'll definitely try to recreate the look soon.

I've been a little under the weather, but hopefully I'll be good for Friday's Halloween party. I need some good bruised-eye makeup for my boxer girl costume. :P

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  1. Hello, this is on a completely unrelated matter, but I am looking for natural-looking colored contacts and I was wondering if there were any options out the besides the sol.. [sp] ones...like the ones that don't have a design on them but instead a faint tint, but provide a nice, natural color. Thanks.

  2. that looks like a great haul! those eyeshadows look really nice.
    Can't wait to see what new looks you come up with =)

  3. you should try mac's pink nouveau