Grudge Halloween Makeup

9:04 PM

A photographer wanted to do a Grudge-inspired shoot and so I decided to come up with a makeup look for it. Halloween is coming up, so I thought it would be appropriate to post up the quick tutorial for the look.

-MAC fluidline in blacktrack
-Foundation or powder 2 shades lighter than your skin
-Black eyeshadow
-Eyeshadow primer
-NYX lipsticks in Rea and Eros
-Black mascara

First, start with a foundation/powder color that is about two shades lighter than your skintone. The goal is to look very even-toned and pale. Next, apply bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks. Then shade in your eyebrows a dark color. 

After priming your lids, take a cream liner or color base in black in a thick line along your lash line. Also line your bottom lash line.

Next, use a looser eyeshadow brush to apply the black shadow in a gradient from the lashline to the brow. This should be applied with a gritty look. It doesn't need to be smooth and perfect, but try to keep it a consistent gradient. I also added a couple coats of black mascara to un-curled (straight) lashes. 

Use the same shadow process to apply eyeshadow along the entire bottom lash line from the tear duct to the outer corners. 

For the lips take a pale, flesh-toned lipstick and apply it to the outer rims around your lips. I used NYX round lipstick in Rea. Then, apply a bright red lipstick to the inner third of your lips. I used NYX round lipstick in Eros. Blend the two lipsticks together. The effect is very eye-catching in person and has a bit more punch than just plain nude lips.

Here is the final look. Nothing too fancy...I might do a real Halloween look soon. My costume is a boxer girl, so I'm thinking a cute face with a black eye. Now hide your children before I come and eat them.

Speaking of which, let me know what you're planning on being for Halloween! I was Snow White last year and I should dig up those pics and share the makeup look. So much fun!

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  1. cool look!:) you actually do look scary..i'm not used to seeing you like that

  2. you cant be scary when you have a cute face =)
    last year, i was snow white too!
    there's a halloween party coming up, and i still dont know
    what costume to get. =(

  3. o gosh.. and i just watched four scary movies with some friends. haha =P

    hey jen, i was wondering..what length of boots do you think look best on short girls? ankle, knee high, etc?

  4. Did you change the photos to be unclickable again? :P

    Anyway I like the look. Not too dramatic but still sexy.

    This year.. I'm going to be a nerd. So it'll be a complete lack of makeup :)

  5. anonymous: I think the best boot heights for shorties are over-the-knee or right under the knee-height boots. But by all means, don't let that stop you from wearing all types. :P

    anonymous 2: I tried to fix the problem, but I'm not sure why the photos are now auto-downloading instead of just opening in a new window. I have no idea. I uploaded the same way... :(

  6. what bronzer are you wearing? I'm looking for one and yours look really pretty on

  7. that's a cool look for halloween!^^
    i don't know what i'm going to be yet, but as i don't have a costume i thought of going all black, kinda gothic lol.
    any ideas of what can i wear but without buying a costume?

  8. omg i love it!! thanks

  9. come on! u look like ur going to a club! ur make up doesnt look scary at all!!!

  10. we had a lot of fun on Halloween this time and i had dressed up as a witch. wish i could have seen this post a earlier but anyways, i can always do this kinda make-up next Halloween, i will surely bookmark this, its a very detailed post on eye make-up. i especially liked it as you have given pictures along with explanation. thanks!

  11. I kinda laughed out loud at the hide your children part.XD