NYX Lot Sale!!!

10:50 AM

AMG, nyxcosmetics.com is having a huge lot sale. Anyone who frequents my blog knows that I LOVE Nyx products. It is seriously my favorite "drugstore" level brand because the products are really nice quality and much more affordable than say MAC (which I love also!)

There are 4 different lots.

Lot 1: 5 trio eyeshadows and 8 megashine lipglosses for $16
Lot 2: 30 lipsticks for $24
Lot 3: 43 single eyeshadows for $43
Lot 4: 16 spray-on body glitters for $9.60


There's only 500 sets of each lot available, so get them before they run out. I caved and bought set 1 and 3. Set 2 is a great deal, but I just don't wear lipsticks much!

I'll definitely be getting some doubles of shadows and colors I already own, so expect a big sale here on the blog's shop soon. :)

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  1. OMG! Thanks for the heads up Jen! I love NYX shadows too. They are so pigmented and the quality really is amazing for the price! I bought several singles at my local Longs drugstore before they stopped carrying it (no one else around me carries it).

    I'm getting Lot 3. What a great deal! Hopefully, this will curb my need to buy eyeshadows for a while.

  2. I also hope the lot curbs my obsession with eyeshadows too. I got lot# 1, 2, and 3. I don't wear much lipsticks but I know people I can give them to. Also, I am not sure about the lip gloss in black for lot# 1. Figured for the price, it is good to start testing makeup out.

    Thanks so much, Jen!!! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have known about his super sale. I am sure the 500 lot will disappear quick. Thanks for looking out for us!!! Ever since I've discovered you and your blog, I have been more broke than ever lol but I've been in makeup heaven :)

  3. Wow! Thanks for the post. I'm getting lot 1 and 3 too. These are such amazing deals!

  4. I really envy people in US, make up is so much better and a lot cheaper there.. sob sob. In here MAC products are almost twice the prices in USA (after converted) crazy isnt it? I hate ozzzzzz waaaaaa xD

    anyways keep blogging pretty girl~
    *stalking* hehe xD

  5. Thank you for the info! I ordered Lot 3 and I'm so excited! I <3 NYX products and I was planning on getting more eyeshadows anyway so this is PERFECT!

  6. I ordered the eyeshadows and just wanted to thank you sharing the sale!

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  8. WOH!
    Thanks for the heads up Jen.
    I just ordered Lot 3 & 4 because I looove Nyx shadows && I have a collection of body products! (:
    So excited~

  9. WHOA! I live in Canada and was gonna order the 43 e/s for $43 .. shipping to canada was $59.. im like.. oh hell no!

  10. i just bought set 3! i was gonna order some off of cherryculture when they were doing their free shipping but i decided to wait for some reason..

    and i'm definitely glad i did because at least 10 of the colors are the ones i ALMOST bought!!

    thanks for updating =)

  11. ahh, so tempted, but I'm gonna pass! I love nyx, but I don't think I want all those eyeshadows! I really love the ones I have!

  12. hey jen! love your blog! i just ordered some things from cherryculture.com (nyx--it's my first time trying them!) and I wanted to know if you knew how long it took for them to ship. (btw, can you tell me how long it takes everydayminerals to ship, too?) THANK YOU SO MUCH! :)

  13. Well I placed my order Monday afternoon and received it today, Thursday! They were extremely well packaged and took me a while to remove the bubble wrap (each eyeshadow was individually taped up and bubble wrapped).

    I'm so thrilled to own so many different eyeshadows - there was only 1 shade that I already had. Can't wait to play with them! Thanks again Jen.

  14. ahh my package came!
    so pretty (: